Band Review: GoldFlame

GoldFlame Name: GoldFlame GoldFlame is an American band from Massatuchetts consisting of, Jackson, Austin and Cam. They compare themselves to The Starting Line, Handguns, Real Friends, Fall Out boy (older music) and Mest. They’re very talented and I think if you like any of the above-mentioned bands then you’d like GoldFlame. … Continue reading

Rant Time: Love Within Society

We live in a society where love isn’t important anymore, it isn’t important to fall in love and it isn’t important to love your friends and family… because you can guarantee that someone will probably should something stupid and silly like “Gay!” That’s not a good insult! And, it does … Continue reading

I’ll Miss You: Part Two

A.N. Before I start this chapter, I would like to apologise if it ends up being sad. I’m not in a great mood due to some personal issues, but anyway, let’s see what Part Two of I’ll Miss You has in store, yeah? Grace/MyVoiceBrandNew I didn’t know where we were … Continue reading

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