Festive Spirit

A.N.  This is just a little something that I wrote, it’s been really cold and it shows that it’s nearly Christmas and I thought I’d express that in this little piece, which will be used in a project. I know it’s not the longest but I like it. MyVoiceBrandNew (Grace-Elizabeth) … Continue reading

Prioritising Yourself

It really annoys me when people expect you to prioritise them over yourself, like no if you feel bad and you want to make yourself feel better, do it. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. If you feel bad and someone tells you to stop, don’t listen to them. You … Continue reading

Just Smile

Don’t you just hate when you don’t know what to do with your life? When everybody is getting you down, just remember to smile. Even if you don’t feel that happy, just smile. A smile can actually make you feel happy, Just a random fact for you. It’s not always … Continue reading

Always, You.

People tell you, Follow your dreams, And live your life. But then they hurt, you. Pressure, you. You’re in trouble, Nobody comes, They’re all just laughing, and taunting. Pain, Tears, You. They criticise you, Judging, Constantly. Always a, Disappointment. Always, You. Crying, Wanting, Things need to, Stop! They tell you, … Continue reading

What Fiction Never Told Us

You see, at some point in your life you’ve most likely read a fiction book, but they do not tell you about the life we know. Sometime’s it’s nice to be transported to a fictional world, but it has its bad moments. The thing is, it doesn’t even have to … Continue reading

Dear Stranger…

A.N. Hey! How would you feel about me starting YouTube again guys? There’s a tweet on my twitter where you can have your say; https://twitter.com/MyVoiceBrandNew/status/782964002209067008 So go have your say and don’t forget to tell me what you think about this! Oh and I created a new YouTube channel, so … Continue reading

Dear Back Stabbers

Dear Back Stabbers, You pretend you care about us when in reality all you care about is yourself. You only want what’s good for you, and source of income. You never care about anybody else, but I guess that’s why friends don’t stick. Maybe if you looked at the people … Continue reading

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