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History by A Few Too Many


Welcome back, yet again where I talk about yet another band and their latest release! Today we're talking about A Few Too Many and their latest release History. They reached out to me on Instagram and asked if I'd be up for doing a review, and this being me, I, of course, said yes.  

If you follow Alt Press then you may have seen them posting about this track, because the track had its premiere with them which I think was incredible! The track was released two weeks ago and having listened to A Few Too Many multiple times in the past, I knew that this song would be decent. Their previous tracks have set the standard fairly high, so I was super stoked for this track! 

They didn't disappoint with this track, and it's a belter! It's incredible, it packs that punch I long for in tracks, and I mean, it's pop-punk, of course, I was going to love it. It's that opening line that really drew me in, because that really goes hard. To be fair, all the lyrics go hard, but I'm putting the opening line up there with some of the best I've heard! The mixture of clean and rough vocals hits the spot for me, and the fact this track really goes THAT hard wins me over. 

When listening to the track, it's clear to understand why Alt Press have branded A Few Too Many as one of "10 Rising UK-Based Pop-Punk Bands". 

It's an engaging track to listen to, and I know I put a lot of emphasis on this in my reviews, but I like when songs make me want to listen to them when they make me want to play it on full blast in my car, with the windows down and scream my lungs out to it! This is one of those tracks that reaffirms that pop-punk is not dead. 

After listening to History on repeat, I think I now have to rearrange my favourite small bands, because A Few Too Many may have just worked their way onto that list. I also know, it's only March but, I think History might feature in the Lemon Awards this year. This is going to be one of those songs, that I compare similar songs to. This is the stand out track of the band for me, like someone, tell me getting this song tattooed on me is a bad idea. That's how much, I love this track. I think it's surreal, I actually cannot process just how incredible it is! It packs that much, it hits the spot. It does everything I want it to do, and more. 

I'm well and truly obsessed with this track, it's one of my favourite recent releases, and I still can't believe the lyrics go that hard! Honestly, who gave A Few Too Many the right to make such a phenomenal track? Honestly, blown away by History. It's a mind-blowing track that does everything you want it to do and more. I am thoroughly impressed with this track and I cannot recommend you going and checking it out enough! It's a phenomenal track, and you should really go and check it out

Overall, I have to give it 5 out of 5 lemons. I want to give it more, and I would go as far as to say 6 out of 5 lemons, but I know some people refuse to accept that as a real rating. So, the band can choose which they run with. It's insane though, it's incredible. I'm blown away by this track, and it's everything I could want from the track and more! Honestly, would 100% recommend you go and check it out! It's incredible! You need to hear it. There's not one element in the track I dislike, and it had the perfect balance between everything. Nobody is drowning the other out, and it's just insane! Please, go take the 3 and a half minutes, out of your day to go listen to History if you haven't already! It's flawless!  

Also, if A Few Too Many want to visit my neck of the woods when gigs are allowed again, please count me in. 

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