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Courtney Love by Crystal Tides

 I just want to say that, whilst I (Grace) have a bit of a meltdown about life, one of my lovely mutuals Tanya is going to be bringing you a couple of posts on a Wednesday. I will eventually return fully and I'll be back to doing loads of posts, but whilst I'm not doing okay, just to keep churning out content all the time, Tanya will be doing a couple of posts on a Wednesday for me!  ---------------- Following the success of their single ‘Monday’ back in May, the Crystal Tides boys are back with an equally catchy tune! You may have already heard it, it was released back on November 6th and has since been played on Radio X, been added to the Virgin Radio playlist and the Spotify Hot New Bands playlist, but if you aren’t among the 14k+ streams, you are missing out! The track starts with the same distinct, upbeat energy all their songs start with, making sure to have you dancing around your room within seconds. Similarly, the lyrics are catchy and will be stuck in your head all da
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Purgatory by Nautical Mile

If you know me, or you're not new around here, then you will know that Nautical Mile is one of my all-time favourite bands. They're phenomenal, and I truly believe they are incapable of making bad music. They're the band behind my joint-favourite album of all time, and I never really shut up about them. So, if you're unfamiliar with them, then Nautical Mile are an Australian pop-punk/post-hardcore band! They're mind-blowingly incredible!  They announced that they had signed to Manic Kat Records, and they dropped a new song on Friday, they didn't really announce it, they just did it.  Straight off, I will admit that I couldn't resist listening to it, and I absolutely love it! I think it's incredible, but I don't want to say too much right now. We'll come back to this at the end.  So Purgatory is similar to some of the tracks we saw on The Only Way Is Through, but the chorus really hits the spot. The chorus goes so far, and Brodi's vocals!  Now

Coffee by Good Hustles

So today, Good Hustles have returned with a new track called Coffee! It seems like forever since they released Smile, but it's not actually been that long (about 2 months).  Now, we all know how highly I spoke of Smile, and therefore I was very skeptical of Coffee, just like I tend to be when the last release was incredible. I'm always thinking "But how can they actually top that?" so, really what we're looking for when listening to Coffee is, do Good Hustles know what they're doing? Do they know how to make solid tune after solid tune? Let's find out!  I will start off, by saying that intro is beautiful! Right up my street, and I just love the vibe of the track from the intro. We're off to a solid start, it's definently gripping to listen to from the second you hit play.  We get about 15 seconds in, and we have some beautiful vocals! I love that this is a heavier, darker sounding track compared to smile. I loved Smile so much, but so far Coffee is

What I'm Listening To... Small Band Week Edition

So, like I did last small band week, this will only be talking about the small bands I've been listening to. This week, I have purposely tried to listen to a lot more small bands than I do normally. I didn't go completely big band free, but a good 80% of the music I've listened to this week is by small bands! So here we go! Here's my what I'm listening to, small band edition.  Bands I've Been Loving;  - Nautical Mile - Carrington - High Wire - Distant Blue - The Mocking Jays - Downcast - Four Thousand Miles - Give Me A Reason - Better Anyway - Bonfires - Misplaced - Home Wrecked - Don't Forget Rupert - Near Mrs - NATIVEBLOOD - Not My Weekend - Light Grey - Decay - Until You Disappear Albums I've Been Loving;  - The Love Era by The Mocking Jays - The Only Way Is Through by Nautical Mile - MYMINDISOUTOFME by Distant Blue - Staring At The Sun by Decay - Vice Versa by Give Me A Reason - The Way This Ends by Bonfires - Nothing To Hold/ Something To Keep by Bo

Small Bands You Need To Check Out...

 So, I've done a few of these before and I thought it'd fit in perfectly with small band week, so here we go! I'm going to be talking about a few bands I've handpicked that I'd love for you to check out, and they are all on the Small Band Appreciation playlist. All artists on here will have been featured no more than once. A lot of these will be people you've never heard me talk of unless it's in a weekly what I'm listening to! So, let's get into this!  High Wire;  High Wire is a pop-punk band from Chicago. Back in the day, there used to be a band called Bonfires, and I was obsessed with them! I loved them with my enter existence, and High Wire sound so similar to Bonfires so I pretty much fell in love with them instantly. Good Enough, Redcard and Some Kind of Miracle are my absolute favourites! Cannot get enough of those tracks, and they've all made it into my top 10 most listened to tracks of the month. Honestly, I love this band so much, and I

Sasprillo Beach by Elgra Austin

  So, welcome back to Instalment 3 of Small Band Week, now today yes, this technically is an artist you've never seen on the blog, but you've seen his band A LOT. So, Elgar Austin is actually Jay from The Mocking Jays, and he's released a solo EP. And because this is Jay, and we all know how much I support this man, I thought I'd bring you a little intro, a very light review about his EP.  Now, this EP isn't heavy in the slightest, and it's quite relaxing, it's very light and positive. The feeling you get from this EP matches the artwork. It's very chilled out, and it's pretty incredible!  The EP opens with Synthetic Villages, and if anybody has ever wondered what it sounds like in my head when I'm in a uni seminar, this is it! It gives off such good vibes, and we all know I am not the biggest fan of instrumental tracks because they often fail to keep my attention, however, Synthetic Villages is not like that. This is one instrumental track that

The Only Way Is Through by Nautical Mile, A Year On...

So, just over two weeks ago, The Only Way Is Through turned 1! If you have no idea what The Only Way Is Through is, then it's Nautical Mile's debut album. I've spoken about Nautical Mile a lot, on my socials and on here. Nautical Mile is in my top bands of all time, they are incredible! They are such a solid band and I have so much love and appreciation for them. I love them that much, that I probably would order their merch, but I'm kinda worried about umm shipping costs and import fees, especially when I'm a student and not on a lot of money.  This album kind of changed my life. It is solid, it is possibly in my top 3 albums of all time, and that takes a lot for me to say.  I found Nautical Mile not long after this album was released, and I've been hooked on them ever since. It started with Wake Up, and now I just love every single song they've put out.  The whole point of me doing this post is to reflect on how I felt about the album a year ago, and compa