My Thoughts on Every Avenue Coming Off Hiatus…

I mean, they did say “This is see you later” cause they aren’t into goodbyes. And for years now I have been patiently awaiting them to announce they were back AND THE DAY CAME! I know this happened in September but still.

Every Avenue are insane, and now they’re back and they’re doing a couple of reunion shows in America, I’m just waiting for them to be like yeah okay people in the UK we ain’t forgot you guys we’re coming for you! Because, I need that. I need to see them live. I need to scream to Every Avenue. I love them so much. I need to be a heap on the floor screaming.

Every Avenue was one of the few bands I loved who went on hiatus and I never thought they’d come back, BUT THEY’RE BACK. Because of this, since they came back all I’ve been listening to is them. Shh! Just Go With It, Picture Perfect and Bad Habits have been on so much recently.

I have never been so ready for a band to come back, but the fact they’re back and just the small hope of them doing more than three shows is exciting. I love them so much, and I am ready for this next chapter.

If you don’t know who Every Avenue are then GO AND CHECK THEM OUT! They were a band who played Warped and you’d expect to see at Slam Dunk. They are incredible and they’re so catchy.

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