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Full Year 2021 Lemon Awards

 Welcome/welcome back to the blog! It's here, it's finally here! The full lemon awards from 2021, there's probably going to be a lot of repeats, and this time nephew 1 is picking the artwork, but let's stop the rambling and let's get these done! One major change this time is the lack of Best Frontman, drummer, guitarist and all that. Simply because, I only want to do that once a year, and this time we've just got live music back and all that, so we'll do those categories again for the 2022 awards, whether that be mid-year or full year, but let's give artists a chance to put out music, play shows and then we'll rank them again.  Full Year Lemon Awards 2021 Best Release;  20. Resurrection by Embxrs 19. Ticket to Hell by Cambridge 18. Worst Friend by Keep This Up 17. Worldwide Catastrophe by Royals 16. Joel & Clementine by Passionflower 15. Back To Life by Autumn Fires 14. Grey Skies by Hightail 13. Over This by We Were Sharks 12. Dislike by WRTHLES

Waking Up In Your Clothes by Good Hustles

Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Yes, I am back, lemon awards are coming, recent release post is coming. Trying to get my mojo back and then the blog will be back in full force again. However, this post could not wait, because it's Good Hustles, and I think we're all aware of my bond with the band, so I did bring this post forward to today.  Good Hustles are back with a new single from their upcoming record that drops in a month. The new track is Waking Up In Your Clothes. Now, I love Good Hustles, and I believe they are incapable of releasing a bad track, and I'm not being biased here. I will say that Waking Up In Your Clothes is not like the previous singles we've had. This is a lot softer, it's a lot more chilled out. It's not a bad track, it just isn't my favourite track. Yes, it's a great song, and there are tempo changes within it, so I by default like it, it's not got the same anthemic feel as the likes of Too Far and Coffee. However, I do fe

Recent Releases: Ollie Hayes and Protect Your Heart

  Welcome/welcome back to the blog! It's been a couple of weeks since I've posted because I've been ill and it's been the festive season, and at this point, most people know I do try and take a month off around the festive period, but with very few releases coming out, and no gigs for a while yet, I've taken 2 weeks off between Christmas and New Year, and then I'm going to try and chill out between now and my birthday because in the coming weeks I want to be doing the 2021 Annual Lemon Awards. Not the half a year thing, the full year. A year in review, where I look at all releases from January 1st to December 31st. So, let's get these last few releases from 2021 reviewed so they can at least be a contender for the Lemon Awards.  Up first, let's talk about Protect Your Heart because that's only a single to talk about, whereas Ollie's review is an album review. So a few weeks back Protect Your Heart released their latest track "Worst Side of M