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HEAD SPINZ by Until You Disappear

  Welcome/welcome back to the blog! The other day our wonderful friends in Until You Disappear dropped their latest single, HEAD SPINZ. So, when they asked if I wanted to do a review of the track, you know I said yes, because we never say no to Until You Disappear.  HEAD SPINZ is an absolute tune! This is a really great track, and I knew it wouldn't disappoint, but it's well and truly exceeded all expectations! It's catchy, it's punchy, it's got a great feel to it, and it just hits the spot. This track is everything I could have hoped it would be and more. It's definitely a track I could listen to on repeat and not get bored of. I'd say it's true to the classic sound we've come to know from Until You Disappear. It packs a. punch; it's got that not-so-refined pop-punk sound that they carry so well. It's a decent track, and whilst I'm not saying it beats Drunk Me, it certainly gives it a run for its money. Okay, maybe this track doesn't
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Too Young To Die Alone by Protect Your Heart

  Welcome/welcome back to the blog! And we’re back for the third day in a row with a new blog post! Today we’re doing a feature post (finally!) on the brand new single from Protect Your Heart, titled Too Young To Die Alone.   Protect Your Heart are a band that for the past year have consistently proved to us that they are worthy of so much love and support, and they just never fail to impress. They have no bad songs, and they truly just keep setting the standards higher and higher with the more new tracks they put out. The standard has been set extremely high with previous singles Last To Love You and Worst Side of Me. These are tracks that I still listen to regularly, they’re still in heavy rotation, and in fact I was literally listening to them on my commute to and from work today. So, I think it’s safe to say I love Protect Your Heart, and they truly did win me over from the get go.   Too Young To Die Alone, opts for a heavier feel in comparison to previous tracks, but oh boy, this

Recent Releases: Dead Bundy and Royals

Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today we’re trying to clear that backlog so we can get back to current releases, and maybe even some new artists! In todays post we’re talking about Royals and Dead Bundy!   Let’s kick this post off with talking about Dead Bundy! It feels like forever since we’ve featured Dead Bundy on the blog, and it actually has been a bit of time, but they’re still out there killing it, dropping new releases, and their newest track is Drunk For The Summer. This track is exactly what I expected it to be, this has met my expectations and it’s exactly how I imagined it would be. I love this track, it’s got such a cool feel to it, and I just generally love this track. It’s definitely got a good vibe to it, and it’s catchy, which is typical of Dead Bundy. There’s some subtle tempo changes in the track, which is definitely welcomed by myself. I love the way this track flows, and it’s just got such a good feel to it. It’s very much typical of Dead Bundy, it’s a banger. It

Recent Releases: Decade & A Day, Misplaced and Those Without

Welcome/welcome back to the blog! It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the music scene, so in todays recent releases post we’re talking about some of our favourite bands here! Today we’re featuring, Those Without, Misplaced and Decade & A Day. And after tomorrow's post there should be no backlog!   Let’s kick off this post with talking about the latest track from Those Without. I LOVE Those Without. Bittersweet is one of my favourite albums ever, so I was super stoked that they were releasing new music. And YOU DEFINE ME doesn’t disappoint. The tempo changes in this track are something else and that chorus just hits the spot for me. This track hits the spot for me and I’m OBSESSED with it. This is one of the best releases of the year so far, and it’s truly phenomenal. This track is super catchy, it packs a punch and it’s just everything I could have hoped it would be and more. I’d say it definitely still has that classic feel and sound from Those Without that we’d expect, but it

Recent Releases: Better Anyway and Pavé

Woo!! We’re back! I didn’t post the past couple of weeks because I was caught up with new work projects and writing a piece for a zine. So, last week was just chaos! But I’m back with one of a few posts this week! Today we’re talking to do a recent releases post on Pavé and Better Anyway.   First up let’s talk about Pavé and their latest single I Need To Know. This track opts for a slightly different sound to some of the past releases we’ve heard from this wonderful lot, however, I am in love with this track. This may be my favourite track they’ve released to date. I don’t think much could top this track. It’s phenomenal, and has such a wonderful feel. It’s got some beautiful and insane tempo changes within it, and truly, I am so blown away by this track. This is one of my favourite releases currently. I’m literally obsessed with this track. I don’t know what I expected from this track, but it definitely wasn’t what we got from this track. I am obsessed with this track. Truly magnifice

Flip a Coin (Overthinking) by After Elmer

  After what feels like forever, After Elmer are finally back! It feels like it was ages ago when we last spoke about them, and to be fair, it was October 2020. However, they are now back with a belter of a tune, that comes in the form of Flip a Coin (Overthinking). So, let’s stop the rambling and dive into this! When I saw this land in my inbox I was super hyped, because I absolutely love After Elmer. I think they’re a wonderful band with so much talent and that deserves so much more love and support than they get. This track might be my favourite one they’ve released to date. This track really does stand out against the rest of their discography, it’s so much more refined and polished. You can tell that they’ve improved more and more since their previous releases. I do absolutely love this track, and I think it’s wonderful. It’s such a catchy tune. I’ve found myself listening to this track on repeat, and not getting bored of it. This is one of those songs that you can literally just

Recent Releases: XO Armor, Misplaced and Hightail

Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today I’m back with a recent releases post to talk about 3 new tracks from Hightail, Misplaced and Xo Armor. I’ve worked with all 3 of these bands before and have a lot of love and respect for them all. Let’s kick this post off with talking about Hightail. We love Hightail here, and they released a new track recently called Note To Self. This was instantly one of my favourite tracks from them. It’s got such a great feel to it, and it’s even got some subtle tempo changes. I do really did this track. I think it’s wonderful. The guitar on it is a stand out feature for me, although every element on this track is impressive, and gripped my attention. This is without a doubt one of the best tracks from Hightail though. It’s insane, such a great track with an impressive feel to it. I’m well and truly impressed with this track, and it’s really impressed me. I didn’t expect this track to be as good as it is, so I’m pleasantly surprised. It’s quite a catchy song