Top 5 Bingeable Shows

So I said on Twitter that although my blog would be mostly music orientated, I would post some other entertainment related posts sometimes. So I decided that today I would post 5 top five bingeable shows, so the top 5 shows I’ve binge-watched and would recommend. These aren’t necessarily my top shows, these are just shows I enjoy binge watching.

1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine, this show is amazing, and if you haven’t seen it, who are you? It is probably my favourite TV show or at least one of my favourites. I regularly sit and binge-watch it because it’s amazing, and it’s just such an enjoyable show.

2. Scandal, I managed to watch all of this in a week, and that included the fact that I had to wait like 3 days for the last episode to air in the UK. I had like a few days where I couldn’t do anything after I got out of the hospital, so I decided to binge it all, and I did like it a lot. Probably in my top 10 but the ending was a letdown.

3.  Grey’s Anatomy, I went through a phase where I repeatedly watched Grey’s and nothing else. It’s a long show, but I couldn’t stop myself from bingeing on it.

4. Grimm, yet another show that I managed to work my way through quickly, I couldn’t stop watching it. Even when I didn’t want to watch it, I watched it. It was one of them shows for me.

5. Black-ish. This was very much like Brooklyn Nine-Nine for me. I can’t stop watching it. I make time at least once a month to rewatch it. It’s so good, my mum loves it as well. It’s a quick easy show to watch with a good level of humour. It’s so good and so easy to watch.

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