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Golden Hour, Endless by BrunchBox

Another day, and yet another blog post! Now, if you remember a few weeks back I spoke about a band called BrunchBox, and did a review of their track Palace, well, last week they went and dropped an EP, the great thing about this EP though, is the fact it's 10 tracks long! That's insane, and something you don't see often! I did quite like their previous tracks, which the recent singles are on this EP. So, without waffling on, let's just get straight into talking about the tracks on this EP. 

The first track on the EP is, Day, which has a listening time of just over a minute and a half, making it one of the shortest on the album, but it still packs a punch. It's the perfect opening track for the EP, as it sets the tone, and it's not an overly intense track, but one that has a nice build-up within it. It's actually a lot better of an opening track than I expected, and I actually quite like it. I think its placement on the EP is perfect, and it's a well-done intro track. 

The second track on the EP is Dreaming, this was one of the singles off of the EP, and the fact that Day blends perfectly in with Dreaming is great. I really like that, also love that the two titles work together. As, this isn't necessarily a new song to me, I can't tell you how it makes me feel on first listening, but I love this track, the vocals are great, the guitar, the drums, everything about this track is a big yes from me. It's enjoyable to listen to. 

Up next we have, Skyline, which again, was another single off the EP, I'm familiar with this track already, but I still love it, if not as much then more than I did when I first heard it. It's got such a great vibe to it, it's engaging to listen to, and it's one of those tracks you want to listen to repeatedly. I love this track, I think it's incredible. It blends well from the previous track as well, which I think, in my opinion, makes any release more enjoyable to listen to when tracks just blend together so well. 

Track four is Sun/Burbank, again, it blends really well from the previous track, Skyline closes to silence, Sun/Burbank builds up from silence and I love that. I love the vibes of this track, I think it's actually such a nice track to listen to, and it's a slower track, a softer, track, but I really like it. It just makes you feel good. Although I'm someone that much prefers a louder track, I can appreciate this track. 

Next is, Ocean, this track was released back in 2018, so, again, not a new track to me, but one I can still enjoy. It isn't my favourite track on the EP, but I still like it. I think it's got a nice little beat to it, and there are some elements of the track that really impress me. I like this track, but it's not my favourite. 

Then we move onto Flyover, another track that was released previously, therefore it's not new to me. I like it, I don't love it, but it probably ranks around the middle for me. I like it, and it gives me such good vibes from the track, it just sounds great, and enjoyable. There's some great elements in this track, and I think it's a pretty enjoyable track to listen to. 

Now, we have Skyline (Reprise), shorter than the original, but still just as impactful. I much prefer the original of Skyline, but saying that, on a day when I'm wanting those softer tracks, I would probably reach for this track. If I'd never known the original, I'd probably tell you just how much I love this, but because I know the original, it's hard to judge it. I like it though, I think it's a beautiful track, and taken on its own, it's incredible. It's beautiful, if I want slower, softer tracks, this is what I want. 

We then have, The Pittsburgh Interlude, which as nice as this track is, we all know I am not the biggest fan of interludes, but, this is one of the better ones I've heard as it does have vocals on it. However, it still doesn't cut it for me. 

Second, to last we have Palace, I did a full review of this track, and I really like it. I probably like it more now than I did when I first reviewed it. I like this track, it's cool, it's got good vibes, it sounds happy and positive, it just does something for me. I like it a lot, it's one of my favourite tracks off the EP. 

The last track is Outroduction, and let me just say, that title is enough to win me over, the intro is also enough to win me over. I'm a big fan of this track. The beat on this track, this is possibly my favourite BrunchBox track. Actually, there's no possibility about it, this track is everything! This is a work of art, this is the track that I'm going to obsess over. This is the track, that has won me over. I always say an incredible intro and outro tracks are what leave a lasting impression on me, and this track is enough to leave a good impression in my mind about this EP. I love this track, it is everything I could want from a BrunchBox track and more. 

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with this EP. There are some tracks I could take or leave them, but then there's some that have completely won me over. It's a good EP, and I love the range and length of this release too! I'd have to give it a solid 4 out of 5 lemons. I'm pretty impressed with it, and it's good. If you haven't heard it already, then go and check it out and see what you think of it! 

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