Band Review: Left Hand Lane

Left Hand Lane are a small, local Notts band. They’re in the same scene as some of the other bands I write about including, The Mocking Jays, Don’t Forget Rupert and Distant Blue and that is how I initially came across them. In this post I will give my thoughts on their new single Skank, but I also want to heavily concentrate on this being a band review. Also before I dive too deep into this, I just want to say a massive thanks to Pearce for making this an easy blog post for me, as he was really helpful and co-operative and he was actually the one to approach me about doing this blog post!


Left Hand Lane


Disclaimer: I do not own this photo and all the credit goes to Rebecca Sansom

Okay, so Left Hand Lane are a sort of alt rock sort of band, but they also have HEAVY punk elements to them, I don’t want to call them punk rock because they’re alt rock, but they do have some punk roots there.

FFO- “For fans of anyone who enjoys music, we don’t really aim for an audience. We gig a lot and the people who enjoy seeing us come back and watch us again” ~ Pearce

The four-piece consists of ;

Jimbo- Lead singer/guitar
George- Guitar
Pearce- Bass
Bobbi- Drums

Now onto my opinion of the band, okay so they aren’t my favourite Notts band, it’s really no secret who that is, however, they’re definitely up there! Anybody that knows me, knows that I’m a sucker for all types of alt-rock, it’s my go-to genre. And I do like their sound, it’s definetly growing on me the more that I listen to Skank, but I can’t be too critical as everybody has to start somewhere and Skank was their debut single. And I do enjoy it, it’s probably about a 4/5 for me, and I am really excited to see what else they put out later. I’m excited for what other music they may have to be released, and I am intending to catch them live later this month. As I’m back into the swing of going to gigs more often than I have the past few months, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they have to offer as a live band. I do already have some expectations for their live performance because 1. I’ve seen Pearce perform with Distant Blue and 2. Their sound makes me think there shall be a fair bit of energy within their set, but I guess it’s just a matter of waiting and seeing what they have to offer.

Overall I’ll give them a 4/5 lemons and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on what else they get up to.

Where to find Left Hand Lane


Instagram: Lefthandlane_official
Twitter @lefthandlane.Ng
Facebook page: left hand lane



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