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Prospect Music Awards: Part One... The Nominations

Small Disclaimer - All the photos used in this post, I do not own, and do not take credit for. These are simply just photos I've got to showcase the artist! 

I am so happy to announce that I'm going to be doing some blog coverage for the Prospect Music Awards. Now if you happen to be unfamiliar with what the Prospect Music Awards is, then let me enlighten you! 

The Prospect Music Awards is an independent music award, and it's based in Nottingham! How great is that? We all know I'm a big fan of my home city and I'm a big fan in supporting anything from Nottingham... however, this isn't something for small little Notts bands, no. The awards are just BASED from Nottingham. The artists are some massive (as you'll see when I talk to you about the nominations) up and coming acts from across the globe, and they truly are artists that you really need to keep an eye out for, and they're going to achieve big things. These aren't tiny little musicians, there's some really good names on this list, and there's a lot! Due to the length of this post, I am going to be keeping things pretty short and sweet. I'll talk a little about them, but there's a lot to get through. So, without waffling on too much more, let's get into this! 

A little bit of additional information about the Prospect Music Awards is that you, being the general public actually get to be involved in the voting! This isn't just for a few people to vote on, there are an incredibly knowledgable team of judges, but you do all have the opportunity to vote for who you want to make it to the finals! There are 25 nominations, only 10 of them will be the finalists. So it is time for you to pick your fighter and vote for them. Get your friends involved, get anybody you know involved in this and get voting! 

I'm just going to tell you who the judges are first and then we will dive straight into the nominations, as I know this is already a long post and we haven't even spoken about the music! 

EJ Scanlan - Music Journalist and the founder of the Prospect Music Awards

Will Kent - Head of YMCA Digital and Live Music Presenter

Maddy Chamberlain - Co-Head of Phlexx Records and Production Manager at The Bodega 

James Denham - Founder of Black Friends and Journalist 

Francesa Biscozzi - Creative Director and Artist Counsellor 

And also, Hannah Clarke (also known as HanTheLoser) who isn't a judge but is the presenter for this year's awards, and she was actually the lovely person who approached me about doing all this beautiful coverage! 

Okay, so now let's talk about the 25 nominations! 

Adelphi Music Factory - 

Adelphi Music Factory are a Electronica group hailing from Sheffield, UK and they're actually pretty good! Their music is very much a high-powered dance style with some insane electric grooves! 

If you're into Becky Hill, Camelphat, Gorgon City then these are going to be a great addition to your life. 

If you're going to listen to any track then start with Javelin (Calling Out Your Name) and if you like them, then why not drop them a vote? Make sure you check them out if you're into house music and electronica. I personally am not a massive fan of the genre, but I can definitely appreciate that they're good at what they do! They're decent! 

Maddy Chamberlain described Adelphi Music Factory's music as - "Old school anthems with festival in the sun vibes"

Alfie Templeman - 

Alfie Templeman is an alt/indie musician! He hails from Bedfordshire, UK, and he has such a refined indie-pop sound. He's got an incredible voice! He's good at what he does. 

If you're a fan of Circa Waves, Sea Girls, Sports Team then you have a good chance of liking Alfie's music! 

If you're picking one song to listen to then check out Happiness In Liquid Form. This is the sort of music I listen to personally, and this is the sort of act that we we would see the likes of on a main review post here! I would recommend going and giving his music a chance and if you like what you're hearing why not give him a vote? 

Maddy Chamberlain described Alfie's music as - "Feel good indie/new R&B and so young to be a multi-instrumentalist and a producer too"

Also, if you are local to Notts like I am, and you like Alfie's music then he is appearing at the Bodega next year! 

Ashnikko - 

Ashnikko is a hip-hop/pop artist. She's from North Carolina, USA, and you might know some of her songs from the likes of TikTok. 

She's a super-sensationlist feminist rapper. If you like, blackbear, Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion then you've got a good chance of liking Ashnikko. 

