My Breakup Playlist

I really don’t have the motivation to write currently, but I know that I kind of need to. So here’s a breakup playlist, since I found out that my now ex was cheating on me for the entirety of our relationship… fun times. So these are the songs offering comfort currently.


1. Wasting Time (Eternal Summer) by Four Year Strong. Very self-explanatory… because I feel like I’ve just wasted four months on someone who couldn’t give a shit if I was dead or alive.
2. Relapse by Divided By Friday… for the pure fact that this didn’t end on good terms, so I don’t wanna see him again, and Relapse is the perfect song for that mood
3. Take Your Jacket by Hot Milk. This song is just a big mood currently, like a hella big mood. The biggest mood currently.

4. Get Fucked by Don’t Forget Rupert. Again, self-explanatory.

5. Undrunk by FLETCHER

6. That Girl by McFly

7. Pensacola, 2013 by Deaf Havana

8. Cr33pin by Deaf Havana

9. Right Now, I’m Anyone’s by Deaf Havana

10. Just Past The Point Of Breaking by Fatherson

11. I Already Know (She Don’t Give A Shit About Me) by Patent Pending

12. Mine is Gold by State Champs

13. Hollywood by Lewis Capaldi

14. Just Say You Mean It by Mayday Parade

15. What The Hell Is A Gigawatt? by Four Year Strong. This isn’t a breakup song really, but it’s still getting onto this playlist because it’s kinda comforting, because there’s just little bits where I’m like…yeah same…

I know this was a pretty lame post, and I know it wasn’t long, but next week I’ll be back with a decent upload!


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