Live Review: Don’t Forget Rupert

Don’t Forget Rupert (Round Three)
Headline Tour
17th of April 2019

Don't Forget Rupert

So Don’t Forget Rupert have just finished their first UK tour, and they kicked the tour off in Nottingham… and of course I had to get myself down there to go and check out what round 3 had on offer, they also released a new song on that day as well, which is called Bringing Back Old Memories, it’s an absolute bop!

I do want to add that I did get the chance of getting to talk to Ben and Lewis and they were so lovely! And I got to show them my Long Time Coming tattoo and yeah, it was a nice touch to the night!

I’ve seen Don’t Forget Rupert three times now and this was definitely the best. They’re such an incredible band, and honestly, I can’t wait to see them again, because they’re so much energy in their sets, and every time I see them there always ends up being a wild Ben Martin in the crowd, which really just makes it even better!

We had a great mix of songs, from stuff like Keep Up to Bringing Back Old Memories, and then the classics like Get Fucked and Long Time Coming. It was an incredible setlist, and I don’t think I could have picked a better set of songs for them to do. Honestly, that setlist was perfect for the night. It got the crowd engaged from the second that it started.

They opened with Time Takes It’s Toll and closed with Get Fucked so really could you ask for anything better? I don’t think so!

If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Don’t Forget Rupert live then you kind of have to, because they’re just incredible! There is always so much energy, and I don’t just mean from Ben. Every one of them puts in loads of energy, and it’s incredible because a gig with energy makes it enjoyable. It makes you want to be there. You enjoy it more, you enjoy joining in and jumping and clapping along and just having an overall great time!

Every time I see Don’t Forget Rupert I’m always left wanting to relive it all over again because they really are just that great! And they’re super lovely, I mean I only spoke to Ben and Lewis but they’re both lovely and I’m sure Lou and Pete are too!

Such lovely guys, with such great talent. You need to see Don’t Forget Rupert if you get the chance to because they really are one of the best, they’re definitely in my top 3 top Notts bands!

Overall I’d give it a solid 5 out of 5 sparkly lemons!

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