If you're going to try and familiarise yourself with her then check out Daisy. When I listened to this song I was like "Oh it's her!" so, if you spend anywhere near as much time on TikTok as I do then you may be familiar with her. She's really talented and you'll probably recognise her music from TikTok. If you like what you hear, why not give her a vote?

James Denham described Ashnikko's music as - "It's the kind of music where you can't really sit on the fence with it. You either really like this or you fucking hate it." 

Channel Tres - 

Channel Tres is a hip-hop artist from Compton, USA. When you listen to his music, it really does show that he is truly inspired by his Compton roots. If you like your Lo-Fi hip-hop then check him out! 

If you like, Dr. Dre, Drake, Snoop Dogg then Channel Tres is right up your street! 

If you want to pick a song to listen to, then check out Topdown. It's a great song. It shows off his true talented, and if you do like what you hear, then go and give him a vote! He's good at what he does, and I feel like he'll appeal to a lot of people! 

Will Kent described Channel Tres' music as - "Channel Tres just oozes cool. He's so smooth and soothing and he's going to be massive in the future." 

Chappaqua Wrestling- 

Chappaqua Wrestling are an indie/rock band from Manchester, UK. They're very classic with the sound they have, and that sound is eclectic grunge-rock. It's a good sound on them. 

If you like, Oasis, Porroidge Radio, Sports Team, then go and check these lot out! They're really good at what they do, and they carry off their sound so well! I can see a lot of people digging their sound, and if you're into this sort of sound then go check them out! 

If you're looking for a recommendation for a song, then why not check out The Rift Judges'. Great song, and if you're liking what you're hearing then you know what to do, drop them a vote! 

James Denham described Chappaqua Wrestling's music as - "One of the best up and coming bands right now, with so much potential."

Dad Sports - 

Dad Sports are an indie band from Ontario, USA. They're very American inspired, but also with a nice mix of garden indie. They're a unique sound, but their sound suits them so well! 

If you're a fan of, Phoebe Bridgers, Snail Mail, Soccer Mommy, then you may have just found a new band to check out! 

If you want a song recommendation, then check out name & place. They're a decent band, and again, I can see them appealing to so many people, if they appeal to you, and you're enjoying their music, then go and give them a vote! 

EJ Scanlan described Dad Sports music as - "You can close your eyes while listening to them and instantly imagine that you're in an American coming-of-age movie"

Dua Saleh - 

Dua Salah is a hip-hop/R&B musician! They were born in Kassala, Sudan, but hail from Minneapolis, USA. They're a rapper whos's cancelling multiple genres, and they're redefining the music industry. Pushing it to the limits, breaking the barriers of genre, and really proving their talent. 

If you like, Drake, FKA twigs, Kendrick Lamar, then guess what? You might enjoy Dua's music! They are incredible, and inspiriaing to listen to. I always say I love when genres cross over, and if you like that as well, then go and check Dua's music out! 

If you want a song recommendation then check out umbrellar, it's a great track. If you do like the vibe they give off, and enjoy their music, then guess what? You can go and vote for them! 

James Denham described Dua Saleh's music as - "Saleh's music has some of the best textures and soundscapes out there"

A little fact about Dua Saleh, if the name sounds familiar, they've actually scheduled to appear as a non-binary character in season 3 of Sex Education! 

Emily Burns - 

Emily Burns is a pop musician! She hails from West Lothian, UK. She's a singer-songwriter who is trying to reinvent pop music. We love that! 

If you're a fan of, Jess Glynne, Paloma Faith, Rita Ora, then you're probably going to really enjoy her music. I'm not here to influence your vote, I'm simply just saying my personal opinion when I say this. Emily Burns is one of the musicians I've enjoyed the most, and I'm saying that more as a fact of how versatile her music is. 

If you want a song recommendation then check out I Love You, You're The Worst. Such a talented artist, and she's good at what she does! 

If you are local to Notts, then Emily will actually be appearing at Rock City supporting Gabrielle Aplin in 2022. 

