For a while now, I have been working on my novel, and I’m proud to say that after rejection letters from every agent and publishing house I tried, I have self-published The Common Outcast. It’d mean the world to me if you could go and read it, because I’ve worked so … Continue reading

Single/Band Review: Bear Shoe

Here I am, back again with another blog post about another new band. Someone please tell me to never stop with finding all these new bands, because honestly, my life is becoming filled with top quality bands again! Bear Shoe Bear Shoe is an alt pop-punk/indie band from Guildford, England. … Continue reading

Band Review: Molars

So I’m back again with a post about another post about another Notts band. This time the band is Molars. Molars are a pop-punk/emo band who absolutely slay!   I swear I say this all the time but Notts really do have one of the best music scenes.   The … Continue reading

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