Sunshine Blogger Awards 2018


I was nominated by Victoria, you can go check out her blog at You can also find her on Twitter. What is your favourite book and why? My favourite book is Will Grayson, Will Grayson by David Levithan and John Green. It’s a beautiful book, and I love John Green’s … Continue reading



For a while now, I have been working on my novel, and I’m proud to say that after rejection letters from every agent and publishing house I tried, I have self-published The Common Outcast. It’d mean the world to me if you could go and read it, because I’ve worked so … Continue reading

My Love…

Sometimes it’s hard to stop thinking of you, Sometimes it’s hard to stop missing you. Sometimes it’s hard to stop loving you, Sometimes it’s hard to stop wanting you. When you broke my heart, You broke a big part of me. The part of me that can never, Be fixed. … Continue reading

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