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Set It Off by Surviving December

  Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today we're going to be talking about Surviving December again. Surviving December are back with a new single titled 'Set It Off'.  From the get-go, this track gripped my attention with its early 2000's pop-punk feel of the track. When the vocals kicked in the vibes continued, and as someone who's a fan of early 2000's pop-punk I'm totally here for the vibes of this track. I love the feel of this track, and I think it packs a punch. I think it's got a great feel to it, and it's just a great song.  This is a track that if you like your classic pop-punk you're probably going to love, and it really is just an insane track. I love everything about this track, from the vocals to the bass and everything in between. Honestly, I just love the vibes of this track. I think this is a track that you 100% need to go and check out. I just love this track and everything about it. This is such an impressive track and one I kno

Recent Releases: Clay J Gladstone, Passionflower and Left Hand Lane

Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today we’re doing another big combination post! We’re going to be talking about Passionflower’s new track, the new track from Clay J Gladstone and the new track from Left Hand Lane. I've featured all of these artists before, and I’ve always had decent things to say about them. First up is Left Hand Lane. Left Hand Lane released their 3rd single last week, titled Psychosis. Now, this track has a completely different feel for it compared to My Confession, it’s more comparable to Skank out of the 2, but it still has a different feel from Skank. This is a track that whilst still sounding different, and of a different intensity level to previous singles, still maintains the classic punk elements you'd expect to hear in a Left Hand Lane track. This is a decent track. My Confession still remains my favourite, but I like the whole vibe of this track and I can really appreciate this track. It’s a decent track, and I’m pretty impressed with it. It packs

Save It For Myself by WALWIN

  Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today we're going to be talking about the ever so incredible, WALWIN, and their latest track Save It For Myself. Now, recently I've become obsessed with WALWIN's music, and I've had it on repeat. Every track I've heard is a certified bop, and this is no exception to that. Whilst, I may have never mentioned WALWIN on the blog before, I have spoken about WALWIN on my socials.  Save It For Myself is an incredible track, that grips your attention from the get on. From catchy choruses to anthemic lyrics. This is a track that is guaranteed to engage whoever is listening. Emo pop at its finest. This truly is an incredible one and one that I can’t stop listening to! I’m obsessed with this track. It’s catchy, it’s anthemic and it just packs such a punch! It’s a great track that would engage so many people. This truly is a masterpiece and I’m obsessed with it. I love the vibe and the feel of the track, and I just love that I can listen to i

Sanguine by Near Mrs

  Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today we’re going to be talking about a blog favourite, Near Mrs. The lovely lot that is Near Mrs dropped their debut EP on Thursday and you all know I live Near Mrs, so I had to bring you a review of it!   The EP features the 2 latest singles, Face The Wall and Wishful Thinking. Due to the EP featuring these tracks, I had pretty high expectations for this EP.   The EP opens with B-52. I’m well and truly obsessed with this track! This is a solid track, it’s so catchy and it’s just got that classic Near Mrs sound to it. It’s honestly such an impressive track, and one I didn’t expect to love as much as I do. I love the subtle tempo changes, and the whole vibe of this track is a big yes. This is such a tune, and one that I love so much! This is a solid track to open the EP with and leave a great impression on listeners. Honestly, this track is everything! There’s nothing about this track I could fault. I love the lyrics, guitar, vocals, bass and drums.

Life Goes On (So I'm Told) by Through Your Eyes

Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today I’m talking about a new band and their latest single! Today we’re going to be talking about Through Your Eyes.  Now, Casey reached out to me a couple of weeks back and told me about the new track and asked me if I’d review it. I gave some of their other tracks a listen and happily agreed to do a review of the track.  Through Your Eyes are an incredible band, and one that deserve so many more listeners. They’re incredible, and they have a lot to offer. Their new track, Life Goes On (So I’m Told) is proof of that.  This is an incredible track, it has such a refreshing vibe to it. It’s like All Time Low and blink-182 meets Deaf Havana. This track in particular reminds me of another track, that I cannot remember the name of. I don’t even remember who it’s by, but it’s got a familiar vibe to it. The tempo changes on this track are a lot more prominent than some other releases I’ve spoken about recently, and I love that! I think we all know I’m a sucke

