Live Review: The Mocking Jays round 6: Sequins and Ponchos

A.N. Wasn’t initially the post I was going to do, but I have to play the PTSD card and the whole, “I’m still not okay after Slam Dunk” card when it comes to gigs… but I did get to see the boys in the band make some noise again, SO HERE WE GO!

Sequins and Ponchos

oh man here we go again


What happens when you mix, sparkles, a poncho, and the Rescue Rooms together?
The answer is the best The Mocking Jays gig to date.

We’re going to start with the outfits because most people that I’ve introduced to TMJ have pointed out their funky outfits… and let’s just say, they didn’t disappoint. WE HAD SEQUINS, WE HAD A PONCHO, WE HAD IT ALL. WE HAD EVERYTHING YOUR LITTLE MINDS COULD THINK OF… it was a look that most bands could not pull off, but they pulled it off so well.


So the setlist was pretty good like I was happy with the set, but as I always say, it’s the energy that went into the set that did it for me. Like, I love them, but the energy is next level. Spoiler alert, there was a small mosh pit to I Can’t Be Without Your Love (that song is also significant to the next tattoo choice…) AND JAY EVEN JOINED IN. Like, we love an energetic king (because they’re the mocKING Jays).
Honestly, like energy was next level… in the video I got of Take You Home, it almost seems like Jay comes flying onto the stage. The start of Take You Home was enough to get me hyped, like next level hyped, and because of that, I’m glad that it was the opening song because it got the energy going for the entire set. Then we dived straight into Funny Bones, which is always amazing when they play that because it’s Funny Bones. Like, how can you not love Funny Bones? It’s a classic.
We then all got blessed by Edge Of Your Knife, which if you haven’t heard it yet then what are you doing with your life, you NEED to listen to the boys in the band make some noise on that bop. Like the energy level in that song… especially when it’s played live.
And then came my all time favourite, the sleeves got rolled up so when it was time to sing “Oh man, here we go again…” the tattoo came out, like, it’s such a great song and I love it. And little too personal, but my minor PTSD episode was starting to slip up on me and when this came on… you know I lost my will to live because it’s an absolute jam, and you all have to hear it because it’s a tune.
Then we went to the other classic which is Tears In Summer, an absolute tune, something for you to sing along to and it’s slow, but not slow, and it’s perfect. It is a perfect song. Like I want to say I love it, but we all know I love it.
Then we had the beast of a song, which is Sex On The Beach. It always makes me want to lose my shit, because have you heard how insane it is? Like yes, if I did have shades on and some Rosé then the shades would be down and I’d be sipping on that Rosé (I’m sorry, I had to make a pun okay?). It’s such an energy fueled song, and you can’t not love it.
And then to finish off the amazing set we had the one and only, I Can’t Be Without Your Love, as I say I love this song enough to want a line from it tattooed on me, so don’t need to explain how much I like this song. But, it was Jay splitting the crowd and getting his little mosh pit that was the highlight, like it’s got enough energy to warrant it like it’s not a HEAVY song, but I’d say it’s on par with Grit My Teeth. It’s amazing, and it has so much energy that it was perfect to end the set with.
The show from start to finish was amazing, there was so much energy and I’m glad I was there to see them again because their set was not one to be missed. They are back at Rescue Rooms on October 9th supporting Cassia, so if you can make it to that show, you should. Or alternatively, they are playing on September 20th at The Venue in Derby. If you can make it down to one of them shows then you should, because the boys in the band don’t stop the noise.
Overall lemon rating: A solid 6.9 out of 5 lemons. THEY ALWAYS OUTDO THEMSELVES.


I will, of course, add as always, that I did meet Jay again (and Joe which was a nice surprise) and if you don’t already know I got a TMJ tattoo that says “Oh man, here we go again…” I am planning a second TMJ tattoo but I want it handwritten so ya girl will wait to annoy them. But honestly, some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I also appreciated talking to Jay and Joe because it took my mind off the worries in my head, and it’s always a nice touch. They’re both lovely, definitely had a couple laughs, and yeah, I’m glad I got to show them my tattoo because it’s beautiful.


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