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Single Review: Closing Time by Sam Christmas

So, the wonderful Sam Christmas has released his first solo track. For those of you who are unaware as to who exactly Sam Christmas is and why I'm so excited by this, Sam fronted the band Best of Enemies who really were the start of it all for me. So, I was really excited that he was releasing solo music, and his first track is now out for your listening pleasure! 
Closing Time is a folk-pop song, and it's incredible! This is such a beautiful track, and I am so proud of Sam. This is such a lovely song, it's a warm song. It gives the same sort of feeling as drinking a mug of tea on a rainy day. It's beautiful. 
Sam has such a nice voice, and this track really does showcase that. It shows off the talent that he has, so if you could all take this as your time to go and support him, I'd appreciate that! 
Honestly, Closing Time probably seems like the sort of song I wouldn't fall in love with if you were just judging me on being a big emo and not leaving my emo phase, …
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Comparing My 2016 Music Taste to My Music Taste Today...

So pretty much, what I'm doing is comparing my 2016 Spotify wrapped thing to the music I listen to today. I want to see how much my music taste has changed over the past 4 years, and I want to see if I still love the same bands or if they really were just a phase. 
So as I said, I'm using my 2016 top songs from Spotify and I'll be also using my 2019 ones for contrast, and also using Obscurify to see what I listen to currently. Pretty much, we're seeing if being emo really was just a phase. I know it wasn't, but I want to see if some bands were. So here we go. 
We are just doing the top 50 comparisons really. But we're doing it in small chunks. 
So my top 5 songs from 2016 were...
1. The Chaser by Twin Atlantic  2. Trigger by Deaf Havana  3. Diamond Days by Kids In Glass Houses 4. Something New by Set It Off 5. Monsters by Light You Up
So straight off the bat, The Chaser, still a tune. Still one of my all-time favourite song, even have it tattooed on me now, so I guess I…

Isley Walton - The Mocking Jays Live Session

So yesterday (Wednesday 1st) The Mocking Jays released a live session of Isley Walton. This is from last May, but we get George content here, and that's a big thing since it's been a year since we last saw George perform with the band. 
It's Isley Walton, so of course, it's going to make you very emotional, and if you're me you're probably in bed crying over it because it's so beautiful. 
I love this song, and I will always love this song. This version of it is just insane. The raw emotion in Jay's voice, and the fact we have Mr George Ramplin on piano... perfection. This was the content we all needed, and it doesn't stop there, because the boys actually have a new song dropping at the end of the month! It's been so long since we had new TMJ content, so to get a new song and this live session is exciting. I am completely in love with this live session, and honestly, it may be the best live session that's been released in lockdown. 
It's an …

My Favourite 2010 Albums 10 Years Later, Have They Withstood The Test of Time?

So, I thought why not. 2010 seemed to have some great albums and bands around, and it seemed like a good idea to reflect on the albums a decade later... However, I thought it was going to be easy to find albums I thought highly of that came out that year, and a lot of the albums were 09 and 11. But I did, find a decent list of albums I adore from 2010, and I'm going to talk about some of my top picks from 2010 and if they did withstand the test of time. 
I want to start this post, with my favourite album out of them all, and it's in my opinion, the most legendary album this band has ever released. 
Enemy of The World by Four Year Strong. 
Now, we all know I love Four Year Strong, and they can hit me with a bus and I'll thank them. Now, there is no bad track on this album, and we have the cult classic It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now. Forever a bop, it was an iconic moment. It was peak FYS. It has a lot of the songs that they still play at the majority of t…

The Quick Facts - Why It's So Important To Support Small Bands

So a few months ago, me and the wonderful Jacob Smith of The Mocking Jays did a series called Small Band Struggles. Jay laid down the facts, he explained what a band struggles with and gave us some really interesting information. So I decided, as a bit of a continuation from that, that I'd lay down the facts and give you a few reasons why it's so important to support smaller bands. I want to make it short and sweet, straight to the point, however, if you do wish to read more in-depth about the struggles then just click here and it'll show you the posts we did. 
So here we go, here are the facts. 
- Small bands are the future of music. Your old-time, big bands aren't going to be around forever. Bands have to grow, and they do grow, therefore making your smaller bands the future of music. 
- Small bands have just as much talent as any other band, yes, you do get better with time and more practice, but can guarantee your fave's first release wasn't the same as their …

Single Review: Breathe by Knuckle Puck

So Knuckle Puck released a new song just under two weeks ago, and it featured Derek Sanders. I love Knuckle Puck and I love Derek (frontman of Mayday Parade if you're unfamiliar) so I had super high hopes, so the question is did Breathe meet my expectations or not? 
I like it, it's not doing the same thing that Tune You Out did for me, however. I like it quite a lot. It's still very much pop-punk, on the softer side without being anything less than pop-punk. I like the lyrics, I think there are some really nice lines in this track, one of my favourite lines that comes from this track is "when all you need is just beyond your reach, just don't forget to breathe" that's such a nice line. It's a comforting line, and I am a sucker for a nice comforting set of lyrics. I do love lyrics to be a comfort blanket, because, it gives you that connection to a track. No matter what that connection is, it's an amazing feeling to have that connection with music, a…

Week Three: What I'm Listening To...

Here comes the third instalment of the weekly what I'm listening to, and it also rounds up the first week of daily posting! But don't worry, we've got weeks more content lined up! Believe me, if you saw my drafts and scheduled sections you'd be shocked that I've got all these ideas. I have a massive note on my phone of what I'm putting up when what I'm including in posts and everything! I'm being very organised with all of this!  
So I'm going to be looking at my Obscurify and also, just stating the songs I know have been on repeat! 
Bands I'm Currently Loving; 
- Nautical Mile - Holygood - New Found Glory - The Mocking Jays - WSTR - Trophy Eyes - The Story So Far - Knuckle Puck 

In short, very pop-punk heavy this week, just give me all the pop-punk! 
Albums I'm Currently Loving; 
- Identity Crisis by WSTR - Forever and Ever x Infinity by New Found Glory - The Only Way Is Through by Nautical Mile - The Story So Far's live album - Copacetic by Knuckle Puc…