Eton Edicius by Aim High

  Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today I'm going to be talking about yet another release from Aim High.  Aim High are really out here churning out so much content currently, and honestly, I'm here for it! As expected, Aim High has featured another artist on this track! Aim High has featured safehold on a previous track, Gender Neutral Happy Meal.  I love the vibe of this track, it's not too dissimilar from what we've previously heard from Aim High, whilst also still being an original track that is distinguishable from the band's discography. I love the tempo of this track, and of course, the tempo changes, even if they are subtle. I don't actually think there's anything I could point fault with about this track, it's just that good. The lyrics, the vocals, the guitar, the bass, the drums, everything about this track is insane. I love the feel of it, and I think it's just insane. The vocals are insane on this track, and vocally, this is one of my f

A Spark To Ignite by Royals

  Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today we're going to be talking about Royals again. Royals went and dropped a new EP on Friday, and I feel like it was something we all needed in our lives.  I  had pretty decent expectations for this EP judging by the 4 tracks we’ve already heard off the EP. I’ve done a full review of Worldwide Catastrophe and Jaded so I won’t be saying much about them, but I never reviewed Fair-Weather Friend and Out of Reach, so I will speak a little about them but probably not the same amount as Gone.   Anyway, the EP opens with Worldwide Catastrophe. This is an absolute belter of a track. This track is surreal. It packs a punch, it does everything you’d want it to do and more. It’s just insane. I absolutely love this track, I loved it when it first released and I love it all the same now. It’s a great song and one I still highly recommend!   The second track is Fair-Weather Friend. This was one of the first tracks released off this EP, and it is an incredibl

Gone Are The Good Days by Chunk! No, Captain Chunk

  Welcome/welcome back to the blog! I'm super hyped about today's post, as I'm sure a lot of people who are familiar with the blog and myself, that I'm a massive fan of Chunk! I love them, they're one of my all-time favourite bands, and they're a bucket list band for me. Chunk! said they were completely okay with me doing some content on their new track, and I'll most likely drop a review of the album when it comes out. So, yeah, super excited to be bringing you a post on Chunk! and their new track Gone Are The Good Days.  This is the title track from the upcoming album, and the previous two tracks from the album have been incredible, so I expected nothing less from this track.  The intro is short and sweet, a few seconds and then the vocals kick in, and when the vocals kick in, you know this is going to be a great track. The whole vibe of this track is phenomenal. I love the tempo changes in this track, which are as noticeable and impactful as you'd exp

Unhealthy by A Few Too Many

  Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today we’re going to be talking about the wonderful A Few Too Many and their new track Unhealthy.   I’m sure by this point, most of you have already heard History. If you haven’t then, please change that. Anyway, I love A Few Too Many and I think they’re an incredible band they never seem to disappoint. So, I had pretty high hopes for Unhealthy.   I will say the intro was borderline with being too long-winded for my own preference, but it wasn't too long that it lost my attention, as it was only 29 seconds, but any longer and I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it. However, that is just personal preference though.  I love the lyrics to this track, they hit me in that place where music tends to hit, and it's a great track. It has New Found Glory vibes, and it's a decent track. I love the beat of the track, I love the intensity of the track, and I like the tempo changes within the track. The vocals are incredible, as always, the drums are

Recent Releases: Blue Sunday, Ryan Soanes and Vampire Slumber Party

  Welcome/welcome back to the blog. Today I'm going back to a style I've done a few times before, and that's talking about multiple releases in one post. The reason I'm doing this format is that I have a backlog of content to do, that I failed to do when I had my break. Therefore, when I was catching up with the posts, I was running out of days in the week to do content for more releases. Anyway, I'm here to talk to you about the new tracks from Blue Sunday, Ryan Soanes and Vampire Slumber Party. Blue Sunday:  Blue Sunday are back, and they've released their second single, Shellshock. Shellshock has a different feel to it compared to Mirrors. Shellshock has a grungier, darker, heavier vibe to it. It's still a great song, but it feels darker from the sound of the track. It's still just as impactful as Mirrors, but I would say that it isn't as catchy as the previous release. That's not a bad thing, but that's just a comparison. It's a good