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So it’s been a while since I wrote a blog post, I’m sorry. I needed a bit of time to get back to myself, put myself in a good mind frame and just be okay again.

This is a post I’ve wanted to do for a while because I always say “If you have a similar music taste to me” but I never expand on what that actually is. So I’m going to talk about my top bands, vocalists I love, current favourites. Albums I find great. I’m going to go through it all!

Okay, so mainly my genres of choice are rock and pop-punk, there are a few pop artists I listen to and I do listen to some pop-rock. And I listen to some post-hardcore bands and stuff, it is quite varied I go from Lewis Capaldi to Beartooth. But it’s mainly different types of rock and pop-punk.

I’m going to take you through my all-time top bands now, and then some subcategories.

All Time Top 5

1. Twin Atlantic. Without a doubt. I love Twin Atlantic with my whole heart and I’ve been following them since like 2011 when Free was released, and I’ve seen them live twice and I really do love Twin more than any other band.
1 (part two). closely followed is Deaf Havana. I love Deaf Havana so much, they’re such an incredible band. They are my joint-favourite in reality but Twin just has that little edge. But I just love them so much, they’re incredible live and they’re just incredible!
2. The Mocking Jays. Does this actually shock anyone? Because it probably doesn’t. I love the boys in the band so much. They’re just incredible and they deserve so much love and attention. They’re so talented and they not long released their debut EP The Love Era so go check the boys out.
3. Four Year Strong. I loved FYS and then didn’t listen to them for a while and now I’m back in love with them, like if Alan Day wants to hit me in the face then I’m cool with that. To understand why I love them so much you just have to listen to them! And watch a live set because INCREDIBLE.100% will see them next time they’re in the UK.
4. Mayday Parade. I love Mayday, I’ve met Mayday. They’ve got a special place in my heart because they’re a band that have been the soundtrack to some of my darkest nights.
5. A Day To Remember. I don’t trust people who hate ADTR, okay? I don’t. They’re incredible and if I have to explain why then I’m worried about you.


Other bands I love but just don’t make the top 5:

- The Story So Far
- Seaway
- State Champs
- Neck Deep
- Trophy Eyes
- Hot Milk
- Distant Blue
- Don’t Forget Rupert
- The 1975
- Catfish and The Bottlemen
- Beartooth
- As It Is
- Best Of Enemies
- blink-182
- Green Day
- Bring Me The Horizon
- Broadside
- Don Broco
- Every Avenue
- Fatherson
- Forever The Sickest Kids
- Grayscale
- The Half Eight
- Have Mercy
- Holygood
- Lower Than Atlantis
- Scouting For Girls
- Simple Plan
- Valencia
- You Me At Six

Obviously there are LOADS of other bands I like, but they’re bands that definitely stand out.

Bands I Like But You Wouldn’t Expect? 

- Rascal Flatts (judge me now)
- Florida Georgia Line
- James Arthur
- Jonas Brothers (come on, who doesn’t)
- The Lonely Island (I love Andy Samberg okay?)
- McFly (forever love them)
- Passenger

Bands I’m Loving Right Now:

Four Year Strong, as I said I recently fell back in love with them, so it’s been a lot of FYS recently, mainly FYS and Twin Atlantic as always. They’re definitely the two I’ve got on heavy rotation currently!

10 Most Listened to Songs Currently: 

1. I Hold Myself In Contempt by Four Year Strong
2. Take Your Jacket by Hot Milk
3. Go Down In History by Four Year Strong
4. Eating My Words by Four Year Strong
5. Stolen Credit Card! by Four Year Strong
6. We All Float Down Here by Four Year Strong
7. Funny Bones by The Mocking Jays
8. Wrecked ‘Em? Damn Near Killed ‘Em by Four Year Strong
9. Gravity by Four Year Strong
10. One Step At A Time by Four Year Strong


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