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Letdown by Give Me A Reason

  Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today we’re finally talking about our friends from Switzerland, Give Me A Reason. It feels like forever since we last spoke about this lovely lot, but we’re back talking about them again! They dropped a new track on Friday, titled Letdown.  This track has such a nice, refreshing feel to it. It’s got a sort of electric feeling on the intro, but when the track properly kicks in, you get the pop-punk and rock feel to it. I absolutely love the sound of this track. It’s super refreshing, and interesting to listen to. It’s got such a cool, catchy feeling to it. It’s a belter, and it truly does pack a punch. It’s incredible. It’s insane!  This track is just extraordinary. It’s honestly a masterpiece, and I’m well and truly obsessed with it. I’m just such a sucker for this track, this is everything I could have hoped it would be and more! Honestly so here for this track. It’s just insane, if you haven’t heard this track, then you NEED to go and check it out.
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Introducing: The Galacticas

Welcome/welcome back to the blog! This post was supposed to happen last week, but if you missed the memo I've been recovering from a dislocated shoulder so it's been pretty difficult getting content out. However, I'm back! I'm doing this post finally! So, today we're going to be doing a bit of an introducing post to The Galacticas. Anthony messaged me at the end of last month and sent his band in as a submission. Funnily enough, without even releasing, I've had The Galacticas on the Small Band Appreciate playlist for months now! Anyway, let's get into talking about The Galacticas.  The Galacticas are a three-piece, pop-punk band from the states.  The band consists of:  Anthony Janicki - Vocals and Guitar Will Cowan - Drummer Mark Ferguson - Bass and Backing Vocals The Galacticas have a lot of releases for a small band, and too many for me to put into one post. But they are a band with a lot of potential and talent. Although they aren't my favourite band

Recent Releases: Vampire Slumber Party, Neptune Rain and Future Radio

 Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today I’m back with another Recent Releases post to help clear the backlog, and oh boy have I got a lot of releases to talk to you about today! We’re talking about Vampire Slumber Party, Neptune Rain, and Future Radio! So, let’s get into this as we’ve got a lot to get through!   First up, let’s talk about the ever so wonderful Vampire Slumber Party. Now, ever since Yusuf first sent me an email with a track I’ve been hyped about the release of Funeral Pop. We’ve heard a decent amount of singles from it now, and every single time they’ve gotten better and better. Well, if the singles weren’t enough to quench your thirst for new music, then maybe the 10 track, belter packed, debut album will be enough to hit the spot for you. This album leaves your needs for new music fulfilled. From the singles that we’ve come to know and love such as Glycerin, Northern Lights and my personal favourite, Now, Repeat After Me. I absolutely adore this album. To the next su

Recent Releases: Nautical Mile and Last Letters

Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Now if you missed the memo, I had a shoulder dislocation last week and was pretty much MIA and therefore, there’s a bit of a backlog so now I’ve got a Recent Releases post for you! Today I’m going to talk about Nautical Mile and Last Letters.  First up, I want to talk about Last Letters and their track, How's Your Low? Charles messaged me a few weeks back and asked if I'd do a post on the track, so here it is. I'm not overly obsessed with the track. It's alright, it's just a bit calm and summery. Which, I mean I was told from the get-go, so I can't fault Charles. It's got some lovely vocals on it, and the actual track is really nice to listen to.  I just don't 100% vibe with the track. It reminds me of another track, but I can't remember what it is, but it's another track I've featured on here before by a small artist. I'm not mad at the track, but it's something that I would have to be in the mood to

Losing Sleep by Autumn Fires

  Welcome/welcome back to the blog! I’m finally back! I know it seems like forever since I last uploaded but I’m finally back to talk about Autumn Fires’ latest single Losing Sleep.   On this blog, we love Autumn Fires. They’re an insane band! They have so much talent! And they truly are a wonderful band that deserves a hell of a lot more love and support than they get. I’ve been working with them for about a year now and they just keep getting better and better, and they truly are a gift that doesn’t stop giving.   Losing Sleep is an incredible track just like the previous releases, but this one has such an incredible feel to it. It’s a classic pop-punk track like we’ve come to know and expect from Autumn Fires but with each single, the band get more and more refined and sound better than ever before.   Losing Sleep is incredibly engaging, it holds your attention for the full 3 and a half minutes the song goes on for. It features Charlotte’s incredible vocals, which are complemented b

A Million Times Before by Segarra

  Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today I'm featuring a new band... finally! Today we're talking about Segarra, a band based in the East Midlands, and we all know, Notts, Derby and Leicester bands have a very strong place in my heart. I adore them. I love them all, well the nice ones anyway. Pretty much, if you're a local band to me, and you're nice then I probably love you. Now, I've been aware of Segarra for a while now, I've seen them on lineups and things like that, but I'd never really paid that much attention to them. Until the other day when I got a lovely message off them asking if I'd be alright doing some press for them. I said yes, because well, I love supporting as many small bands as I can. So, today, Friday the 3rd of September 2021, Segarra released their 3rd single, A Million Times Before. That's the main point of this post, but, I'm just going to do a mini introduction to them beforehand.  Segarra are a band based in the East M

Messed Up by Light Grey

Welcome/welcome back to the blog! I'm super pleased to say that we're back talking about Light Grey again! I love Light Grey! Messed Up is the follow-up single to Disassociation which we reviewed a couple of weeks back, but Light Grey are the gift that doesn't stop giving, as it has been revealed that they will be releasing their second EP next month! Super exciting times! Now, let's talk about Messed Up. Messed Up has that same electronic feel to it that Disassociation had, but I prefer this track. Messed Up seems to pack more of a punch, and has a cool vibe to it. I actually really love everything about this track, and I much prefer it to Disassociate. Disassociate was great but Messed Up just has that little edge to it. This is a decent track, it's got some really engaging elements of the track, and I just generally love this track. I think this track really packs a punch, and it's engaging to listen to. I don't find myself getting bored of it, and I coul