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Where To Start with Supporting Small Bands...


Hello, welcome back, or welcome if you've never been here before! 

Anybody that knows me, follows my socials and reads this blog will know that I am a massive fan of small bands. I don't like music snobs, I really cannot stand them, and it's really important to me for people to support small bands. 

Whenever I tell people I know, or on Twitter some bands to check out, I always say the same bands, I add to that list when I find new bands, but I don't talk about all them bands here on the blog. Therefore, I wanted to make a post, dividing up bands by genre, giving you some top picks of their songs, and telling you ways you can support small bands that actually mean more than just streaming their songs, as we all know it takes a lot of streams for a band to see any money from that. 

So, if you want to support bands, try and buy their merch. Granted, not all bands have merch that you can just order, but quite a lot of them do. If you can buy their merch, buy their merch. I love buying small band merch. I know not everybody has endless pits of money, and I know especially during the current pandemic that money is tight. Small bands often sell merch for half the price of a larger bands merch, an example of this would be, Distant Blue, they released a new tee to coincide with their latest single. On pre-order it was £10. It's now up to £15, but when I got it on pre-order I also didn't have to pay any postage, so I was pretty impressed with that. 
    I picked up some merch from Decay today, I ordered a t-shirt and a hoodie and the tee was £8 and the hoodie was £15, granted they did have a sale on, and that was mainly why I ordered, but still, that was an absolute bargain. Even with my shipping costs, it was less money than I'd spend buying one single hoodie from a larger band that you know is going to be printed on the same material. You just know it's going to be the same tee, just with a different band on it. 
    I know that when The Mocking Jays were selling their merch (lads, please, drop some new merch soon, I wanna drop some money on it) their tee's were in the region of £7-£10, and I mean who am I to complain at band merch at that price? 
    Small bands need your money a lot more than larger bands do, and when you can buy merch of the same quality for a fraction of the cost, it's worth it. I am not saying don't buy merch from bigger bands, but what I am saying is, where you can, please support small bands and buy their merch! 

I would also suggest going to gigs to support small bands, but let's be realistic, Boris is going to let that happen anytime soon is he? So, for the time being, we have to be a bit more innovative with how we support small bands rather than just buying tickets to a show. And I'm sure everyone is aware of just how terribly paid musicians are from streaming platforms. If you do want to know more about small band struggles, then I did a little series with the wonderful Jacob Smith from The Mocking Jays, and it was really informative and it was such an incredible series to do because it really did open a lot of people eyes to the struggles small bands face.  

Bands to check out; 

Pop, and Pop-Rock; 

- Sam Christmas
- Benjamin Martin
- The Headspace
- Ollie Hayes
- Charles Darling
- Lewis Kelly


- Distant Blue
- Seasonal
- Downcast
- Embxrs
- Small Talk.
- Nautical Mile
- Give Me A Reason
- Next Year
- Better Anyway
- Until you Disappear
- Young Fatigue
- Autumn Fires
- After Elmer
- Misplaced

Post-Hardcore, Punk and Hardcore;

- Left Hand Lane
- My Latest Failure
- Death of Youth

Rock (All variations); 

- Four Thousand Miles
- The Mocking Jays
- Don't Forget Rupert
- Kid Amelia
- Near Mrs
- Stay Free
- Holygood
- Prime (UK Band)
- NativeBlood
- Good Hustles


- Chris Ang

Now, that is only to name a few artists, if you want more, then I have my Small Band Appreciation playlist on Spotify which I try and update regularly and that's got so many incredible bands on it, so many insane small bands! So many bands that deserve your love and support! The link to that playlist will be at the end of this post with all my other links, so make sure to check it out if you're in the market for some new bands! 

Now, let's move onto recommendations from each of these bands, and I know that's going to be a lot of recommendations, but I'll try and just give one or 2 tracks to check out from each artist just because there's a lot of them! 

  • Sam Christmas - Closing Time
  • Benjamin Martin - River Lonely
  • The Headspace - Evergreen and Solie
  • Ollie Hayes - Dealing With a Broken Heart
  • Charles Darling - Electric Blue
  • Lewis Kelly - Unemployed
  • Distant Blue - Come and Join The Party and The Ghost of my Empty Glass
  • Seasonal - Hayfever and happy
  • Downcast - Catharsis and I'm Sorry
  • Embxrs - I Think I'm Okay (cover)
  • Small Talk - Hawthorne
  • Nautical Mile - Spin The Bottle and Sweet Tooth
  • Give Me A Reason - Blue and Color
  • Next Year - Long Way Home
  • Better Anyway - Afterthought and Bury Me
  • Until You Disappear - Drunk Me
  • Young Fatigue - Dislocation
  • Autumn Fires - Bones and Waking Up In Vegas
  • After Elmer - Look Alive
  • Misplaced - fuck that, i'm alright
  • Left Hand Lane - My Confession
  • My Latest Failure - Selfish
  • Death of Youth - You're A Crook, Captain Hook
  • Four Thousand Miles - Lonely, Demon on the Run and Reflections 
  • The Mocking Jays - Funny Bones, Kiss My Neck and I Can't Be (Without Your Love) 
  • Don't Forget Rupert - Get Fucked and Long Time Coming
  • AVAERA - Grow Up
  • Kid Amelia - Puppet Boy
  • Near Mrs - Catch of The Day and Headlights
  • Stay Free - Flowers In May
  • Holygood - Better Off Before 
  • Prime (UK Band) - In Summer
  • NativeBlood - Stay Strong
  • Good Hustles - Smile and Make a Move
  • DiSTANTPETE - come over
  • Chris Ang - Goodbye
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Small Band Appreciation Playlist (Spotify)
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