Live Review: The Mocking Jays and Distant Blue


So on the 9th of March The Mocking Jays released their debut EP. And on the same night they headlined the Bodega in Nottingham at their launch show with support from Boats on The Ocean and Distant Blue.


Now I didn’t manage to catch most of Boats On The Oceans set due to the fact that I was stood outside for a bit messaging Callum so I didn’t see a lot of their sets so I don’t really have many opinions I can give on that.


However, what I am going to do is review Distant Blue and The Mocking Jays.


So Distant Blue had an incredible set that really got the crowd hyped up for The Mocking Jays. I 100% enjoyed their set a lot more than I anticipated I would. They played the classic and then they also played some new songs and some old songs. They were incredible. The energy during their set was SO GOOD!!! I mean a lot of pop-punk sets so tend to be packed full of energy and Distant Blue definitely gave a good performance. It was also Pearce’s first gig with the boys in Distant Blue and I will say a massive well done to him because it was great. You couldn’t tell that he’d just joined them, the chemistry on stage between Kieran, Pete, Ed and Pearce were incredible.

And although I didn’t mosh it was great to see a mosh pit going. And a mosh pit where so many people were engaged. Where you could clearly see how much people were enjoying themselves. It was such a great sight to see. You could really tell people were enjoying the set even if you weren’t initially there to see Distant Blue because after their performance I definitely felt energised. They were an incredible act to have as support. I left that gig wanting to see Distant Blue again so if/when I get the chance I’ll definitely go and see them again.


And then the last act on was obviously, The Mocking Jays. Now, this was round 11 for me and as I always say they get better and better. Although, getting hit in the eye with glow sticks was definitely a moment. But the glow sticks were a nice touch. It was definitely my favourite gig I’ve been to that they’ve done. It was definitely up there in my top 3 (of all bands, not just TMJ). Their setlist was incredible!

It was

  • Funny Bones
  • Close To You
  • Take You Home
  • Kiss My Neck
  • Sex On The Beach
  • Tears In Summer
  • Edge Of Your Knife
  • I Can’t Be (Without Your Love)
  • Isley Walton
  • Cold Hands


It was a beautiful set and I was emotionally dead after Isley Walton like man there were a lot of emotions at that point.

As always there was so much energy, and there was a mosh pit during The Mocking Jays set, and although I don’t mosh whenever there’s a mosh pit it always proves that people are enjoying themselves and they’re really getting into the music.


The energy within both The Mocking Jays and Distant Blue’s sets was incredible, it was an amazing gig that I really enjoyed, and my love for Distant Blue definitely grew that night. And even though, a couple of days before the gig I fell ill, and during the gig, I got progressively worse and even now I’m really not in great health, I did really enjoy myself. It was incredible, it was such an amazing night. A sold out gig, and I would happily relive that gig over and over again (maybe not the emotional pain of Isley Walton though).


Overall it was a solid 5 out 5 sparkly lemons (yeah, bringing them back out. And if you don’t already know, I use the sparkly lemons when just giving a regular 5/5 isn’t good enough because it was better than that.) I highly recommend you get down and see both Distant Blue and The Mocking Jays (still a bit of torture that I’m going to be VERY close to Manchester on Friday and the mocks are playing Manchester on Friday, very tempting).


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