Live Review: The Mocking Jays (Round 9)

Saturday’s gig could be my last gig of the year, but I don’t know. But it was my 9th time seeing TMJ. So let’s get into this!

The Mocking Jays:: Round Nine

the mocks 2.0

It was their Rock City debut and they were supporting Sheafs… and this was a sold out gig.

I say this everytime I do a review on the mocks, but they are incredible live. Like, if you like them when you hear the studio version of a track, YOU NEED TO SEE THEM LIVE. They are so much better live than they are on a recording. I can’t stress that enough, just… they’re incredible.

It was only a support slot so they didn’t have a massive set, but we did get to hear the classics,

- Take You Home
- Funny Bones
- Edge Of Your Knife
- Tears In Summer
- Kiss My Neck
- Sex On The Beach
- I Can’t Be Without Your Love

And that is a solid set, like as always, I can’t pick faults with the set.

The energy at the gig from TMJ was incredible. And it was possibly their best gig I’ve been to. The energy and the fact of how good this set was, will do them favours when it comes to the 2018 Lemon Awards, and I’ve seen a lot of bands this year so… but honestly, this gig was incredible. And it was so incredible to see the mocks at Rock City like that’s amazing to say they played at Rock City. And the gig was incredible, and as always the energy was just so high. And it’s nice to see them live because you can tell they do this because they like it. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I have seen bands that are super well known on stage at Rock City, play Rescue Rooms yet they seem like they don’t wanna be there, yet I go and see the mocks play Rock City (Basement) and see them play Rescue Rooms and they act as they wanna be there. And it’s incredible to see that. To see a band liking what they’re doing. And thinking back to round one, they’ve come so far, and they’ve gotten so much better. Every time I see them they’re better than before, and it’s just incredible to see them at Rock City. I wouldn’t go and see them so much if they weren’t so good, but they are incredible live, honestly, the mocks are so good live. If they’re playing a gig near you, 100% go and check them out. Because, they are good on track recording, but they’re better when you hear them live. And I love that, I love how incredible they are when you see them live.

No matter what’s going on in my head or around me, seeing the mocks is an audible blessing. I cannot hype them enough. They deserve so much more appreciation because they are phenomenal live.

You can all probably guess what they’re getting…

It’s a solid 5.4 sparkly lemons out of 5. They just outdo themselves every time, and that’s why we have sparkly lemons for the times when I see a band or hear a song that just blows me away with how incredible it is.

Go show them some love, and even if you already like them, go show them some more love.

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