The Afterlife: Preview

A.N. So I started writing a new novel, this is a preview. I would appreciate if you left a comment with your opinion about this, thank you. MyVoiceBrandNew (Grace) Somethings aren’t always easy, but it’s not about things being easy. It’s about things that are worth it. I mean would … Continue reading

It’ll All Be Okay

Life can be great, But life can be tough, Life can be bleak, But it’s all okay. Sometimes it’s hard, And sometimes it’s great. Sometimes you’re stuck, But it’s all okay. Some things don’t go to plan, Somethings exceed expectations. No matter what happens, It’s all okay. Sometimes you cry, … Continue reading

I Love You: The End

A few weeks had passed now and I don’t know what I wanted from this. Dan and Rachel were out of the hospital. Now, now it was just me being left to think about who I wanted. And surprisingly it took some time to dig deep. Sometimes it’s the person … Continue reading

Dear Fake Friends

A.N So I know I’ve been writing the series I Love You but today I decided that I’d write a rant about people who are fake friends. I would like to quickly thank my friends like the Josh’s, Amber, Jack, Harry. My friends who always support me and put up … Continue reading

I Love You: Part Eleven

You see, the thing is you’re not really allowed in resus when something so serious is going on, like when someone goes into cardiac arrest or is bleeding out, so I guess me not being allowed in wasn’t a good thing. I mean was she okay or not? That’s such … Continue reading

I Love You: Part Ten

I never did go to the hospital the next day, or at least I hadn’t planned to. I didn’t really want to go and see Dan, I really didn’t. But well, I’d probably get harassed if I didn’t. I stayed in bed for a while, just watching shows on Netflix. … Continue reading

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