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A Million Times Before by Segarra


Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today I'm featuring a new band... finally! Today we're talking about Segarra, a band based in the East Midlands, and we all know, Notts, Derby and Leicester bands have a very strong place in my heart. I adore them. I love them all, well the nice ones anyway. Pretty much, if you're a local band to me, and you're nice then I probably love you. Now, I've been aware of Segarra for a while now, I've seen them on lineups and things like that, but I'd never really paid that much attention to them. Until the other day when I got a lovely message off them asking if I'd be alright doing some press for them. I said yes, because well, I love supporting as many small bands as I can. So, today, Friday the 3rd of September 2021, Segarra released their 3rd single, A Million Times Before. That's the main point of this post, but, I'm just going to do a mini introduction to them beforehand. 

Segarra are a band based in the East Midlands, in Ilkeston. The quintet consists of;

Oli Wade - Lead Vocals
Like Hooton - Lead Guitar
Josh Holloway - Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals
Leon Cox - Bass Guitar
Callum Friend - Drums

For Fans Of; Oasis, The Beatles, Stone Roses, Strokes. The Libertines

The band have 3 tracks out, their debut single, Sugarcane, the follow-up single, Shine A Light (On Me), and the new single, A Million Times Before.

Straight off, you can hear the old school influences in the track, and I can tell you from the get-go, if you're a fan of the old school classics, then you'll probably love this track. I think this is a pretty solid track, and it's not got a long intro, it's not boring to listen to. It's a decent track, and it's got a nice beat to it, it's got a nice feel to it, and I really do rate this track. I think it's actually really nice to listen to. There aren't any major tempo changes like I tend to point out in a lot of tracks, but it's a good track nonetheless, and I really like this track. It's quite groovy. I'd definitely say that this is a track that you should check out, and the talent of Segarra is insane. I'm blown away by this track! Considering this is only the bands 3rd single, I'm super impressed with how talented Segarra are. They're a band with a lot of potentials, and one that I can strongly recommend checking out. This track is incredible, and it's definitely a track worth checking out. 

There's nothing I can fault about this track, the balance is there so that the instrumental aspects aren't drowning out the vocals. The vocals are audible, and the guitar and drums is where it's at for me. I absolutely adore the drums and guitar on this track! The bass is nice too. and I can't fault the structure or anything about this track. It's a solid track and one that I'd highly recommend giving a spin. It's just over 4 minutes, and if I'm not criticising a track that's over 4 minutes long then you know it's a decent track! I really like it. It's decent. 

Overall, I'm blown away by A Million Times Before. It's a belter of a track, and one that you need to hear to be able to appreciate. My words don't do this masterpiece justice. It's insane. If you like the classics then this is a track for you. The influences are audible, and it's just refreshing to hear something that I, personally, don't hear a lot. I write about a lot of songs that sound similar, and this is just something nice and refreshing in comparison. So, if you're on the look out for a new track, go check this one out! I'd be confident in rating it a 5 out of 5 lemons! I'm a big fan of this track! 

Where To Find Segarra: 

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