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fate & fairytales by Misplaced

  Welcome/welcome back to the blog. Today we're talking about the new Misplaced track that dropped TODAY (30th April). I'm super hyped to be doing this post because Misplaced are a blog favourite at this point.  Misplaced are back with another new track! This time they've got SayWeCanFly featuring on the track, which is incredible and really adds something to the track.  I think we all know by now that I am a massive fan of Misplaced, and I personally believe they are incapable of releasing a bad song. They're super lovely and they always put out banger after banger. Such an underrated band, but I'm so glad to finally see them getting the recognition that they deserve!  fate & fairytales is an incredible track that really does pack a punch. It does everything you want it to do and more. It's honestly a great track, and although it isn't the classic angsty, pop-punk sound we're used to hearing from our Scottish friends, it's still a great track an

Again by Surviving December

Welcome/welcome back to the blog, and today I'm going to be talking about a band I've never spoken about before called Surviving December and more specifically their latest single 'Again'. They are said to take inspiration from the old pop-punk/punk-rock classics that were often the founding fathers of the music genre.  From the intro alone, it's got that classic vibe to it. A sound that is familiar, and something that any pop-punk fan will recognise and enjoy. It's engaging to listen to, and I can easily listen to this track on repeat without getting bored. It's a decent track and I have to admit, I'm really impressed with it, more than I ever could have anticipated. I think it's a decent track, and although, I wouldn't say it's one of those fast, catchy songs, it's still a good song and a song doesn't have to be catchy to be good, it's a song that I would find myself having stuck in my head. I like this track a lot, and I think

Ticket To Hell by Cambridge

  Welcome/welcome back to the blog! Today I'm talking about Cambridge, I have mentioned Cambridge in some of the posts I've done before, but I've never specifically worked with them and produced a review of one of their tracks. However, on Friday (23rd April) they released a new track titled 'Ticket To Hell' and they were lovely enough to let me bring you a review of the track! Now, if you're unfamiliar, Cambridge is an Australian pop-punk band, and of course, that means I instantly love them because we all know, all small bands have my heart but, Australian, Scottish, and Notts bands instantly have my attention. I don't know what it is about them, but they just always seem to pack the punch and produce great music. Anyway, so we're here to talk about 'Ticket to Hell' and what I think of it!  Now, I knew this track would be great because Cambridge never seems to disappoint, but I didn't expect to love this track as much as I do.  The instrume

Wannabe by Dead Bundy

  Dead Bundy have become a blog favourite recently, and they dropped a new single on Friday (23rd April), so, of course, I am back to bring you my thoughts on the track!  I knew this was going to be a great track because Dead Bundy never seem to disappoint anymore, and they're just such a surreal band! I cannot recommend them enough, they're insane. So, I was pretty stoked to hear they were dropping a new song. As I said, I knew this would be a great track, but I didn't expect it to be as good as it is.  It's definitely the classic Dead Bundy sound, it's got those early 2000's pop-punk vibes in it, and it's great. Although, maybe not as catchy in the same way as the likes of 'When I'm High' this is still a killer track. This packs such a punch, and it's got them insane guitar riffs, that classic catchy chorus with the hard-hitting and relatable lyrics. It's one of those songs you can listen to on repeat and not find yourself wanting to sk

Heartbreak by Joe Sant

Welcome back to another blog post, and another post where I'm talking about a new artist to the blog! Today I'm talking about Joe Sant and his latest release Heartbreak. Joe Sant is the part of Manchester soft-rock band Floor 4, however, Joe has now released his debut single 'Heartbreak'.  Heartbreak (It's A Lifetime Away) is a lo-fi pop track, and although, this isn't a genre I listen to a lot, I have done numerous posts about Lewis Kelly, who is an incredible artist who also does some great lo-fi pop tracks, so it's not that I'm completely unfamiliar with the genre.  From the start, I knew I was going to like this track because the instrumental intro is non-existent, which I love, and the vocals are incredible! Joe has such smooth, calming vocals that are enough to catch anybody's attention. I think it's an incredibly beautiful track, it's audible pleasure, and although, this isn't a genre that you see me gravitate towards, I can apprec

