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Sasprillo Beach by Elgra Austin


So, welcome back to Instalment 3 of Small Band Week, now today yes, this technically is an artist you've never seen on the blog, but you've seen his band A LOT. So, Elgar Austin is actually Jay from The Mocking Jays, and he's released a solo EP. And because this is Jay, and we all know how much I support this man, I thought I'd bring you a little intro, a very light review about his EP. 

Now, this EP isn't heavy in the slightest, and it's quite relaxing, it's very light and positive. The feeling you get from this EP matches the artwork. It's very chilled out, and it's pretty incredible! 

The EP opens with Synthetic Villages, and if anybody has ever wondered what it sounds like in my head when I'm in a uni seminar, this is it! It gives off such good vibes, and we all know I am not the biggest fan of instrumental tracks because they often fail to keep my attention, however, Synthetic Villages is not like that. This is one instrumental track that can actually keep my attention. It's very electronic, but it's actually quite nice to listen to. I actually really enjoy it, and I wasn't expecting to. 

We then move onto Calling In, which the vibes of this... that intro. Perfection. The vocals as well! Yes, yes! Hell yes. I just love the entire vibe of this song, and the transition between Synthetic Villages and Calling In works so well! They blend pretty seamlessly together, sound-wise. It's a nice build-up and transition and I really like that. I could easily listen to this track on repeat for hours and not get bored. I just love it, I think it's great! 

Next up is Clean Sheet, which is a little different to Calling In whilst also not sounding out of place. It gives me The 1975 vibes, and I really like it. I love the vibes, and the vocals again are great! Honestly, cannot fault it. It's definitely the sort of song I'd listen to on a bad day because it's just such a nice, relaxing, positive vibe that the song gives off. I really like it. It's quite chilled out, but it's still good vibes.  

The second to last track is The Drive To Hers, and I will admit, this track didn't hold my attention like the previous ones did. I still liked it and I still found it engaging to listen to, but not to the same degree as the previous 3. I found it a bit repetative, and this comes back to my statement of I'm not a fan of instrumental tracks, because they fail to keep my attention. And that's my problem with this song. You get a little bit of something about half way through the track, but even then, I personally don't vibe with it like I did with the others. It's nothing personal, it's just what I've always thought. 

The last track on the EP is Salt & Pepper, which I did put off listening to originally, just because the previous track wasn't really my vibe. I like this track, I think it's very calming and it's just a very gentle song. There's not a lot to it, but it's beautiful, and it's soft and gentle, and this is another track where I backtrack on my statement about not liking instrumental tracks, because I do like this track. I think it's quite nice and soothing, and it's very raw and beautiful. 

So, yes, I didn't do a lot of critisism here, not because it's Jay, but because I did find it really ejoyable. The Drive To Hers is the one track I'm not too sure on, but the rest I actually really like, and I feel like there's a good mix on the EP, and nothing really feels out of place. I do like it a lot, and I'd recommend it to you if you're looking for something chill and spaced out sort of feeling. Jay's done really well on this track, and I'm proud of him for making music just because he wants to. I love that! 

As I said at the start, this isn't really an intense review, it's more of a summary of thoughts. It's a really nice EP, and it's got a great vibe to it. So go and check it out if you want to, but no pressure. 

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