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Tyrant by Pavé


Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today we're talking about our wonderful friends in Pavé again! A little over two weeks ago, they dropped a new single titled Tyrant, so let's skip the rambling and get into this! 

I love Pavé; I think they're an incredible band and one that really do hit the spot every time! They seemingly get better and better with the more tracks they release. Tyrant has a bit of a grungy feel to it. I like it a lot, it’s got a nice groove to it, and those vocals on the chorus are where it’s at. I absolutely love the feel of it. This is possibly my favourite track from Pavé to date. This track just hits the spot for me. It's got an incredible feel to it, it's got a great groove to it, and it's just an incredible track. There's not one aspect of this track that I could criticise. It's not a stereotypical catchy track, but it's still catchy, and I know this track is going to be making its way into heavy rotation. I love everything about this track, the lyrics hit the spot, and just everything about this track gets a big yes from me. 

If you've never listened to Pavé before, I feel like Tyrant is enough to corrupt anybody into liking them. This track is everything, it's one to be played at loud as you can and it's a track that you know would be a solid 10/10 live. It's great, I love everything about this track. It's everything. This track is an absolute belter! I know this is going to be one of my most listened to tracks currently, and this track is everything I could have hoped it would be and more. Pavé has killed it with this track, they're really out here proving how worthy they are of your love and support, and they're just such a phenomenal band, with so much potential. If you've never checked them out before, you need to! Such an insane track! Such an insane band! Definitely my favourite track they're released to date, and Tyrant has got me all hyped for what comes next! You need to give this track a list. 

Overall, I think it's fair to say, Tyrant is getting a solid 5 out of 5 lemons from me, this track is just everything. If you give it a spin, you'll get why this track is everything. It's truly just magnificent. Such a phenomenal track from a phenomenal band! Please, go check this track out if you haven't already, and if you've never listened to Pavé before, go show them the love and support they deserve! 

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