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Rose Tinted Glasses by Zak Fox

Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today we're going to be talking about Zak Fox and his debut EP Rose Tinted Glasses! Now, I've featured Zak Fox before, as I've reviewed his previous singles, but now he's decided to treat us to an EP!  One of my favourite things about this EP is that although it's 4 tracks (plus an instrumental) neither of the tracks are ones that have been released previously.  The EP opens with 15, this track gives me the same sort of vibes as Nice To See Ya.. did, but that's not a bad thing. I love the tempo of this track and the whole vibe of it. It's got a nice beat to it, and it's got a really cool vibe to it, it's a decent track, and that tempo change in the last minute of the song, is a nice little touch, it's a decent track, and a decent opening track. I'm pretty impressed with this track.  The next track is the title track, Rose Tinted Glasses. I love the vibe of this track, more than any of the other previous track

Employed by Lewis Kelly

  Welcome/welcome back to the blog! I'm finally back, after nearly a week of a well-needed break. I'm back again, to talk about the incredible Lewis Kelly, and his new track Employed.  Now, if you're already familiar with Lewis Kelly then you'll know that 1. he's an absolute legend, and 2. he has a song titled 'Unemployed' that was the first song we ever reviewed from Lewis Kelly, and it's one that still to this day, is one of the best tracks he's released. However, he's released Unemployed 2.0 now, titled Employed. A very fitting title and I love that there's a continuation to one of his best tracks.  Employed, has the same sort of vibe that Unemployed had, and it's just got that same, incredible feel to it that Unemployed had. The vocals on this track are exceptional. I love the way this track makes me feel, and it's just got such a great vibe to it. I love the lyrics to it, the sound, the vocals, the whole track just gets a big yes

Dreams of You by Late Night Legacy

  Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today we’re talking about Late Night Legacy’s latest track Dreams of You!   Dreams of You was released a few weeks ago on May 7th. Since I first heard a snippet of the track around release I’ve been obsessed with it! Dreams of you is a super catchy, infectious track to listen to whilst also being quite a chilled out song. It’s not a track that’s going to give you a headache if you listen to it too much, but it’s got enough noticeable tempo changes to keep you engaged for the duration of the song.   It packs a punch, and it’s enticing to listen to. It’s one of the few tracks I’ve had on repeat for a few weeks now! I love this track and the way it makes me feel, and just the whole vibe and energy of it. I love that I can hear every element on the track, and therefore I’m able to fully appreciate the talent Late Night Legacy have. I’m really impressed with this track, and the talent Late Night Legacy. I think this is an incredible track and it definitel

Jeff Took A Trip by Prime

Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today we're talking about Prime and their release Jeff Took A Trip. I've worked with Prime before, and Lee is always showing me support, so of course, I found some time to do this post!  Going off the previous tracks from Prime, I had pretty decent expectations from this track.  It's a soft, soothing track to listen to. It's groovy, it's got a steady stream to the track, it has an old school classic, soft rock vibe to it. It's refreshing to hear a track like this in modern music. It's a classic Prime track. It's exactly what you'd expect from Prime, and it's exactly what I expected the song to sound like. If you're a fan of Prime's sound, then you'll love this track. It's soft, it's easy listening. It's something that you could listen to when you need a calming track, it's a decent background song. Although, I personally love a good tempo change in a song, and this track doesn't ha

New Low by We Were Sharks

  Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today I'm super hyped to be talking about the new album from We Were Sharks, New Low. If you're familiar with the blog, and myself then you'll know I love We Were Sharks so much, and they're one of my favourite bands. They're one of the loveliest bands ever, and they deserve to be one of the biggest bands in the scene.  The album opens with the anthem that is Shameless. This is one hell of a track, this was one of the singles off the album, and since its release, I've been obsessed with it. This is a flawless track, the beat, the lyrics, the vocals, the bass, the guitar, the drums. everything about this track is a big yes. This is a solid opening track, but the album only gets better from here. Honestly, a flawless track that I will continue to listen to on repeat.  The second track on the album, is another single, this one being Bring Me Down. I did a full review of this track, and my love for this song has only grown over th

The Great Divide by Without Andrew

  Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today we’re going to be talking about Without Andrew and their new album. I reviewed one of the tracks off the Album the other week,  and No Way Out really impressed me. So, of course, I was pretty hyped for this album to come out.  This is an album that makes a statement. This is an angsty, politically fueled album that packs a punch, and knows exactly what it's doing whilst showcasing Without Andrew's true talent and potential. From start to finish this album is phenomenal. It starts off with the intro we heard on the single version of No Way Out, which, I was a really big fan of, as I love spoken intros and the fact this album has many elements of political anguish I feel the intro was very fitting.   I really like this album, there are some incredible songs such as my personal favourite Their System Don't Work For Us, I love the energy on that track, and for me, that is one of the stand out tracks. That being said, every track on this

Waves by Slackrr

Welcome/welcome back to the blog. Today we're talking about the latest Slackrr track. Now, Slackrr is a band I've been a fan of for a while, but I've never produced content on them before.  I had pretty high hopes for this track based off of their previous releases, and spoiler alert, I was right to have high hopes.  Straight off the bat, I loved this song. The intro was engaging and really great to listen to, there's plenty of tempo changes in the track and so many incredible tempo changes. This is one of those incredible tracks that is also incredibly catchy. I love this track so much, and there's just so much going on in the track, but in the best way possible, but also without there being too many. I'm really impressed with this track, it's just incredible. I love so much it, and I don't think there's anything I could fault about this track. The lyrics, the vocals, the drums, the bass, the vocals the guitar, everything about this track is incredi

