10 Songs I Love Currently

These aren’t necessarily my most listened to song currently but they are the songs I’m hooked on currently. Some are new, some aren’t. Some are by bands I’ve just got into, some are longer term bands in my life. Hit By A Car by Scouting For Girls, I love Scouting … Continue reading

Top 5 Bingeable Shows

So I said on Twitter that although my blog would be mostly music orientated, I would post some other entertainment related posts sometimes. So I decided that today I would post 5 top five bingeable shows, so the top 5 shows I’ve binge-watched and would recommend. These aren’t necessarily my … Continue reading

My Summer Bops

These are not necessarily summer songs, but my music taste is greatly influenced by the season. During autumn and winter, I tend to listen to heavier music than I do in spring and summer, so it’s just a few songs that I’ve been listening to in the nice weather and … Continue reading

Song Challenge

A.N. So technically, this was one of them 30 day song challenges, but I thought that I would adapt it and just turn it into a blog post. I did not create this song challenge, I simply just Googled some of them. And I have slightly changed some of the … Continue reading

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