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The 2020 Lemon Awards

 Seems like it was only last month we were doing this, but here we are! The Lemon Awards are back, this is where we take in every little thing that's happened with music, and we give awards to the best! I'm very excited to be bringing you this again! Every year, this get's bigger and better and is always the best post of the year! Most categories get 3 awards 1st, 2nd and 3rd! However, the best release gets 5 just because of the amount of releases! As always, there are physical certificates for the winners! I will in time hand these out to the bands, as I see them, and the one I'm unable to see, I am more than happy to post the certificates, and if some bands want them sooner with how unpridcable the future is, again, more than happy to send them! 

So let's get into this! The 2020 Lemon Awards! 

I have tried to make this as small band orientated as I could, however, there are some categories where big bands just had to make a little appearance. 

Best Release; 

10. Waking Up In Vegas by Autumn Fire
9. Reverse by Carrington
8. Louder Than Words by Holygood
7. Coffee by Good Hustles 
6. Reflections by Four Thousand Miles
5. whatever makes you feel safe by Distant Blue
4. stay strong by NATIVEBLOOD and Better Off Before by Holygood
3. Lemonade by The Mocking Jays and The Ghost of My Empty Glass by Distant Blue
2. Lonely by Four Thousand Miles and Drunk Me by Until You Disappear
1. idk why i try by Misplaced and Purgatory by Nautical Mile

Best Album; 

5. The Morning After by Sorry Ghost
4. Power by Twin Atlantic
3. Everyone Loves You... Once You Leave Them by The Amity Affliction
2. Brain Pain by Four Year Strong
1. Staring At The Sun by Decay

Best EP; 

5. Look Alive by After Elmer
4. Vice Versa by Give Me A Reason
3. Low, but Looking Up by Better Anyway
2. Brighter Roads by Seasonal
1. Home Wrecked by Home Wrecked

Best New Discovery; 

5. Give Me A Reason
4. Light Grey
3. Young Fatigue
2. Autumn Fires
1. Until You Disappear

Best Overall Band of The Year; 

Criteria - Must have had at least 2 releases this year! 

4. Four Thousand Miles
3. Distant Blue
2. Until You Disappear
1. Misplaced

Song of The Year; 

5. Drunk Me by Until You Disappear
4. Bitter by Light Grey
3. Lonely by Four Thousand Miles
2. fuck that, i'm alright by Misplaced
1. Far From Home by Home Wrecked

Best New Band; 

5. Young Fatigue
3. Autumn Fires
2. Four Thousand Miles
1. Until You Disappear

Best Frontman; 

5. Ash Dixon of Young Fatigue
4. Alex Fearn of Four Thousand Miles
3. Jacob Smith of The Mocking Jays
2. Ed Binding of Distant Blue
1. Joe Daniels of Home Wrecked

Best Bassist; 

5. Liam Sibbald of Four Thousand Miles
4. Alex Hather of The Mocking Jays
3. Pearce Boulton of Left Hand Lane
2. Jack Bratby of Distant Blue
1. Richard Smith of Misplaced

Best Guitarist; 

5. Richard Copley and Alastair Murphy of Home Wrecked
4. Dan Ray of Nautical Mile
3. Kenneth Hilling of Misplaced
2. Lewis Hammond of the Mocking Jays
1. Edd Hartley and Dan Robinson of Until You Disappear

Best Drummer; 

5. Alex May of Four Thousand Miles
4. Harrison Evans of Until You Disappear
3. Harvey Duddles of Good Hustles and Sam Dorrington of The Mocking Jays
2. Caleb Wynter of Nautical Mile and Carrington
1. Pete Wronko of Distant Blue 

Honourable Mentions; 

I did this last year (I think) where I didn't really give people an award, but it's where I can give a few people a little mention, and a bit of praise in which they deserve. However, there is one person who does deserve their own lemon award, but we'll get to that! 

So, I want to say a massive thank you to all the new bands I've recruited this year, for putting their faith in the blog, and for supporting me! To all the people who have read my posts, and shown me an endless amount of support! 

But a big honourable mention to Tanya, who when I wasn't doing good, did a couple of posts for me. It meant a lot to have a bit of pressure lifted off me. 

To Amber, who supports me and this blog like no other. 

To Jay, who did the Small Band Struggles post with me, like that was incredible and I was very thankful for him doing that! 

And lastly, I have to give a honourable mention to the only person from this bit who is getting an award... Joe Oscroft. If you're unaware who Joe is, then he's The Mocking Jays videographer and photographer, he's incredible. Very talented man, and me and Amber may as well of turning the TheMockingMeme into a Joe appreciation account! 

Anyway, that's been this years lemon awards! 

Where To Find Me; 

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