Band Review: Fast Car To Florence

Fast Car To Florence


Fast Car To Florence are an indie pop rock band that I have to say are close to my heart, because they’re from Nottingham… which was initially the main reason I decided to listen to them. As I’m from Nottinghamshire, it’s a big thing for me when bands come from my area.

Issac Anderson- Vocals and Guitar
Chris Barber- Drums
Mike Groves- Bassist and Vocals

Now Fast Car To Florence, are probably a very universal band when it comes to someone with a similar music taste to me. They have a sound very similar to The 1975 (who I personally love) so I’d certainly say that if you like The 1975 you should check them out. (Important note: my music taste varies from pop to post-hardcore.) They recently just dropped a new EP, and I’m like “Yes, hello, why have I only just discovered you” although, they have only been around for just over a year. They’re a band that just sound happy, they’re one of them bands. Like, go listen to Hypnotise You and just spend that time listening to the song, and on nothing else. Appreciate the sound, appreciate Fast Car To Florence. Just appreciate how beautiful they sound.

This is how good Fast Car To Florence are… if you follow me on social media or have ever spoken to me more than once, you’ll probably know my mum likes my genres of music, just not the majority of the bands I listen to. However, when I played her Hypnotise You, her reaction was “They don’t sound bad.” Which for my music taste and my mum, that’s like the biggest compliment possible.

I listen to a lot of music, and although it’s only March I think Address The World actually has a chance to be titled my favourite EP of the year when the 2018 Review comes out.

I’m slightly obsessed with listening to them currently, they’re just really good and catchy. Their music just sounds happy, it has the right beat and Issac’s voice compliments that.
Their music makes me feel good, it doesn’t make me want to cry in a ball somewhere unlike when I listen to Mayday Parade. It makes me want to get up and dance. It makes me want to scream the lyrics. It makes me want to go to their gig and see them live.

I think Fast Car To Florence are going to be my favourite band discovery of the year, because well, go listen to them! Listen to them, and you’ll see why.

My song recommendation: Hypnotise You and Eyes Shine

Now go listen to them! Links are below.

Lemon Rating: 5 out of 5 Lemons. I’d give more lemons if I could.

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