Resurrection by Embxrs

  Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today we're going to be talking about the lovely lot that is Embxrs. Last year, I did a post talking about the 'lockdown sessions' Embxrs did, and I'm so happy to be here, talking to you, about their debut single.  I love Embxrs, I knew this song would be great. Their lockdown sessions were incredible, and they're just such an impressive band. So, I was really hyped for their debut single, and I had pretty high expectations.  From the intro alone, I knew I was going to love this track, and then when Abi's vocals kicked in, I was well and truly in love with this track. The tempo changes are subtle but still noticeable, and they just sound so good! The whole vibe of the track is a big yes. I love the way this track makes me feel, and the pace of it is incredible. I love that I can hear Abi, Ebony, Lou and Lewis and I'm able to appreciate everything they're doing on the track. I love how it makes me feel, and it's jus

Balance by Clay J Gladstone

  Welcome/welcome back to the blog. Today we're featuring Clay J Gladstone for the first time. I've been a big fan of there's for a few months now, and Sorry will forever be one of the best songs I've ever heard. But today, we're talking about their newest single Balance, which was released yesterday (14th May).  The intro didn't grip my attention in the same way as some of the previous tracks have. The intro verse was decent enough, and then when the chorus hit I was a massive fan of the track. I love the tempo changes between the verse and chorus. I love the whole vibe of this track, and the more I listen to it, and the further into the track I get, the more I enjoy it. It's a great track, and I'm pretty impressed with it. The vocals, the guitar, the drums, the bass, the lyrics, everything about this song is decent, and I really appreciate it. The intro to the track may have left me feeling slightly underwhelmed, but besides that, I'm a big fan of

$EZCORE$ by Aim High

Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today we're talking about the new Aim High track, yesterday we featured the lovely lot for an introducing post, but today they've released an all-new track titled $EZCORE$ featuring the one and only, Dan O'Connor from Four Year Strong.  Aim High is one of the most impressive yet underrated bands. And, to anybody who was unaware, Four Year Strong is my joint-favourite band, and I literally have one of their albums titled tattooed on me. So I guess you could say, I had pretty high hopes and expectations for this track.  From the start this track has me engaged, and it follows what I said yesterday about Aim High. It had such great Four Year Strong vibes to the track, if this was a song by Four Year Strong I wouldn't be surprised, but the touch of vocals from Dan really add to this track. It still has the classic Aim High twist that we've heard in all their previous releases, and honestly, I'm here for this track. It's one of t

Introducing: Aim High

  Disclaimer: I do not own this photo.  Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today we're going to be doing an introducing post on Aim High. I know it's been quite a while since I did an introducing post, so I apologise in advance if I seem a little rusty and out of practice.  So, a few weeks back I posted a video on TikTok asking if any bands wanted to work with me and if they did then to get in touch. Aim High saw the video, and got in contact with me! I've actually been a fan of Aim High for a few months now, and I'm super stoked to be featuring them on the blog. I will also be back (possibly tomorrow) with another post on Aim High, as they're releasing a new track tomorrow!  Aim High is a pop-punk/alternativecore band from Columbia, SC who consist of;  Calebjustcaleb on Lead Vocals/rhythm guitar Steven Howard on Backing vocals/lead guitar Morgan Johnson on Backing vocals/bass Logan Pierce on Backing vocals/drums  For Fans Of; A Day To Remember, Four Year Strong, Bel

Joel & Clementine by Passionflower

  Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today I'm talking about a release, that isn't really that new, because I was sent this submission a while back, lost track of time, and the email got buried between various other submissions, so Kyle, I'm sorry. Anyway, Passionflower released their latest track back in March. Today, I'm here to review it.  I will be honest and say I have put off listening to this track, as I wanted to wait to review it before I listened to it. However, I am familiar with the previous tracks from Passionflower, so I had decent expectations for this track.  Joel & Clementine really gripped my attention from the start. The intro is incredibly short, which instantly won me over, and when the vocals kick in it's beautiful. I didn't expect this track to be as good as it is, just from the start, I knew this track was going to win me over.  Everything about this track is incredible, and I'm honestly in love with this track! It's insane. I

Grey Skies by Hightail

  Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today I'm going to be talking about Hightail and their latest single Grey Skies. Grey Skies was released on Friday (7th May) and this wasn't the first track I've heard from Hightail, this is just the first track I'm reviewing.  I've always been impressed by Hightail tracks, and always appreciated the sound and vibe they've opted for, and therefore I knew this would be a decent track, and if that didn't tell me enough, then the fact Grey Skies has amassed over 4000 streams since it's release, is enough to confirm to me, that Hightail knows what they're doing.  The intro alone was enough to grab my attention. It wasn't overly long, it was fast-paced, it was enticing. When the vocals kicked in, it was no different. It was impactful, it was great. It grabbed my attention and sounded exactly like I expected it to sound. It impressed me from the get-go. I love the pace of the track, I love the vibe of the track, and