Live Review: The Mocking Jays at Radfest 2019

So on Saturday the 22nd The Mocking Jays headlined Radfest and spoiler alert. It was incredible.




It was their second show without George and my first show without George. The fill-in is actually Ed from Distant Blue and all I’m going to say is it was amazing! I was very sceptical because I absolutely adore TMJ and I do adore Distant Blue as well, but I was worried that it wouldn’t sound the same, but it actually sounded better (RIP George). The way that Jay and Ed’s vocals complemented each other, and the fact that Ed’s voice is slightly rougher just added some more depth to the songs, even in songs like Close To You and Tears In Summer, they gained a lot more depth audibly because of Ed’s vocals. I honestly loved their set so much more than I anticipated, I always enjoy TMJ sets but with Ed being there it just added so much to the band! It could well possibly be the best TMJ set I’ve heard.

They opened with Funny Bones and closed with I Can’t Be (Without Your Love) and in between played all the solid bops like Kiss My Neck, Sex On The Beach and Close To You.

It was such an amazing set, and I mean Jay was proper enjoying himself on stage, climbing up things and everything… honestly. It was an amazing set and I did really enjoy it, and it makes me very excited to see them again although that won’t be until October. It was such a good show though, and I really do like Ed performing with the band and I hope to see that again at some point as it was amazing.

The boys in the band never disappoint, and it was just incredible. They just seemed to have more depth in the songs at the show, and I really did enjoy it.

Out of 5 lemons?
I’d have to give it a solid 5 out of 5 sparkly lemons because it really was just that good!


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