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Small Bands You Need To Check Out...

 So, I've done a few of these before and I thought it'd fit in perfectly with small band week, so here we go! I'm going to be talking about a few bands I've handpicked that I'd love for you to check out, and they are all on the Small Band Appreciation playlist. All artists on here will have been featured no more than once. A lot of these will be people you've never heard me talk of unless it's in a weekly what I'm listening to! So, let's get into this! 

High Wire; 

High Wire is a pop-punk band from Chicago. Back in the day, there used to be a band called Bonfires, and I was obsessed with them! I loved them with my enter existence, and High Wire sound so similar to Bonfires so I pretty much fell in love with them instantly. Good Enough, Redcard and Some Kind of Miracle are my absolute favourites! Cannot get enough of those tracks, and they've all made it into my top 10 most listened to tracks of the month. Honestly, I love this band so much, and I'd highly recommend checking them out. 
Recommendations - Some Kind of Miracle, Good Enough, Redcard


Now, Carrington shares a member with one of my favourite band's Nautical Mile. Caleb is in both bands, and they'd actually came up on my Discover Weekly. Then I thought they reminded me a bit of Nautical Mile and then I found out Caleb was in Carrington so it all made sense! Honestly, I'm really digging this band and I think they're incredible. There's a lot of talent in this band an I'd highly recommend going and checking them out! 
Recommendations - Reverse and Reassurance


I like this band that much that I've even gone and bought Decay merch, and I think Decay are such are an incredible band. They have some super incredible and gripping songs. They really are a phenomenal band! I love them so much, and I feel like they're a band you definitely need to check out. I was actually recommended them by Ben and I trust Ben's recommendations so I knew they'd be a decent band to check out, and I really just love them! Their album is such a solid album and it's honestly insane!
Recommendations - Staring At The Sun and Misery

Dead Bundy;

Now, Dead Bundy aren't a band that I'm as enthusiastic about as the others, however! They're still good! I love their song She Fucks Me is such an intense track, and I just think they're great! They're songs definitely pack a punch, and they're super energetic. I do think they're insane, and I would highly recommend you going and checking them out. 
Recommendations - She Fucks Me and Locked In A Cage

Small Talk.; 

Now, I have actually done a post on Small Talk. before, but I thought I'd mention them in this, because they actually haven't been featured in one of these. Now, they're super lovely, and their song is so refreshing because it isn't overly refined. It's a bit rougher, and just a little bit edgier. They're got some incredible songs, and they've just released an acoustic EP a little over a week ago. I love them, and I'd highly recommend going and checking them out! 
Recommendations - Hawthorne and I Left My Hoodie In Your Car Just So I Could Call You


Now, for the last band, I'll mention, I have also done a post on them, it's Misplaced. If you know me, you know if it's a Scottish band I'm probably going to pay a little bit more attention to it, and especially Glaswegian bands! Misplaced is a Glaswegian pop-punk band! That's a big yes from me! They're so intense and energetic, and loud and obnoxious. I absolutely love them! They're such an incredibly talented band and I cannot recommend them enough! 
Recommendations - idk why i try and fuck that, i'm alright

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