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Vice Versa by Give Me A Reason

Hello! Welcome back to another instalment of Grace rambles about bands. 
Yesterday Give Me A Reason dropped their new EP Vice Versa, and having heard 3 singles off the EP I knew I was going to love it. Didn't expect to love it as much as I do though! 

The EP is 6 tracks long, which I'm really liking these longer than average EP's currently. 

The first track on the EP is Sad, which was the first single released off the EP, and I really do love it. This was actually the first Give Me A Reason track I heard and it's incredible. It's super catchy and I feel like it's a really good opening track. It's one of my favoruite songs of the year, and I just love it. It's got a decent amount of energy in the track and I really do rate it. So, I'm glad the EP opens with a strong track.

We then move onto Color, which wasn't a single. From the intro I didn't know what to expect, but it built up within 15 seconds so you did kind of know what was coming, and I re…
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The Ghost Of My Empty Glass by Distant Blue

THE LADS ARE BACK! Yup, Distant Blue have returned and have decided to bless our ears with an absolute tune and a half! I feel very lucky to be able to bring you my thoughts on the track ahead of its release TOMORROW! I'm telling you when this drops tomorrow YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO IT! 

Before we get started, I just want to let you know, that the lads have told me they've been in the studio and there's a whole new mantra of music coming, there are various tracks in the making! And to be honest, that's pretty exciting especially if The Ghost of My Empty Glass is anything to go off of! I am 100% here for it! 

So the first 10 seconds or so, I was kinda liking it, didn't really know where it was going, but I was here for it, and then Ed decided he was going to kill me with his vocals, and that was it, I knew this was going to be one hell of a tune! 

Straight off, I love that there's change and depth within the sound which everyone knows at this point is essential for me…

idk why i try by Misplaced

So, I have never featured Misplaced on the blog before. I've mentioned them in a few What I'm Listening To... posts, but I've never done a feature on them. I loved their last release fuck that, i'm alright. So, I thought why not bring you my thoughts on their new track idk why i try. 

If you happen to be unfamiliar with who Misplaced are, they're a Scottish pop-punk band and they're absolutely insane, but I seem to say that about most Scottish musicians! Anyway, they're insanely good and I'd highly recommend going and checking them out! They deserve so much more love and support than they get! 

Having heard fuck that, i'm alright I had pretty high hopes for idk why i try, and I can safely say they didn't disappoint. They exceeded every expectation I had, and I think they're well and truly becoming one of my favourite smaller bands. This song is helping that, and I don't get why Misplaced aren't a massive band with the bangers they rele…

Week Nineteen: What I'm Listening To...

I know I missed last weeks what I'm listening to, but my life was falling apart as I'm sure most of you are aware. So, we're just resuming this week! 

Bands I'm Loving; 

- We Were Sharks
- Light Grey
- Distant Blue
- The Mocking Jays
- Better Anyway
- Give Me A Reason
- Carrington
- Nautical Mile
- Mayday Parade
- Seaway
- OnlyChrisAng
- Young Culture
- Hot Milk
- High Wire
- Misplaced
- Valencia
- Good Hustles
- The Amity Affliction
- Home Wrecked
- Autumn Fires
- Not My Weekend
- John Floreani
- Trophy Eyes
- After Elmer
- Near Mrs
- Holygood
- Cambridge
- The Headspace

Albums I'm Loving; 

- Out of Here by Mayday Parade 
- Big Vibe by Seaway
- Vacation by Seaway
- Young Culture by Young Culture
- The Only Way Is Through by Nautical Mile
- Lost Touch by We Were Sharks
- Dancing With A Ghost by Valencia
- Everyone Loves You Once You Leave Them... by The Amity Affliction
- Let The Ocean Take Me by The Amity Affliction
- This Could Be Heartbreak by The Amity Affliction
- Home Wrecked by Home Wrecked
- Yello…

Bury Me by Better Anyway

So it just seems to be the norm now for Better Anyway to release a song and for me to cry about it on the blog. So here we are again! Better Anyway have just released their third single from their upcoming EP which drops NEXT WEEK! THIS IS NOT A DRILL, BETTER ANYWAY ARE DROPPING A NEW EP ON THE 23rd! 
So, I loved the last two singles, Afterthought is still played A LOT in my car, and I can't recommend it enough! I absolutely adore it! I really enjoyed I Can't Say This To Your Face, so I knew this was going to be a solid track, and the snippets they'd posted of the track had me super excited! And let me say, they didn't disappoint. Better Anyway know how to make a tune and this is proof of that (if you didn't have enough proof already). 

I love the vibes of this track, and it's a really engaging song to listen to. Like, you want to listen to it because it keeps you entertained. I love how intense the sound is as well, it's got plenty of change and depth withi…

Goodbye by OnlyChrisAng

Wow, hello, welcome back to another instalment of Grace rambles about music! It feels like forever since I posted, and it feels like it's been YEARS since I've spoken about OnlyChrisAng, but here we are. Chris released a new single today called Goodbye, and the lovely guy that he is, asked me if I'd be up for reviewing it, and I thought sure. Why the hell not. So here we are! 

I had no idea what to expect when I first listened to this song, I didn't know if I was going to like it, love it or hate it. I had no idea if it was my sort of thing, but my little brain was so blown away by this track. For me, this is that standout track from Chris. I cannot recommend it enough. I absolutely love it! 

It's of course, very similar in sound to Chris' other tracks, but it's so enjoyable to listen to. I love that there's change and depth within the sound, I like the lyrics to the track, and I love that the lyrics have meaning. That's one of my favourite things abo…

Blue by Give Me A Reason

So, Give Me A Reason are back with another single from their new EP which drops in 2 weeks! So I thought, why not bring you my thoughts on it like I did with Funny. So here we are! 

I really didn't think that Give Me A Reason could beat Sad but then they released Funny and then I thought they couldn't beat Funny, and now they've released Blue! 
Blue might be my favourite Give Me A Reason song to date! I cannot even put it into words just how much I love this track. 

After about 30 seconds of listening to it I knew I was well and truly in love with this track, but then it hit the chorus and that was it! My brain had exited my skull, and I had turned into the human form of the mind-blown emoji! 
The chorus is just so intense and insane! I can't get enough of it! 

I love the rhythm of this song, and it's so catchy! Give Me A Reason really know how to make catchy songs that you want to listen to so many times. 

Mattia's vocals on this track are beautiful and I love the l…