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A Place That Feels Like Home by Slackrr

Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today we're going to be talking about the new album from Slackrr. I'm a little bit late to the review, but we're here and we're doing it! So let's cut the rambling and get into talk about A Place That Feels Like Home by Slackrr. The album opens with Home, and it's insane. The energy is insane, Slackrr pack a punch with their music, and this track is a perfect example of that, it's got a great energy to it, it holds your attention, and to say this track is nearly 4 minutes long, it doesn't feel like it, so that's always good, I love the intensity of this track too. It's not heavy, it's just fast-paced, and has a good feel to it, which is what we want from an opening track of an album. I really love this track, and it's a strong opening track. The second track comes in the form of Playing With Fire, which is truly something else. I love this track, it's phenomenal, and it's one I cannot recommend en

i saw hell when i was with you by downcast

 Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today we're going to be talking about the new record from downcast! We've spoken about downcast many times before, I love this lot. They're great, and they've just dropped their new record a little over 2 weeks ago! A little bit behind on the review, but here we are, we're going to be talking about i saw hell when i was with you, and seeing if it really is as great as we expect it to be. The record consists of 9 tracks and has a listening time of just over 31 minutes.  The opening track comes in the form of the single britannia mills, this is such a great track. I've loved this since it was first released, and I did a review of it back when it dropped, and I love the whole energy surrounding this track. It's just insane. I love it, and it's just as great now as it was when it was first released. It's got a great feel to it, and I love everything about it. It's just insane. Such a great track, and I love it even

Out for the Count by A Few Too Many

 Welcome/welcome back to the blog! So, I'm a little late to the review on this one, because this EP's been out a few weeks now, but we're here, we're doing the review, and we're going to be talking about Out for the Count by A Few Too Many. The EP is 7 tracks long and has a listening time of just under 25 minutes, so let's get into this!   Out for the Count opens with Unhealthy, which is a single that we've done a full review on, and one that I still love to bits! This is a phenomenal track, and it packs such a punch. Such a great track, and the perfect opening track to this EP. It's just as incredible now as it was when it was first released. I love every second of this, and it's everything you could hope it would be and more. I love everything about this track, and if you haven't heard it yet, then where have you been? This track is perfection. It's intense, it's catchy and it packs a punch. Such a solid track and one I cannot recommend

New In Singles: Protect Your Heart and Raging Clue

Okay, so it’s been a little while since we did a post, and I’ve got quite a few reviews to get done. So, I’ve decided I’m gonna do a new in singles post, and a new in albums post. Today we’re talking about new singles from Raging Clue and Protect Your Heart. I love both of these bands, they both forever impress me, and I’m super stoked to be talking about their new singles.   First up let’s talk Raging Clue. Now it feels like forever since we’ve spoken about this lovely lot, but they’re back with their latest single Chapters. Now, from the get go I knew I’d love this song. It’s got a great beat to it. I love the whole vibe of this track, and there isn’t one aspect I can criticise. The riffs in this track though, truly extraordinary. Absolutely love this track, and it’s exceeded all expectations I had for it. I was sent this track in press a few weeks back, and I can vouch for the fact this track gets better the more you listen to it. It’s spectacular. It’s something else, it’s punchy,

Recent Releases: Give Me A Reason, Embxrs and Until You Disappear

  Welcome/welcome back to the blog! We’ve got a few releases to get through! We have 3 singles to talk about. I wanted to just get it all done now because frankly, a backlog will only grow and I’m trying to keep it under control.   Let’s kick off by talking Gas Lit, the new single from our friends over in Embxrs. Now, I did have the privilege of hearing this track live on Saturday, and I honestly love everything about this track. It’s a bit more of a slowed down tempo, to begin with, but it does pick up, and even when it’s more chilled out on the verses, it still packs a punch. I honestly adore everything about this track. It’s phenomenal. It’s just so insane. Lyrically this song is just next level. I cannot comprehend just how insane this track is. Although it’s possibly the slowest track that we’ve heard from Embxrs so far, it’s still insane. It’s such a great track with a great feel to it. It’s just insane. I absolutely adore it. It’s just something else. It’s a song I loved from th