Single Review: Goodnight, Darling by Isaac Anderson

Here I am again bringing you another new voice, although technically Isaac isn’t a new voice. He’s the frontman of Fast Car To Florence who I have done quite a few posts on them before, and I absolutely adore them. However, Isaac has also released a solo track now for your audible pleasure.


Goodnight, Darling


So it’s a well-known fact that I think Isaac has a beautiful voice, and I absolutely adore FCTF, and then he went and released Goodnight, Darling on his own and it’s like wow okay this is top notch. Isaac is one of these people that could release any music and it be beautiful because this man has some serious talent.

When he stated “I wanted to write a song that sounded like Queen, Elton John and My Chemical Romance all had a wonderful theatrical baby together” he wasn’t lying, because that’s exactly how Goodnight, Darling sounds.

The lyrics and instrumental aspects both compliment each other very well, it is a different sound to FCTF, but that’s because it isn’t FCTF, it’s solo music, and it’s beautiful. I really hope Isaac sticks at solo music as well as FCTF because I’d love to see what else he releases in the future.

It’s such a lovely song, so go and give it a listen. It’s worth the listen, it’s quite a soft song in comparison to FCTF, but it’s so moving. So, go and give it a listen and if you like it then show Isaac some love cause he deserves it.

Overall, I’m going to give it a solid 4 out of 5 lemons, I adore this song so much and it really does deserve some love and appreciation.

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