Single Review: Fall Before I Fall by Valencia

Single Review: Fall Before I Fold by Valencia


If you’ve been following me for a while then you know I love Valencia, and they came off hiatus about two years ago, so the fact that they have finally dropped some new music is quite exciting. The sound has changed, as expected. We’re not talking the sound of their music before, it is similar in a way to Dancing With A Ghost, however, it is still a different sound from it. I have been taking some time out from concentrating on music all the time, so I actually found out about this song dropping when I checked my business email and found that I’d got an email saying Valencia had dropped a new song. It was a pleasant surprise.

The song is still 100% pop punk/ alt rock. And it’s not a bad song, I will say that it’s certainly not as good as the likes of The Space Between or Spinning Out. It’s not bad but it’s not my favourite thing that they’ve released. It’s a good song, and it’s still Valencia. But, obviously every time a band changes their sound there’s a bit of adapting to do to it. I do like the song quite a bit, but they have released better stuff, but it’s just one song. If there’s going to be an album, then obviously there’s going to be more songs to judge, instead of just the one.

The intro is heavier than the rest of the song, which I would have preferred for the heavier part of the song to be further into the song rather than the beginning. That’s just a personal opinion though, it’s not really a criticism on the song. It’s not bad, it’s a song that I don’t love, but I wouldn’t turn it off if it came on. I do love Valencia so it’s nothing against the band, it’s just a song that I don’t love, I can appreciate it, especially since they haven’t released music in like six years, so of course the sound is going to have changed, but they’ve still stuck to their roots which I really appreciate, they haven’t gone completely off track and changed their entire sound, and they do have songs that have a similar vibe to them, but yeah, it’s not my favourite thing they’ve released but I do believe Spinning Out is the best song they’ve ever done.

Overall I’ll give it a solid 3.7 lemons out of 5, because it’s not bad but it’s just not my favourite thing ever.


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