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Pink Alligator by Those Without


Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today I’m super excited to be talking to you about Pink Alligator by Those Without. Now, Those Without are a band I’ve listened to for a few months and I’ve liked the releases they’ve put out. However, no previous track has got me as hyped as Pink Alligator did. 

Knowing what sort of tracks Those Without put out, I was pretty excited for this release, and I had pretty decent expectations. 

I want to start off by saying since this track was released, I have been listening to it constantly. Every time I get in the car I'm there putting it on repeat for my drive, everytime I go to listen to music, I'm going to be there listening to this track. I am well and truly obsessed with it. So, when I tell you that this song has blown my mind and really has beaten all expectations I had for it, I mean it. 

Pink Alligator has an infectious beat to it, and it's one of the catchiest tracks to be released recently. The tempo changes between the verses and the chorus are extraordinary, and this is honestly a certified banger. From relatable lyrics to an infectious beat, this is one of those songs that could wow the masses. This is a track that could impress so many people, and this is one of those songs that you can almost sense is going to do things for Those Without, and if it doesn't you'd be confused about it, because it's just incredible. This is one of those songs that I would go and get a tattoo for because I love it that much, and if this doesn't become one of my most listened to songs currently I'll be surprised. I'm well and truly obsessed with this, and I intend to showcase this song to everybody who's willing to give it a listen because it's that impressive! 

Pink Alligator is an anthem. This is such an anthemic track, that will blow your mind. This is one of those songs I won't shut up about for ages now, and if you listen to the track, you'll hear exactly why. This is such a belter, and I'm so blown away by it. There's so many incredible elements in the tracks, the guitar, the bass, the drums (honestly a big stand out feature for me) and the array of vocals. The way you can feel the emotion in the vocals, and you feel the way this song hits, and it's just insane. This is such a surreal track and one I am well and truly obsessed with. Those Without deserve to be one of the biggest bands in the scene, and this track is the perfect example as to why. 

I'm honestly speechless, and at a loss for words when it comes to explaining just how insane this track is. It packs the punch you expect it to and more. This is such a surreal track, and when I say you need to listen to it, I mean you NEED to listen to it. 

Overall, this is a surreal track. This is one of the strongest contenders for song of the year, and I'm well and truly obsessed with Pink Alligator. I will refuse to shut up about this track, and I cannot recommend enough that you go and check this track out and if you're not familiar with Those Without go and check out their discography. They're a solid band, and this track is no exception to that. Those Without are becoming one of my favourite bands at this point, and one that I cannot recommend you checking it out enough. Go give Pink Alligator a listen, and let the track blow your mind like it's blown my mind. It's such a catchy track, but it still has depth to it, and it's still impactful. It's not a catchy song that's just a carbon copy of every other catchy track, this is a catchy song with emotion, one with power, one that makes you feel things. This is a masterpiece of a track, and you really do need to go and check out this track. 

When it comes to my rating, I think we all know what rating this track is getting. Pink Alligator is a solid 5 out of 5 lemons track. I'd even go as far as to say it was a 6 out of 5 lemons track. This is one of the best tracks I've heard in a long time. I say it a lot, but this really is just an exceptional track and one that really has blown my mind. Please, go and check out Pink Alligator and show Those Without some love and support that they deserve. 

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