Live Review: The Mocking Jays at Beat The Streets

So it was my birthday yesterday and it was also Beat The Streets yesterday… and TMJ played BTS so what a better way to celebrate my birthday than seeing bands I liked…(They’ll be another live review up on Friday so stay tuned for that one). But until then it’s a live review of TMJ’s performance.


The Mocking Jays: Beat The Streets…more like beat the capacity of the venue

TMJ round 10

There was certainly a lot of people there, and it was actually great to see so many people there to see TMJ because there were hundreds and hundreds of people there. Rock City Beta (Basement) was at capacity+ for TMJ which was incredible to see so many people there to see them make some noise.

As always there was so much energy in the set that you enjoyed being there, and you can tell that TMJ wanted to be there by the amount of energy within the set, and there’s nothing worse than going to a gig and knowing that the band doesn’t want to be there, but that’s never the case at a TMJ gig, as you can normally tell by the amount of energy that goes into their performances.

It was in my opinion, their best gig yet, and I mean this was round 10. It was such an incredible, energetic performance and it was definitely a gig I wish I could relive.

Their setlist was:
- Edge Of You Knife (and Jay even had the megaphone for this performance so it made it even better, especially when we got the little sirens)
- Funny Bones (which is just a complete bop)
- Close To You (this is their single that is dropping on the 8th of February, so tune back in two weeks to see my review of that)
- Kiss My Neck (which is their latest single, and if you haven’t heard that then go and check that out)
- Sex On The Beach
- Tears In Summer
- I Can’t Be Without Your Love

Each one of them songs was packed full of energy, which 100% contributed to the atmosphere within the gig. That was a solid setlist, and it was definitely filled with songs that made you want to be there, songs that made you want to dance. Songs that made it an impeccable performance.

Overall it was a solid 6.6 sparkly lemons out of 5, because between the setlist and the atmosphere and the energy I cannot fault it in the slightest.

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