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New Low by We Were Sharks


Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today I'm super hyped to be talking about the new album from We Were Sharks, New Low. If you're familiar with the blog, and myself then you'll know I love We Were Sharks so much, and they're one of my favourite bands. They're one of the loveliest bands ever, and they deserve to be one of the biggest bands in the scene. 

The album opens with the anthem that is Shameless. This is one hell of a track, this was one of the singles off the album, and since its release, I've been obsessed with it. This is a flawless track, the beat, the lyrics, the vocals, the bass, the guitar, the drums. everything about this track is a big yes. This is a solid opening track, but the album only gets better from here. Honestly, a flawless track that I will continue to listen to on repeat. 

The second track on the album, is another single, this one being Bring Me Down. I did a full review of this track, and my love for this song has only grown over the time it's been out. I love this song, and this is again an incredible, punchy track. This is a track I'd love to lose my shit to at a gig, honestly, such a belter of a track. Incredible! Another flawless track, but I expect no less from We Were Sharks. 

Up next is, Problems. Again, another single off the album. This was my least favourite of the 4 singles releases, but I still love it, I still think it's an incredible track, and it's one that still packs the punch you expect from We Were Sharks. This has a bit of a softer edge to it, it's not a soft song at all, but it's just a little less intense than the other singles. It still goes hard, and it's still a solid song on the album. 

The last single off the album is track four, Over This. We all know what I thought of this song. I still listen to it for hours on repeat. This is still one of those songs for me, and I adore this song. It's flawless, it's catchy, it's punchy, it's angsty. It's just a great song, and I did do a full review of this track as well, and therefore, I feel like if I say much more, I'm repeating myself. I love this track, honestly, one of the best tracks releases this year! 

The first song not released as a single is New Low. The title track, and due to it being the title track, you expect this to be a solid track... and spoiler alert, it is! This is a highly relatable song, especially if you follow me on socials because honestly, that chorus is me currently. This is just an insane track, the vibe of this track is extraordinary. This is one of those songs you just instantly love, and it's insane! It's such a solid track, and everything about this track gets a big yes from me. I love the way this track makes me feel, and this is one of those songs you have to play on full blast to embrace the pure beauty of it. The intro, the vocals! The guitar, the bass, the whole song is just insane. I'm well and truly in love with this track, and I can't comprehend just how great it is. 

Moving on, we now have Burning House. The intro to this track does something for me, it makes me feel something inside. It gives me the same sort of vibes as Far From Home by Home Wrecked did, and just the intro to this track alone makes me emotional, and it's just beautiful. This is the softest track on the album. It's not soft in an acoustic manner, but it's still softer, and it's beautiful. This is such a powerful track, and this is just an incredible track. I love everything about this track. The tempo changes on this track are phenomenal, but saying that, this entire track is phenomenal. I love this track. This is one of those songs for me, I just love the beauty of this one, and I love that although it's a different vibe and energy to the previous tracks, and the tracks that follow on, it's still as equally good, and just as mind-blowing. 

Track seven is a follow on from a track off Lost Touch. Ashley (Pt. 2) is here! I loved the original Ashley, and I love that this track references the track from Lost Touch. This is clear from the start as it opens with "RIP to the '93 Jetta" where Ashley featured the line "Cause we got time and old CDs in a rusted-out Jetta from '93". I've loved this track since I heard it on the New Low visual experience, and We Were Sharks really did an incredible job with the continuation of Ashley. Ashley (Pt. 2) is an insane track that packs a punch. I love this track, and the way it makes me feel. It's just an insane track, and it packs such a punch. Honestly, such a surreal track. This is a flawless track again, but I expected no less. 

Track eight is Golden. When this was played on the visual experience, I fell in love with this track instantly. The intro to this song is incredible, and it doesn't stop at the intro, this entire track for the 3 minutes and 38 seconds it lasts for is pure perfection. This truly is an incredible song and one that when I first heard it, I instantly loved, and even now, I love it just as much, if not more. I intend to play this song on repeat because this is such an incredible track. Every element on this track wins me over, and it truly is flawless. This is such a beautiful, yet impactful song. This is insane. I love this song, and it is one of my favourite tracks off the entire album! The bridge in this track is one of my favourite parts, but every element of this track is incredible. You need to hear this one, this is one of the stand out tracks for me. 

Second, to last, we have Omens. This again is a personal favourite. Since the visual experience, I've been in love with this track. I didn't expect it to be as good as it is. This is one of the catchiest tracks on the album, and the whole "You love me like a heart attack". That! That bit won me over, the way Randy sings that. Saying that I think all of We Were Sharks won me over with this track because they've all done such a surreal job on this track. It's catchy, it's not as intense as a lot of the other tracks, but it's not as soft as Burning House. But it's catchy like Over This. This is my joint-favourite track off the album, and one I know I'll probably listen to for 10 hours over the course of a week. If there's one track you listen to off the album, make it Omens. This is one of those songs that I would go and get tattooed on me because I love it that much! It's just insane! 

The last track on the album is, Ready To Go. This track has a different vibe to the other tracks, but it's still a very classic We Were Sharks track. This track has the best set of lyrics. There are references to the We Were Sharks discography in the track, e.g. "Have you heard Lost Touch yet?'. I love that. I love this track, and I'm so glad the album ended on an incredibly impressive track. I've said multiple times that I need an album to start and end well, or else it doesn't leave a good impression in my mind. New Low starts and ends incredibly. I love this track, and I cannot fault it. I love the way the album has had such smooth transitions from tracks to ending up at Ready To Go. I love this track, and it's insane! This is one of the best tracks I've heard this year, and it's a great closing track.  

Overall, I think it's clear to see what I am blown away by New Low. I cannot fault one track or even just a small bit of any of the tracks on New Low. I love this album, I love the way the album has been a seamless transition from one track to another, and as much as I loved Lost Touch, I think New Low is giving it a run for its money. This is definitely an impressive album, and I cannot recommend you going and checking it out enough! You need to hear this album. It has a listening time of just shy of 30 minutes, and it's flawless. It's such an incredible pop-punk album and one that people need to hear. If you've never listened to We Were Sharks before, take New Low's release as a valid reason to check it out. I may be jumping the gun here, as we're only part way through May, but I think New Low could be the album of the year! 

When it comes to rating, I think it's very obvious that I'm giving New Low by We Were Sharks a solid 5 out of 5 lemons! It deserves it, and I'm not just saying that because I love We Were Sharks, as I voiced my disapproval with some of my other favourite bands releases, so this really is an impressive album, and I'm blown away by just how good it is. It's incredible! Please, go check it out! 

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