Punchlines by Keep This Up

  Welcome back to yet another blog post! Today, we're talking about a new band to the blog, Keep This Up. Keep This Up are from Peterborough. They're a pop-punk band who released their debut single this time last month! They dropped me an email last week, and asked me if I'd be willing to do a review of their debut single 'Punchlines', of course, I said yes, so here we are! I'm going to be talking about my thoughts on Punchlines.  We all know at this point that pop-punk is my favourite genre, however, because it's my favourite genre, I'm often quite critical about pop-punk and very selective.  The intro the song seems very promising, and when the vocals kick in, although I wasn't expecting the vocals to sound like they do, I was still pleasantly surprised. This is the sort of pop-punk I like, I maybe would have liked a bit more of a tempo change between verse and chorus, but for a debut single, I can't really complain. It's got an early 2000&

Be My Saturday by Sirocco

  Hey! Welcome or welcome back to me rambling about bands again. Today I'm talking about Be My Saturday by Northern band Sirocco. I got an email a couple of weeks ago, with this submission, so here we are, we're here to talk about Be My Saturday.  The only thing I knew before hearing this track was that Sirocco is indie rock. That's all I knew, and of course, I like indie rock so I could guess that I would find some enjoyment in the track, but to what degree was unknown.  The intro had me a little confused to begin with, but then it went on for a little while longer and I could grasp the direction the song was going to go in. I like the beat of the song, and I like that it doesn't sound like a carbon copy of every other song in the genre. I actually quite like the vocals as well. I wouldn't say it's an overly refined sound, but it's a sound that suits the band, and the chorus is what really won me over. The verses weren't exactly hitting me and engaging

Find Me Here, Pt 1 by High Wire

  Welcome back to another blog post! Today we're talking about the new High Wire EP, this EP features the 4 already released singles, and a new track. Last week we spoke about Up & Away, and now we're talking about the EP. This is a great EP, and I knew it would be because I loved the singles that were already on it. I thought the singles were incredible tracks and ones that I was forever singing my heart out to. So, I knew, that because this EP had 4 songs on that I already knew I loved, I knew it was going to be good.  The EP opens with Up & Away, and as I was saying last week, this is a great track. This is incredible, it's not a new song to me, and I literally reviewed it last week, so there isn't much I can say that I haven't already said before, but it's a great song, and the more I've listened to it, the more it's grown on me. I love it, and I think it's a great opening track to the EP.  The second track is Redcard, which is one of my

Dislike by WRTHLESS

  Welcome back to yet another blog post, where I'm talking about another small band. Today we're talking about WRTHLESS and more specifically their new track 'Dislike'. Now, I've been following them on Instagram for a while now, and I think I've heard a couple of their songs previously, however, Dislike, when I was listening to it caught my attention. WRTHLESS also caught my attention because they're Scottish. I think we all know, well if you're a regular around here, that Scottish bands, Notts band and Australian bands have my heart. I love all small bands, but if you're from Notts, Scotland or Australia I 100% will love you a lot.  So, Dislike is an incredible track, and it's got that classic pop-punk vibe to it. I love the vocals on the track (but I think we all expected that) and I love the tempo changes on the track. I like how engaging this track is, and the vocals when it comes to the line "I'm fucking lazy so you can get up and l

Introducing: Rich Kid Problems

  Disclaimer: I do not own this photo, I was just sent it by the band to include in this post. Welcome back to another instalment of me talking about bands! Today I'm going to be introducing you to Rich Kid Problems, we're going to look at the tracks they already have out, and seeing how good they are. I'll be telling you who's who and if I think they're worth you giving them a shot. Rich Kid Problems are a pop-punk band from Morecombe, England.  The band consists of;  - Rachael Walsh on Vocals - Ellis Shepherd on Bass - Nathan Denny on Guitar - Adam Murphy-Jackson on Guitar - Marc Holland on Drums For Fans Of; Stand Atlantic, Paramore, Royal Blood, Fall Out Boy, Blondie, Machine Gun Kelly, Yungblud and All Time Low.  So, Rich Kid Problems have 5 tracks out currently. They have Front Garden as a single and then an EP titled Place Crash on a Sunday. Due to, Front Garden being on the EP too, I'm just going to talk about the track as part of the EP.  Place Crash on