Greentea Peng - 

Greentea Peng is a R&B artist from London, UK. It's neo-soul with a bit of jazz thrown in! A very unique sound, but a sound that works so well with their voice and it's a decent sound! 

If you're a fan of Biig Piig, IAMDDB, Joy Crookes then you may like Greentea Peng, and they're definitely worth giving a try. You could end up really enjoying them, and if you do you could drop them a vote! 

If you're looking for a song recommendation then check out, Hu Man. It's a great track, and really shows off the talent and sound! 

EJ Scanlan described Greentea Peng's music as - "This is the very best in soul music right now". 

Greentea Peng will be appearing at The Bodega in Notts in 2021. 

Holly Humberstone - 

Holly Humberstone is a pop artist, from Grantham, UK! That does make me slightly happy because Grantham is still local to me, so I love that! She's an indie-pop star who's gaining momentum across the pond. 

If you like artists such as Ella Henderson, Maisie Peters, The Staves then why not give Holly Humberstone a shot? 

If you want a song to start off with then check out Overkill. If you like what you're hearing and you want Holly to make it to the next round, then go and give her a vote! I think she's talented, and she's got a sound which suits her voice! 

EJ Scanlan described Holly Humberstone's music as - "Holly's songwriting is incredibly bittersweet and is exactly what we need right now"

JGrrey - 

JGrrey is a R&B artist from London, UK. It's like new-school jazz with some soothing vocals! It's a nice sound, it's quite easy to listen to. It's pretty enjoyable and refreshing. 

If you're a fan of Arlo Parks, Joy Crookes, Lily Allen, then JGrrey could be right up your street! Definetly worth checking them out, and seeing if they are your thing. 

If you don't know where to start with listening to them, then check out Doubt Nothing. If you like what you hear, then go and give JGrrey a vote if you want to see them progress to the next round! 

Will Kent described JGrrey's music as - "She's very relevant right now. Her discography is the soundtrack to the music industry today." 

Joesef - 

Joesef is a alt/indie artist from Glasgow, UK. He's self confessed as "emotional sad boy" and that's exactly it. Joesef ticks a lot of boxes for me personally, but that's my personal opinion, and I'd still prefer if you listened to him, and formed your own opinion. 

If you're a fan of Arlo Parks, Celeste, Loyle Carner, go and give him a shot! He definitely packs a punch, and if you're into this vibe of music, you could find yourself really liking him. 

If you want a song recommendation then check out Does It Make You Feel Good? if you like what you hear, and you want to see Joesef progress to the next round, give him a vote! 

James Denham described Joesef's music as - "He's creating impressive songs now, so in the future, he;'s going to make something incredible"

Koffee - 

Koffee is a reggae artist from Spanish Town, Jamaica. Koffee has won a Grammy before, and that's insane! That's so prestigious! Koffee is also the first Reggae artist to be nominated for Prospect! 

If you like Ella Mai, Popcaan, Stylo G then Koffee could be an incredible artist for you to familiarise yourself with! 

If you're wanting a recommendation, then check out Pressure. Koffee is an incredibly talented and powerful artist, and it's incredible to see someone so young win a Grammy! Definetly worth checking out, and if you want to vote for Koffee to make it to the next round, go ahead! 

Francesca Biscozzi described Koffee's music as - "She has a good sound, she has a good beat and is an excellent songwriter." 

Lola Young - 

Lola Young is a R&B artist from London, UK. Her style is R&B infused with a bit of soul and phenomenal vocals. Her talent for writing songs is insane! She's very inspirational with her songwriting. 

If you're a fan of Arlo Parks, Joy Crookes, Lianne La Havas then Lola Young could be the artist for you! If seems like your style, or something you want to try out, then go and give her a listen, and of course, if you like what you hear and you want her going into the next round, then give her a vote! 

If you're looking for a recommendation then check out Blind Love. It's an incredible song and it's definitely worth a listen! 

