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Introducing: Aim High


Disclaimer: I do not own this photo. 

Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today we're going to be doing an introducing post on Aim High. I know it's been quite a while since I did an introducing post, so I apologise in advance if I seem a little rusty and out of practice. 

So, a few weeks back I posted a video on TikTok asking if any bands wanted to work with me and if they did then to get in touch. Aim High saw the video, and got in contact with me! I've actually been a fan of Aim High for a few months now, and I'm super stoked to be featuring them on the blog. I will also be back (possibly tomorrow) with another post on Aim High, as they're releasing a new track tomorrow! 

Aim High is a pop-punk/alternativecore band from Columbia, SC who consist of; 

Calebjustcaleb on Lead Vocals/rhythm guitar
Steven Howard on Backing vocals/lead guitar
Morgan Johnson on Backing vocals/bass
Logan Pierce on Backing vocals/drums 

For Fans Of; A Day To Remember, Four Year Strong, Belmont, Issues, Pierce The Veil. 

They currently have 14 tracks out that you can go and listen to for your audible pleasure, however, I'm not going to be going ham with all the reviews because this post would be incredibly long, and introducing posts are always long as it is. 

Aim High have released tracks featuring the likes of Belmont, Sleeping with Sirens, Like Pacific, Broadside, In Her Own Words and more!  Due to there being quite a few tracks to get through, these will be shorter. I'll go through the singles first, and then follow on with the EP's. 

Me & Ur Ghost is insane! I love the vibes of this track, I love the vocals on this track and just everything about this track. The mix of rough and clean vocals, the tempo changes, the pace. The catchiness of this track, and everything. There's not one thing I could fault on this track, and I'm obsessed with this vibe. It's just got such a great vibe to it, and it's one of those songs you can easily listen to on repeat without getting overly bored. I'm 100% here for this track, and it just makes me feel something inside. I love this track! 

After that, Aim High released Complicated with Maggie Schneider. This was a cover of the classic Avril Lavigne track, and I loved the original, and this cover is a belter. It's a heavier version of the original, with some rough vocals, along with some clean vocals but with the intense vibe to it. I love this track, and it's insane. I love the vibes of this track, and this is one of those tracks that will feature on a lot of my car playlists because everyone knows the track, but it's got that Aim High twist to it. I love that! I love this rendition of the track. It packs just as much as a punch as the original, and I love this. 

Next, we have Drag This Out, which features one of my favourite bands, that being, In Her Own Words. This is exactly as I expect the track to me. If you're familiar with the music In Her Own Words produce, and you listen to this track, you'll understand why it's exactly like you'd expect. It sounds like In Her Own Words, but with that little Aim High twist, and I love that. The bridge is where you see that classic Aim High twist appear in the track, and I love this. It's a great track, and one I really love and appreciate. 

Following on, we have, Sleep Now in the Fire. This has elements and riffs in it, that remind me of old school, classic rock. However, it also has elements that remind me of the likes of Bring Me The Horizon. I love the vibe of this track, and although not my favourite track from Aim High, I can certainly appreciate it for what it is, and I still enjoy the track. It packs a punch, and I love that it sounds different to the previous tracks we've heard. 

Then came, Better Than This which featured Broadside. I love Broadside, and I love this track. Even if Broadside were taken out of the track, I still love it, and find it an incredible track. There's elements within the track where I can hear Broadside elements (and I don't just mean with the vocals obviously). I love this track, and I think it packs a pretty big punch. This is definitely one of my favourite tracks. The mix of clean and rough vocals, the tempo changes, everything about this track gets a big yes from me. 

The next track is, Gender Neutral Happy Meal featuring Belmont and safehold. This track was one of the first I heard from Aim High. The intro will never fail to amaze me. You can hear Belmont and safehold elements in the track, and it's such an incredible creation of a track. I love the vibe of it, and the whole feeling of the track is surreal. I think this is another favourite track, and I've felt that since I discovered Aim High. The tempo changes, the vocals, all elements on this track just work so well, and win me over. I love this track, and it's clear to see why it's one of Aim High's most popular tracks. 

