I'm a normal teenager. I'm not like every other teenager out there though. I tend to keep myself to myself and I love writing. Writing and bands are my life. I started out writing fan fiction but I have moved on to writing fiction. I do write short one shots for my friends, so I guess I still write a little bit of fan fiction. I tend to just write fiction though. I find it easy to write. It helps to get emotions out, but I love writing and I always have. My life dream is to become an author, I try to write things that people can relate to, if it's fan fiction or not. I think it makes the reader want to carry on reading.
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The 2018 Lemon Awards


The 2018 Lemon Awards   WE’RE BACK, IT’S THE ANNUAL LEMON AWARDS… this is the first year I’m going full out though… because this year this blog was rebranded to strictly music, and I’ve worked hard to produce content this year. Next year should be easier. There are even certificates this … Continue reading

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