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Prospect Music Award 2021: The Final...

So, I didn't actually end up doing the press for the second round of the awards, because I dislocated my shoulder about 5 times in 48 hours. So, I'm sorry that I didn't bring you that content, but I am here to talk to you about the results. 

Today, the Prospect Music Awards posted their finale. The winner of the 2021 Prospect Music Award is out, and I'm just really going to be giving you a quick rundown of who finished where really, and telling you the winner if you haven't watched the video they put out!

So I'm going to work backwards really, because it just builds up the suspense. 

25. The Snuts
24. Rachel Chinouriri
23. Nasty Cherry
22. Chappaqua Wrestling
21.Martha Hill
20. Channel Tres
19. Nana Rogues
18. Lola Young
17. JGrrey
16. TSHA
15. R.A.E
14. Emily Burns
13. dad sports
12. Orla Gartland
11. Dua Saleh
10. Adelphi Music Factory
9. Greentea Peng
8. Matilda Mann
7. Squid
6. Sinead O Brien
5. Holly Humberstone
4. Joesef
3. Koffee
2. Alfie Templemen
1. Ashnikko 

Yes, Ashnikko is this years winner of the Prospect Music Award. This makes her, both the first rapper to win the Prospect Music Award but also the first international winner! She's also the first nominee to top both the judges and the public vote! A massive well done to her, she's incredibly talented, and I feel like it was very obvious from her always immense following, that she was going to make it right to the end. 

However, let's have a little moment for our runners up, as these are still massive accomplishments. 

Alfie Templeman, finished in second place, and he was one of the ones I personally was rooting for. He was the youngest artist in the nominations this year, as he's only 17! Imagine being 17 and being that talented! He did incredibly well to make it to second place! 

Koffee finished in third place, again, an incredible achievement. Koffee was the first reggae artist to be nominated for the Prospect Music Award. A massive achievement, and an incredible achievement not just for Koffee but for reggae as a whole to make it to third place! Incredible! 

Joesef finished in fourth place, which really isn't surprising when he's that talented! Joesef was a stand out artist for me personally, and I am so happy to see him make it to the top 5! Well earnt and deserved. 

And lastly, in fifth place was Holly Humberstone. I am incredibly happy to see local talent make it to fifth place! What an incredible achievement and I am a little bias when it comes to local artists, but Holly really did deserve to make it to the finals and to finish fifth was incredible! 

Anyway, that's all I really have to say, a massive well done to all of this year's winners, and every nominee. They all did incredibly well to make it this far, and they're all incredibly talented musicians. 


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