Music Review: You Me At Six and Deaf Havana

So bands have been dropping new music here, there and everywhere. And I am 100% down with it, although my bank account isn’t with all the new albums.

You Me At Six

You Me At Six are back! They are back and they’re announced their next album VI and I’m super hyped for it. However, to go along with the announcement they dropped 2 new songs. Yes, TWO! And if you haven’t heard them yet, how? The new songs are phenomenal.

Let’s start with 3AM.

3AM gives me such Night People vibes, and I love it. Lyrically, this song is just a masterpiece, but, I mean it’s a masterpiece in every way. It’s such a good song. The roots of the song are definitely You Me At Six, there is no doubt that it’s a You Me At Six song, but it’s bigger, bolder and better.if you like You Me At Six, then you’ll like 3AM.

To go with 3AM, they released the big edgy brother… Fast Forward.

I think Fast Forward is my favourite of the two, it’s very much the edgy brother to 3AM. Again, it’s classic You Me At Six. There’s no doubt about that. The chorus is extremely catchy and it reminds me of that episode of Black ish the episode where Jack goes around constantly saying “Put some Uvo on it” because that’s how I feel with this song. Let’s just take a moment and appreciate how great it is that You Me At Six are back.

Deaf Havana

They’re back! They’re back, let’s just take a moment to appreciate that both Deaf Havana and You Me At Six are back around the same time. Like yes, I’m here for this. I’m down for this comeback.

If you are a fan of Deaf Havana then you may have mixed feelings about this, but they dropped a new song called Sinner. If you didn’t know it was Deaf Havana, you wouldn’t think it was. The song is very much a pop song, it’s catchy. The lyrics are miserable as most things that come from Deaf Havana are, but Sinner is one of them songs that although it’s miserable it doesn’t sound it. It’s a stereotypical pop song, and that’s why it’s received mixed feelings. I love it, but my music taste is quite flexible. You’ve still got your guitars and drums and miserable lyrics, but it sounds unlike their other stuff, but it’s good, it’s catchy and if you’re more into pop rock then it may be a song for you.

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