Live Review: Don’t Forget Rupert (Round Two)

Don’t Forget Rupert at Beat The Streets 




So on Sunday Don’t Forget Rupert played Rock City main stage at Beat The Streets, and like always Don’t Forget Rupert know how to put on a gig.


The set list was incredible and included the likes of Long a Time Coming, Get Fucked, Fix You and they even played their new single that’s to be released next month.


There was as always loads of energy within their set and of course it’s not a Don’t Forget Rupert gig if Ben isn’t in the crowd for part of it.


It was in incredible show but I will say I still preferred when I saw them at Rough Trade which was down to the atmosphere at the gig.


The atmosphere was incredible and there was so much energy radiating from the bands performance. It was incredible seeing how much energy was there.


I mean although the crowd didn’t want to cooperate for a good portion of the time, that didn’t stop Don’t Forget Rupert trying to engage the crowd and that didn’t make the energy stop.


The further into the set it got, the more energy that went into the performance from both the band and crowd. And by the time it got to Long Time Coming I’m pretty certain 95% of the crowd was engaging with the performance.


Overall it was definitely an incredible performance and it was a decent gig. I’ll give it a 5 out of 5 lemons. Because yes okay it wasn’t my favourite gig but the energy and the atmosphere. The effort into the set was incredible and it was a really good gig and I did 100% enjoy it. I can not fault the performance by Don’t Forget Rupert and the setlist was really good and the selection of songs didn’t change the atmosphere. Like they were all packed with energy.


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