Single Review: Was That Kiss Meant For Me? by The Publics

So this song has been out for just over a month now, but I just haven’t had the time to write a post, so here we go.

The Publics are a local Notts band, and I’ve got to say the song is doing incredibly well on Spotify, with them having near enough 2000 monthly listeners and the song having over 4000 streams, and to say it’s only been out just over a month and it was their first song it’s doing really well.

The Publics are an indie rock band, and the song gives me a mixture of Sex Pistols, The Jam, Catfish and The Bottlemen and Arctic Monkeys vibes.

It’s not a bad song, I can see the appeal and it’s a sound that’s pretty popular currently. If you are into those sort of bands and like alt and indie bands then The Publics could be perfect for you.

It’s definitely a sound that I’m hearing a lot more currently, but Was That Kiss Meant For Me? is in no way a bad song, it’s a song that I personally wouldn’t reach for the most, but I’d still willingly listen to it. But that’s just down to personal preference when it comes to them not being something I’d necessarily gravitate towards.

I like the lyrics, I kind of like the sound it’s something I would listen to, but not something that would be my first choice. The one thing that makes me not like it as much as I could, and the reason why it doesn’t sit as high as it could with me is how the drums are very overpowering in comparison to the vocals, and there’s just something I personally don’t like in songs, a lot of bands do it, it’s just not something I like though. And maybe if that wasn’t the case then maybe I could like the song more. I will still keep The Publics on my radar though. If that wasn’t the case with the song though being dominated by the drums I would probably like it a lot more because the sound isn’t bad, the sound is pretty good, it’s just the dominance of the drums and how it almost blocks out the vocals.

I can see why a lot of people would love it, and I do recommend checking them out, and if you like the sound then they’re playing The Maze in Notts on the 26th of February, which is next Tuesday.

Overall I’d give it a 3.8 maybe a 4 lemons out of 5. Because personally it isn’t my favourite thing, but from like a blogger perspective then yeah, it’s pretty good. You know it’s catchy enough and lyrically I like it, so go check it out if you wanna check out some new music,

You can check Was That Kiss Meant For Me? out here


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