James Denham described Lola Young's music as - "There's something in her voice that makes you want to carry on listening to her."

Martha Hill - 

Martha Hill is an indie-alt rock singer hailing from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK! She's got an incredibly powerful voice, and a lot of talent! 

If you're into artists such as Lanterns on the Lake, Nadine Shah, Sports Team then you could really enjoy Martha's music! She's definitely worth checking out! 

If you want a recommendation then check out Landslide! It's a great track that shows off her true talents, and if you're liking what you hear then why not vote for her to make it to the next round? 

Will Kent described Martha's music as - "Martha Hill's vocals are incredibly impactful. You could listen to her all day." 

Matilda Mann - 

Matilda Mann is an acoustic, indie-folk artist from London, UK. The music she makes is super complimentary on her vocals, and she's a very talented musician! 

If you're a fan of musicians like, Billie Marten, Clairo, Fenne Lily, then Matilda Mann could be the one for you! If you're willing to give her a chance, then please go and check out her music! She's good at what she does, and that's why she's made it to this point! 

If you want a song to start with then check out Happy Anniversary, Stranger. It's a great song, and if you like what you're hearing and you want Matilda Mann to make it to the next round, then why not lend her your vote? 

EJ Scanlan described Matilda's music as - "The mystery surrounding Matilda's songwriting is incredibly intriguing." 

Nana Rogues - 

Nana Rogues is an electronica/hip-hop artist from London, UK. He's actually Drtake's former producer, and that in itself is a bit achievement, and shows just how talented he is! He's creative a distinctive Afro-house sound and it works so well1 

If you're into music from the likes of Drake, J Hus, Steel Banglez then Nana Rogues is probably right up your street! 

If you want a track to check out then start with I Don't Know (with Emeli Sande) and if you like what you're hearing, and you want to see Nana Rogues make it to the next round then maybe you could lend him your vote? 

Francesca Biscozzi said "His knowledge of music is incredible" regarding Nana Rogues music! 

Nasty Cherry - 

Nasty Cherry are an indie/pop group from Los Angeles, USA who are making some incredible nostalgic feeling tunes! They're incredible, and they really do take you back, and they make me think of early 2000's music, and it's great! 

If you're a fan of Charli XCX, HAIM, PVRIS then Nasty Cherry could be the one for you! They've got such a good vibe about them, and without me trying to push them onto you, I have to say they're one of my favourite's and I'm really digging their sound, so they're definitely a versatile group! 

If you want a recommendation for a song to listen to then check out Music With Your Dad, and work your way through their discography. If you like them, then you can lend them your vote and help get them into the next round! 

EJ Scanlan described Nasty Cherry's music as - "Cool, funky and incredibly nostalgic." 

Orla Gartland - 

Orla Gartland is a pop musician from Dublin, Ireland, and I actually remembered her from back in the day when she was regularly posting on YouTube. Her music has such a soothing vibe to it. 

If you're a fan of artists like dodie, Maisie Peters, mxmtoon then you're probably going to like Orla Gartland a lot! She's got a lovely voice, and it fits her style of music really nicely! 

If you want to check out a song by Orla, then check out Did It To Myself, it's got a really cool vibe to it, and it's got a lovely mix of different elements within it. 

EJ Scanlan described Orla's music as - "Beautiful, inspirational and incredibly catchy." 

Rachel Chinouriri - 

Rachel Chinouriri is an indie/R&B artist from London, UK. She makes these incredible evening-indie tracks with beautiful vocals that are filled with emotion. 

If you like musicians like Ella Mai, Izzy Bizu, Janelle Monae then Rachel is probably right up you're street. You're probably going to really like her music, and she's definetly worth checking out! 

I'd recommend checking out Adrenaline, and just work your way through her discography from there. If you like her sound, then you can of course give her a vote if you want her to make it to the next round! 

James Denham described Rachel's music as - "Interesting and beautiful songwriting." 

