I'm a normal teenager. I'm not like every other teenager out there though. I tend to keep myself to myself and I love writing. Writing and bands are my life. I started out writing fan fiction but I have moved on to writing fiction. I do write short one shots for my friends, so I guess I still write a little bit of fan fiction. I tend to just write fiction though. I find it easy to write. It helps to get emotions out, but I love writing and I always have. My life dream is to become an author, I try to write things that people can relate to, if it's fan fiction or not. I think it makes the reader want to carry on reading.
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My Breakup Playlist

I really don’t have the motivation to write currently, but I know that I kind of need to. So here’s a breakup playlist, since I found out that my now ex was cheating on me for the entirety of our relationship… fun times. So these are the songs offering comfort … Continue reading

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