uno who by Zak Fox

Welcome back again, today I'm talking about Zak Fox's new track that dropped today titled 'uno who'. I did a review a few months back of Zak's first track 'Nice to See Ya...' which I really enjoyed, so I have pretty high hopes for this new track!  Straight off, the intro was enough to catch my attention, and I just knew this was going to live up to expectations. It still sounds similar to 'Nice to See Ya...' however, I think I kind of prefer this track and the vibe of it. It's a pretty decent song, I actually really like it, and I think it's actually exceeded my expectations.  The pace of this track gets a big yes from me, and there are so many great elements on this track. I love that there are spoken elements within the track, as I think it just gives it something to make it stand out and not sound like a copy of other tracks. I also like that although the context of the song isn't the happiest, it still feels like it's quite a posi

Over This by We Were Sharks

  Welcome back to another blog post! Today I'm talking about the brand new We Were Sharks track! This is their latest single off their upcoming album 'New Low'. Now, if you know me then you know We Were Sharks are one of my favourite bands, and their music has been the soundtrack to many different highs and lows in my life, however, a few weeks back they were lovely enough to give me permission to produce content on their album. I was intending to keep that hush for a bit longer, but Over This has just blown my mind that I couldn't not talk about this. Of course, this never influences my opinion, and most people know that I love We Were Sharks a lot anyway!  So, let's get into talking about Over This. First off, this track is next level. If you haven't listened to it yet, then please go and do that right now! Anyway, this track really is extraordinary. It's got some great lines in it that have me going "Wow, same" but also getting me ready to feel

Up and Away by High Wire

  Welcome back to the blog again, today I'm going to be talking about High Wire's latest single Up and Away, now although I've never done a review on High Wire before, I have mentioned them in previous posts. They're an incredible band, and I am well and truly obsessed with their music. They are incredibly talented and they really do pack a punch, and I would say they're one of the small pop-punk bands to watch out for, because they have so much potential to go places! So, if you've never heard of them before, please go check them out because, I can almost guarantee that if you're a pop-punk fan you'll be impressed. I will also, be bringing you a review of the new EP (that drops tomorrow) next week!  Anyway, enough rambling, let's talk about Up and Away.  I knew this was going to be a belter of a track because High Wire are really good at making incredible tracks, and just like their other recent singles, it is incredibly catchy. The chorus has been

Golden Hour, Endless by BrunchBox

Another day, and yet another blog post! Now, if you remember a few weeks back I spoke about a band called BrunchBox, and did a review of their track Palace, well, last week they went and dropped an EP, the great thing about this EP though, is the fact it's 10 tracks long! That's insane, and something you don't see often! I did quite like their previous tracks, which the recent singles are on this EP. So, without waffling on, let's just get straight into talking about the tracks on this EP.  The first track on the EP is, Day, which has a listening time of just over a minute and a half, making it one of the shortest on the album, but it still packs a punch. It's the perfect opening track for the EP, as it sets the tone, and it's not an overly intense track, but one that has a nice build-up within it. It's actually a lot better of an opening track than I expected, and I actually quite like it. I think its placement on the EP is perfect, and it's a well-done

I'll Meet You At The End And Then We'll Do It Again by Beneath Flowers

A few days ago, Beneath Flowers released their new EP, I'll Meet You At The End And Then We'll Do It Again, which funnily enough, is the title of all three tracks on the EP. Now, I have heard of Beneath Flowers before, I've been following them on Instagram for a few months, and I've heard their previous releases and I was really impressed by them! This meant, that I was actually really excited when they asked me if I'd be up for doing some content on the EP. I had some decent expectations for this EP, and let me just say, they didn't disappoint!  The first track on the EP is I'll Meet You, and this is such an incredible opening track. It's a perfect opening track to this EP. I want to say it starts quiet, but I don't mean that in the way that would imply this is a soft, slow, stripped back, track, I mean it's just a bit of a muted track for the first minute and a half, and then it kicks in and it's beautiful! I'm 100% behind that because