Live Review: Don’t Forget Rupert

I know, I went to a gig that wasn’t The Mocking Jays, I know, it’s shocking. But let me say this now, THIS GIG WAS SO GOOD. So let’s get into this… d4r.2

Now I’ve been to 11 gigs this year, I’ve seen something between 20-30 bands this year. And let’s just say, I’ve been working on this year’s lemon awards (I know, it’s only October) and I’ve had to redo the top 3 now, because Don’t Forget Rupert just got bumped up… that’s as much as I’m saying on that.

They absolutely slayed, the setlist was solid. And they opened with Fix You and closed with Long Time Coming like that’s the best way they could have opened and closed their set. It was insane. I talk about energy in the set’s a lot, because to me the energy that a band puts into their sets, is often reciprocated by the crowd. The energy that Lou, Ben, Pete and Lewis put into that set was incredible. An example of the energy I’m talking about is, Lewis, Pete and Ben all going into the crowd, like yes. I don’t see that often, and it was a way of engaging with the crowd. To Ben getting everyone to do vocal warmups, it was insane. Like the energy in there was so high, that I enjoyed the gig even more than I thought I would. I like when I’m at a gig, and the band gets the crowd to engage in the gig, because yes, hearing live music is cool and all that and you can enjoy hearing the music live, but there’s a difference between enjoying a live performance and enjoying a gig. That was the definition of enjoying a gig. I wish I could say that I hadn’t enjoyed a gig like that this year, but I have, but the enjoyment for this gig was like my enjoyment at Slam Dunk. IT WAS INSANE. How many times am I going to say insane? But that’s what the gig was, it was insane. It was incredible, brilliant.

I came out of that gig on a high, I forgot everything because Don’t Forget Rupert were incredible. I had no chance to think about stuff during the set because there was something to keep me entertained, it wasn’t one of them gigs where you kind of just want to stand in a corner and drop off because you’re not feeling engaged, it was the complete opposite. It was one of the best gigs of the year, and I left that venue (realising what legs were as I nearly fell down the stairs) wanting to see them again. I’ve seen a lot of bands more than once, but, only three bands have ever made me want to see them again like that, and one of them is Don’t Forget Rupert. The atmosphere, the energy, the set, the engagements with the crowd, not one thing can be faulted. I will 100% be going to see them again, and I went into that gig thinking ‘They’ll be good but I don’t know if they’d make it onto my top tier’ and I came out being blown away with how incredible they were, wanting to put them on my top tier, which a lot of my favourite bands don’t make it onto there, so I think that says a lot.

I will 100% be going to another gig, without a doubt. It’s not even a want, it’s a need. I enjoyed that gig so much, that if that’s something to judge Don’t Forget Rupert’s live performance on then hell, I need to be seeing them a good few times. It was one of them gigs where you come out on such a high that when it hits you that it’s over, you actually end up feeling quite sad.

Overall, what am I going to give them? I don’t give this rating out often, so it’s a solid, 6.7 out of 5 lemons.

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