Band Review: Atlas Run


Atlas RunAtlas Run are a Scottish indie alt-rock band from Glasgow, now if you know me or my music taste, you know that says a lot, and of course when I got the DM from Stefan and he asked if I wanted to do a review, within 30 seconds of listening … Continue reading



For a while now, I have been working on my novel, and I’m proud to say that after rejection letters from every agent and publishing house I tried, I have self-published The Common Outcast. It’d mean the world to me if you could go and read it, because I’ve worked so … Continue reading

A Little Life Update

So to start with, I will be uploading on Sunday’s as it’s more convenient because I started my first job! and also, year 13 is absolutely painful at sixth form. But I now work and I’m doing my A Levels. The Common Outcast is still being sold on Amazon so feel … Continue reading

Band Review: Bloodlines

Bloodlines Bloodlines are a Scottish alt-rock band (yet again another Scottish alt-rock band here). The band consists of Jamie Coltart, Andrew MacGillivray, Steve Bull and Jamie Allanach. I came across this band, thanks to my favourite band (which for people who don’t know is Twin Atlantic) and the only way … Continue reading

Why I Love: Deaf Havana

A.N. So I ran a poll on Twitter to see which topics you wanted to see on Band Week, and this was a winner. Grace (@myvoicebrandnew @mvbnphotography) If you didn’t know, Deaf Havana is my joint favourite band, and because I’ve done a Twin Atlantic reasons why it’s only fair that I … Continue reading

My Top Songs of All Time

A.N. So I ran a poll on Twitter to see which topics you wanted to see on Band Week, and this was the winner. Grace (@myvoicebrandnew @mvbnphotography) 10. Critical Mistake by Neck Deep, now this is probably going to move higher up the list, but since the album hasn’t even … Continue reading

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