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Bands I Really Want To Make A Comeback...

So, my lovely friend Amy actually requested I do this post, so here we go. So I'm going to talk about the bands that broke up and I want them back, but I'm also going to include some bands who kind of resurrected themselves but I want new music from now they're off hiatus. 
Best of Enemies - Best of Enemies broke up, and I cried like a baby about it. I'm still not emotionally okay with it all, but I still love them and even if BoE isn't a band anymore I will forever be thankful for their music and I will continue to support them! 
Every Avenue - Every Avenue the band behind Tell Me I'm A Wreck, they resurrected themselves and played some comeback shows, but I want them properly back. I want a new EA album, I want to see them being a full-blown proper band again! 
Go Radio - Now, again, they resurrected themselves and they've put out 2 tracks since coming back, and that's great, and I do want them to make a full blown return. I want to see them playing fest…
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My Thoughts On Songs That Were Recently Released... Are They Still Good?

So, in the last one of these I did, I said I'd do it again, and I've decided every few weeks maybe a month I'll do these, and I'll tell you if some of the songs I've reviewed recently are still worth the hype that I gave them, any release from the past two weeks will not be included as I haven't had enough time for the feeling of it being a new song to wear off! But here we go, here's part two!
First up we have Benjamin Martin's song River Lonely, now I do still think this is a beautiful song, I still think it's lovely. It hasn't been a song I've reached for a lot, but that's because the past few weeks I've been on a pretty heavy music kick, I'm mainly listening to pop-punk and hardcore currently, however, I still think it's a lovely song, I still think it's good, but at the end of the day, it's a very mood dependent song for me. I would still recommend it though, and I still stand by what I said about it! When it came…

The Songs I Can't Skip No Matter My Mood...

Another fun little post, just to see what the songs are that no matter if I'm happy as can be, or if I'm depressed, I find it impossible to skip! So let's get into this! 
Let's start with some Seasonal. No matter what you will never find me skipping Hayfever or Happy. Seasonal is all round a band I struggle to skip, but these two songs can come on no matter what I'm doing, where I'm going, who I with, or how I feel because I will drop everything to scream these songs! They are just such great songs, and they aren't mood dependant. These are two stand out tracks for me! And I mean, come on "So you can watch me photosynthesize" who wouldn't want to scream that? And the whole "Singing sad words to happy songs" is the biggest mood going! 
Now let's move onto The Mocking Jays, there are some songs that are mood dependant, but there are still a solid few that I will always find time for! Those are, Funny Bones (what a shock!), Edge of Yo…

Stay Strong by Native Blood

Today, I am bringing you another new band! A band that only released their first song two days ago (Saturday 1st August 2020). This was a band that I came across not through Instagram or Twitter, no, TikTok gave me this one! I follow Jack on TikTok, and when he was posting about the band prior to the release, I started following them and got invested just from the covers they were posting, and now, here we are. They've got their first song out, and I have so many thoughts and feelings about this song! 
So, from one song (which don't judge me because it only took Lonely for me to say this about the lads in 4KM), they're up there with some of my favourite small bands. One song. That's all it took! If you know me, and you read my blog regularly, you'll know that it's a hard task to make it into my top 5, there's a lot of bands in joint places, a lot of bands that have put out multiple releases and only just make it into that list, and some bands that I rate and…

Week Eight - What I'm Listening To...

Welcome back to this weekly instalment! Let's get straight into the music! 
Bands I'm Loving; 
- The Mocking Jays - Nautical Mile - Neck Deep - Knuckle Puck - We Were Sharks - Point North - Hot Mulligan - Beartooth - You Me At Six - When Nothing Works - Native Blood - When Nothing Works - Four Thousand Miles
Albums I'm Loving; 
- Pilot by Hot Mulligan - You'll Be Fine by Hot Mulligan - The Love Era by The Mocking Jays - The Only Way Is Through by Nautical Mile - All Distortions Are Intentional by Neck Deep
Songs I'm Loving; 
- Lemonade by The Mocking Jays - Spin The Bottle by Nautical Mile - Stay Strong by Native Blood - Hungover Guilt by When Nothing Works - Weird Leisure by Biffy Clyro - What Took You So Long? by Knuckle Puck - Hayfever by Seasonal - Sober by We Were Sharks - Lonely by Four Thousand Miles - Reflections by Four Thousand Miles - Crying Over You by The Band Camino - Gasoline by Point North - Down and Out by Cambridge - Hammer by Point North - Sweet Tooth by Nautical Mile - The Only Way…

Coward and Hungover Guilt by When Nothing Works

Back in June When Nothing Works released their first single Coward, and yesterday, they released Hungover Guilt. So we're going to review both tracks today! They did approach me and ask if I would be willing to do this post, and of course, I said yes. As always though, when I feature a new band on the blog, I like to introduce you to them, and tell you a little about them! 

So, When Nothing Works are an Essex based band who are 'trying to prove that something better can come out of Essex than TOWIE'. 

They're a post-hardcore/metalcore band that consists of; 
Jim - Vocals Ben - Guitar Luke - Guitar James - Bass Adam - Drums
So without rambling much more, let's get into talking about the songs! 

Up first is the first single Coward.
I went into this song not knowing what to expect, but the vocals are incredible! This is such an incredible song, and I'm going to have great joy playing this on full blast in the car and pissing everybody off. The lyrics are something else, the…

Lemonade by The Mocking Jays

The boys in the band are back! They're back with a new song! A song that's never even been played live, so this has been incredibly exciting for me! I've been waiting for this for so long! To put it into perspective, it's been 319 days since I Can't Be (Without You Love) was released! But, the wait has finally come to an end and we have a new song! So, let's get into this! 
Now, we all know that I would sell whatever I have left of my soul for this band! So by default, I love everything they put out, and we don't talk about my 5 tattoos and the crippling realisation that I want more... so, of course, I have a lot of love and admiration for this (even before hearing it). I knew from the small clip that had been posted on their socials that this song had potential, and I was intrigued by it from the get-go, and I wasn't disappointed. 
I don't know what I was expecting from it, but whatever it was, it wasn't what we received! What we received was so …