R.A.E - 

R.A.E is a hip-hop/R&B artist from London, UK who's mixing 90s-esque hip-hop with nostaligic beats. It works so well together, and it's a really nostalgic sound and vibe that R.A.E's music gives off. 

If you're a fan of Biig Piig, Cardi B, IAMDDB then there's a good chance that you're going to like R.A.E's music, and I'd highly recommend checking out her music if this seems like your sort of thing. 

If you don't know where to start then check out Pretty Bop, it's a great track and like I've said about every other artist, if you like what you hear and you want to see R.A.E make it to the next round then make sure you help that by voting for her. 

Francesca Biscozzi described R.A.E's music as - "She's a great songwriter who really understands the great age of hip-hop."

Sinead O Brien - 

Sinead O Brien makes indie music, that indie music being more specifically spoken-word Irish post-punk, and as this would suggest, Sinead O Brien is Irish and more specifically from Limerick. 

If you're a fan of the likes of, Do Nothing, Kae Tempest, SOAK then Sinead O Brien could be the artist for you! If this seems like something you want to check out, then go ahead and give her a chance! 

If you want a song to start you off, then go and check out Taking On Time. It's an incredible piece, and it's definetly worth checking out. If you like that sort of sound, and you're liking what Sinead has to offer and you want her to make it to the next round then why not give her a vote? 

James Denham described Sinead O Brien's music as - "One of the most original artists you'll hear this year."

The Snuts - 

The Snuts are a phenomenal indie-rock band from West Lothian, UK. They're infectious, and they're one of my personal favourite from this set. They're catchy, they're powerful, and they're proving to have a lot of potential. 

If you are into your bands like Biffy Clyro, foals, The Libertines, and even bands like Twin Atlantic and Fatherson. If you like you Scottish indie/alt rock bands, then The Snuts could be the one for you! 

If you want just one song to check out, then make it Always. It's a great song and shows off their true potential and talent. Of course, if you do like The Snuts and you want to see them get to the next round then remember you can vote for them! But check them out for yourself, and don't let me liking Scottish music influence your opinion. 

EJ Scanlan described The Snuts as - "The Snuts know this genre like the back of their hand. They're going to have a massive cult following." 

Squid - 

Squid is an indie, multi-tentacled art-rock polymaths band from Brighton, UK. That may sound like a lot of words that you don't understand, but that's okay, don't let that deter you. 

If you're a fan of artists such as, black midi, Do Nothing, The Murder Capital then look no further than Squid. These lot could be the band for you with their unique sound. 

If you really just want to listen to the music, and not be complicated by their genre, then go and check out their track Houseplants. It's a great track which really showcases their sound and style! If you do like what you're hearing remember, to vote for them to make it to the next round if that's what you want.

EJ Scanlan described Squid as - "Squid are one of the most unique bands out there right now. They're redefining what it means to be alternative and it's fantastic." 


TSHA is an electronica artist from London, UK whos music is chilled come-down house with dancable beats. 

If you're a fan of artists like Aphex Twin, Massive Attack, Zero 7, then maybe TSHA is what you need in your life. TSHA's music has such a lovely vibe to it, and a lovely sound. If this seems like something you'd be into then go and check out her music! 

If you want one song to check out then make it Sister. This is a standout track, and also one of her most popular tracks! 

EJ Scanlan described TSHA as - "TSHA is the producer we've been waiting for for many years." 

Now, I've definetly spoken a lot at you, but there was a lot to get through. I would really recommend picking some artists who have been nominated, and going and checking them out, seeing if you like them, and voting for who you want to make it to the next round. I will be leaving all the links at the end of this post, so you can easy follow and check out Prospect Music Awards and keep up to date with everything they're doing! 

Voting is now open as of today (6th of December 2020) and the voting will close at 23.58pm on the 17th of December 2020, the 10 finalists will then be announced at 18:00pm on the 18th of December 2020. So don't wait around, go and cast your votes! 

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