Dear Stranger…

A.N. Hey! How would you feel about me starting YouTube again guys? There’s a tweet on my twitter where you can have your say; So go have your say and don’t forget to tell me what you think about this! Oh and I created a new YouTube channel, so … Continue reading

Dear Back Stabbers

Dear Back Stabbers, You pretend you care about us when in reality all you care about is yourself. You only want what’s good for you, and source of income. You never care about anybody else, but I guess that’s why friends don’t stick. Maybe if you looked at the people … Continue reading

The Afterlife: Preview

A.N. So I started writing a new novel, this is a preview. I would appreciate if you left a comment with your opinion about this, thank you. MyVoiceBrandNew (Grace) Somethings aren’t always easy, but it’s not about things being easy. It’s about things that are worth it. I mean would … Continue reading

It’ll All Be Okay

Life can be great, But life can be tough, Life can be bleak, But it’s all okay. Sometimes it’s hard, And sometimes it’s great. Sometimes you’re stuck, But it’s all okay. Some things don’t go to plan, Somethings exceed expectations. No matter what happens, It’s all okay. Sometimes you cry, … Continue reading

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