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Messed Up by Light Grey

Welcome/welcome back to the blog! I'm super pleased to say that we're back talking about Light Grey again! I love Light Grey! Messed Up is the follow-up single to Disassociation which we reviewed a couple of weeks back, but Light Grey are the gift that doesn't stop giving, as it has been revealed that they will be releasing their second EP next month! Super exciting times! Now, let's talk about Messed Up.

Messed Up has that same electronic feel to it that Disassociation had, but I prefer this track. Messed Up seems to pack more of a punch, and has a cool vibe to it. I actually really love everything about this track, and I much prefer it to Disassociate. Disassociate was great but Messed Up just has that little edge to it. This is a decent track, it's got some really engaging elements of the track, and I just generally love this track. I think this track really packs a punch, and it's engaging to listen to. I don't find myself getting bored of it, and I could easily listen to this track for an hour or so without getting bored of it. I love this track, and there are no elements of this track to criticise because they're all incredible. I love everything about this track, and I think it's incredible! 

I'm obsessed with this track, I think this is an incredible track and one that although it's similar to the previous single, it's very much its own song. Whilst sounding different to the previous singles from Light Grey, it still has that classic Light Grey vibe to it. I just love it. I can't fault this track! This track is phenomenal. I'm obsessed with it, and I'm so blown away by it. There's nothing I dislike about this track and Messed Up has me hyped for the new EP. I love everything about this track, and it's just insane. I cannot recommend this track enough! 

Overall, I'm really impressed with Messed Up, if you couldn't already tell. I'm obsessed with this track. I think Light Grey are back with a bang with this track. I'm obsessed! Light Grey are such an incredible band and this track is proof of this. Please, if you haven't heard it already, then go check out Messed Up by Light Grey, because it's phenomenal and they're a band that is so slept on but deserve so much move love and support! 

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