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Recent Releases: Royals (and Two Year Break), Late Night Legacy and When Nothing Works

  Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today we’re doing another Recent Releases post, but this time talking about Royals (and Two Year Break), Late Night Legacy and When Nothing Works.   Let’s kick it off with talking about the new track from Two Year Break and Royals. Let’s start by saying this collab is everything we could have ever hoped and dreamed of! This is exactly what I needed in my life! Truly phenomenal! I’m obsessed with this track! Double Life is an absolute belter! This is everything I could have hoped for. It’s got a cool groove to it, it’s got some nice, dirty riffs in it, some beautiful, varied vocals and it’s just everything! This is such a tune! Absolutely obsessed with this track! Truly magnificent. It’s got some subtle tempo changes, and truly this hits the spot! I’m obsessed with this! This is one of those tracks that seems to fly by! With a listening time of a little over 3 minutes, times flies with this track! It’s a belter! A tune and a half! Obsessed with it! Ev

Recent Releases: Clay J Gladstone, Misplaced and Protect Your Heart

  Welcome back to the blog! I’m sorry I’ve been away for a few weeks, and that some of these reviews have subsequently been delayed. I aim to clear the backlog within the next week. I needed time away because in case you missed it on my socials, 2 of my grandparents passed away within 4 days of each other on the Easter bank holiday weekend. So, I needed some space, but I’m back! Today we’re going to be talking about Protect Your Heart, Clay J Gladstone and Misplaced! 3 bands we love and adore and are blog favourites!   Let’s kick this post off with We Will Never Be Heroes by Protect Your Heart. At this point Protect Your Heart may as well be my favourite small band. Truly the most magnificent band, and one with so much potential. No matter what they put out they always kill it. This track is no different, it’s an absolute belter! Maybe it doesn’t go as hard as some of their other tracks but I still love it all tue same. I think it’s just the intensity and catchiness that’s different. I