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Recent Releases: Autumn Fires, Prime and The Headspace

Ahh! I'm back! Today we're talking Recent Releases again! I do need to do a part 2 to this post where I talk about Ollie Hayes and maybe a couple of others, but today I just want to talk about new singles. We're going to be talking about new tracks from The Headspace, Prime and Autumn Fires. I've been away for a few weeks because I've just been so ill recently. I've had tonsillitis, then I badly injured my ankle, and I've just not been vibing with life lately. But I'm back! Part 2 of this will be coming soon!   First up, let's talk about Autumn Fires, they dropped their debut EP a few weeks back, and I love Autumn Fires. I think they're a phenomenal band and one that have so much potential to achieve great things. However, part of me was a little lacklustre with the EP because every track besides 1 was something we'd already heard. There was only 1 new track on the EP, which I mean, thankfully, it was a new track, but it was released as a sin

Dead Friends (Deluxe Edition) by Clay J Gladstone

  Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Look at me, blogging 2 days in a row! I know, it’s shocking. But I’m committed to blogmas now, so let’s roll with it. Today we’re going to be talking about blog favourite Clay J Gladstone. I can’t resist any opportunity to talk about these legends!  So, a little over a week ago they dropped their deluxe edition of Dead Friends (the EP). The deluxe version of the EP features 2 new tracks and 3 Reimagined versions of tracks from the original EP. I’ve reviewed 2 of the reimagined tracks previously, I spoke of Move On and High School Violence. I loved both of those tracks, however that leaves us 3 new tracks to talk about.  First up, is new track Boring Eyes, I absolutely love this track. It’s got a softer feel to it, it’s got the same sort of vibe as Dead Friends when it comes to the vocals, but it’s a bit of a toned down version. I actually really like this track. It’s got some nice tempo changes in it, and it’s just a generally great track. It packs a

Biggest Regret (she is the worst, she is the best) by Until You Disappear

Welcome/welcome back to the blog! I know I’ve been away for a few weeks, but I needed a break. I feel like work, the blog and uni is just all a bit overwhelming currently. But I said I was going to attempt blogmas, so let’s attempt it! Let’s do a review a day and clear this back log! New bands, old bands, albums, EP’s, singles. Let’s do this!   So today let’s kick this off with talking about Until You Disappear and their latest single Biggest Regret (she is the worst, she is the best). Now it’s no secret that I love Until You Disappear. This has a bit more a punk feel to to it compared to some of their previous singles. I’m still a big fan of this track, and it’s decent. It’s punchy, and it’s impactful. It’s a great track and one that I know I’ll come to adore just as much as precious singles. This is a phenomenal track, and it’s although it’s got that more punk feeling to it than the likes of Let Go and Drunk Me, it’s still a phenomenal track and one that it’s going to appeal to a lot