Up next is Home Is Where The Hea(r)t Is which features both Sleeping with Sirens and Like Pacific. I love the combination of the the artists on this track, and since I love all 3 bands on this track, it's very obvious that I love this track, and the mixture of vocals. I'm honestly here for this track, and I love it. It's one of my top 5 tracks by Aim High. I just love this track, the vibe of it, and the energy on this track is surreal. The classic rough and clean vocal mixture, and it's just a generally enjoyable listening experience. 

The most recent release from Aim High is Here Lies Kakarot's Hopes & Dreams. This track features The Home Team. Although this track, doesn't hit the same spot some previous tracks have, it's still an incredible and intense track. It still packs enough of a punch, and it still manages to hold my attention. There's load of different elements in the song to love and appreciate, and I just think Aim High consistently do a great job on the tracks. Some of the verses on this track really blow my mind, and it's one of those songs that the more I listen to it, the more it'll grow on me. 

Last year, Aim High releases the EP, Garnet Eyes. This consists of 4 tracks, all of them being just as incredible as the others. 

The EP starts with SSD (Seek. Seduce. Destroy) and it's an incredible track. One that really packs a punch and is engaging to listen to, although it doesn't hit like some of the more recent tracks it's still an incredible track and features enough tempo changes, and enough different elements to hold my attention. A great track, but not my favourite, still love it though. 

Then came Whole Milk. This is a track I still love and find joy in listening to. I love the beat of this track, and the whole vibe of it. I think it's an insane track, and I would highly recommend listening to it, because it really is a great track and one that really does grip my attention and keep my interested in the track really. A great track, and it's got plenty of elements to find enjoyment in. 

Hazy Days followed, and this is my favourite track off the EP. This does everything I could want it to do, and more. I love the vibe of this track, I love the tempo changes, the chorus goes hard. All elements on this track are surreal, and in all honesty, it's just such a great, strong track that I'd expect from the likes of Four Year Strong. It's great. 

The last track on the EP is BilmuriStoleOurSongTitle. This track, for me personally, is probably on par with the likes of Whole Milk. I love this track, and I love the tempo changes, it doesn't do the most for me, but it still holds my attention, and it's still decent. It doesn't sound exactly like the previous tracks on the EP, and I do find it enjoyable. 

As a follow on from Garnet Eyes, Aim High released a 2 track EP (kind of) titled 'Severed Ties'. This features of The Hitchhiker's Guide To Playing God, which is an incredible track, and packs a punch. It's engaging to listen to, but it's on the heavier side of all of Aim High's tracks. That's not a complaint, as there's still incredibly elements in it, and I'm not against the sound, as I'm a fan of heavier music, but it's just something to note, if you're not a fan of the heavier sound of music. I love this track though, and I think it's great. It's followed on by Red Flags which features Jacob Peters. This track is similar to the previous track, but opts for a slightly softer sound for a larger proportion of the track. It's still got quite a lot of heavier elements in it, with some rough vocals, but it is softer than the previous track, but it's still as good as the last track. 

To conclude, Aim High are a band that are quite varied when it comes to sound. Tracks where they tend to feature an artist/band seem to have a similar sound to the featured artists style of music, which is great, and because of this, there's such a great variety whilst they all have that little Aim High twist. I'm a big fan of Aim High already, and they're a band that will continue to grow on me. I'm looking forward to seeing what they release next, and featuring them some more. Please, go check out their music, especially if there's a track featuring an artist you like! Aim High as a band are, a 5 out of 5 lemons band. They're insane. They're super talented, and they seem super lovely. Cannot recommend checking them out enough! 

Where To Find Aim High; 

Apple Music 

Where To Find Me: 

Here on LifeIsALemon more days than not, at 7pm (UK Time) 
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