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The Only Way Is Through by Nautical Mile, A Year On...

So, just over two weeks ago, The Only Way Is Through turned 1! If you have no idea what The Only Way Is Through is, then it's Nautical Mile's debut album. I've spoken about Nautical Mile a lot, on my socials and on here. Nautical Mile is in my top bands of all time, they are incredible! They are such a solid band and I have so much love and appreciation for them. I love them that much, that I probably would order their merch, but I'm kinda worried about umm shipping costs and import fees, especially when I'm a student and not on a lot of money. 

This album kind of changed my life. It is solid, it is possibly in my top 3 albums of all time, and that takes a lot for me to say.  I found Nautical Mile not long after this album was released, and I've been hooked on them ever since. It started with Wake Up, and now I just love every single song they've put out. 

The whole point of me doing this post is to reflect on how I felt about the album a year ago, and compare it to how I feel about it today. Maybe it's a bit boring, but it's what this album deserves. Plus, it gives me an excuse to talk about Nautical Mile some more! 

So, rewind a year, and I liked about 3 songs off the album, those being Spin The Bottle, Wake Up and Marionette. I thought Nautical Mile were a great band, but I wasn't in love with them, they wouldn't have made my top 5, and I just liked a couple of songs. I didn't reach for them a lot, I listened to them and didn't
skip them when they came on, but when the album was new I was very indifferent. 

Now, let's contrast that to how I feel now. I love every single track on the album, I have my favourites which I'll talk about in a bit, and I think Nautical Mile are insane. I don't tend to shut up about them. I'm constantly plugging them on my socials, and a decent amount of people have told me they've gone onto listen to Nautical Mile and fall in love with them because of me. 

This album has a very special place in my heart, I don't think there's been a period of more than 2 days at a time when I haven't listened to it, and as I said earlier, it's definitely in my top 3 albums of all time. There are no bad songs on the album, no songs that I ever want to skip. It's an album that I know is reliable. If I need one album to listen to, it's probably going to be The Only Way Is Through, it's just a superior album for me, and I can't believe that Nautical Mile really did that. It's incredible! Phenomenal, and I probably won't shut up about it until I've got everyone who might consider listening to it, to listen to it. 

The album opens with A Life Worth Dying For, and this song is such a strong starting point for the album. You know when an album opens on this strong of a track that you're in for a treat. I absolutely love this song, and the lyrics to this song are great! Brodi's vocals are Godly. The transition between this track and Spin The Bottle, although not a flawless transition, they blend so well together! 

Spin The Bottle is my favourite track, and I think everyone who's been in my car this past year has heard it. This song does something for me, it makes me feel things, and the vocals are incredible! The drums as well, like wow Caleb really did that! The lyrics to this song are something else, they're just incredible. I love the chorus and I swear, this song will always be THAT song for me, this is the song I always recommend to everyone. It's just phenomenal! 

We then move onto Bad Influence, which I used to hate and it's now one of my favourites! The lyrics to this song are possibly my favourite off the album, and my best friend even pointed out that this song summarises us, so I guess I have a little connection to it as well! I love this song that much, and it's such a 'fuck you' track, honestly, play this at my funeral! This is also the only song on the album to have a breakdown, and I love that. Honestly, to say I used to hate this song, I sure think highly of it now! 

We then have Better Half of Me and this again, I didn't used to like. It still isn't my favourite, but I do love it. I think it's a pretty solid track, and there are some lines in this song that I just want to hold with me forever. I just think it's incredible, and it's a tune! 

Now, Wake Up was the first song I heard, and it's still incredible. It reminds me of another song, and it always has, but now I seem to have forgotten what song it is. There are some lines in this track that make my heart all warm and fuzzy, and I just think it's a great song, and this was the song that made me give Nautical Mile a chance, so it's always going to be a special song because without this I wouldn't know my comfort album. 

This album really is my comfort album, and it's got me through a lot. It's become a comfort blanket, and it's a safety album. No matter what, it's always going to be this album! This is the one of the stand out album out of all the albums I've ever heard (along with Free by Twin Atlantic). 

Up next is Marionette, and this song is insane! It's so intense, and I'd love to lose my shit to it. The number of times my brain has just screamed "narcissistic tendencies, you're always fucking using me" this song got me through a lot! It got me through a breakup, it got me through trauma. It got me through shit and it gave me strength. This song is just so powerful. And, there's a little bit in it that kills me off every time. Like wow, Brodi really did that! If you've heard it, you'll know what bit I mean.  

Following on is Flight Risk, which I think is my least favourite song on the album, but even with it being my least favourite it's a solid 5 out of 5, and I used to hate it. It's definitely a song that's grown on me over the past year, and it's just so intense and the chorus is incredible! It's powerful. It's a good song! 

We then move onto Fall, and this again, I didn't used to like, but I now think it's incredible! It's faster-paced, and it's a song that you could possibly run out of breath with if you tried to sing it fast enough. That second verse is something else though, like yes, Nautical Mile, you go! You slay! 

Track 9 is Shattered, which if you've heard it, you'll probably get why a year ago I would always skip it after the first 5 seconds, but don't let that intro deceive you, because that's just a little trick. It's not really like that, and I regret not giving it a proper shot back then, because it really does slap! The lyrics hit somewhere deep inside, and they're so powerful. This is one of the songs that comforted me back at the start of 2020 when I had my last breakup, it really did offer me a lot of comfort. It hit home, and now I just have so much love and admiration for this track! 

We then move onto the song that gives me serotonin! If you follow me on my socials, you'll know I talk about Sweet Tooth 1:56-2:22 a lot! Nautical Mile broke the mould when they made this song! Sweet Tooth goes so hard, and I find it flawless. This is tied with Spin The Bottle as my favourite Nautical Mile track, and funnily enough, a year ago this was the song I hated. I couldn't stand it, and now I can't get enough of it. I can listen to this on repeat for hours and not get bored. I mean I can also just listen to that little bit of the song for hours and not get bored! Every time I listen to it, I have to replay that little bit about 10 times! I tell you, this song is something else! 

There's then a very short interlude before we go into Reginicide, which again, a year ago I hated it and now I think it's incredible and I think it's a solid track! I love the lyrics to this song, and it's quite an intense song and I just think it's a great song, and listening to it now, I just don't understand what I didn't love about it. It's incredible! Them vocals at 2:10-2:28! Hell yes! 

The last track is the title track, The Only Way Is Through. Now, I've spoken about albums ending on weak songs before, and I despise that, and so many artists do it so I always expect it, but Nautical Mile didn't do that. They made an album full of solid song, including the last track. I love that they ended the album on such a solid track! I love that, and I think that was one of the reasons I've stood by this album because they could have ended the album on a terrible track, but they didn't! Although it's not as heavy as the other tracks, it works so well on the album, and if you're listening to the album on repeat, it works so well with the opening track. 

So really, what I'm saying is, The Only Way Is Through is such a solid album even after a year! I absolutely love it, and if you've not caved and listened to Nautical Mile yet, then please do. They're right up near the top with my favourite bands, and not just small bands, I mean all bands! They make my top 3 of all bands! The Only Way Is Through is still phenomenal a year after it's release, and if on the off chance Nautical Mile ever read this post, please know I love and support your band so much! You made the most incredible album I've known, and I do think it's probably my joint-favourite album of all time! It's got me through some really dark times, and it's incredible! I want to see you lot achieve big things, and I'll be here in England supporting you the best I can! 

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