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Killing Giants by Holygood


Holygood are back! After what seems like forever, but in reality, hasn't actually been that long Holygood are back and they've released their 4th track of the year. This time, they're back with a new vibe and sound whilst still sounding very much like classic Holygood. 

Now, Holygood's last release was Better Off Before which I still listen to a lot! I think it's the best song they've released, and it really is just an incredible track. However, because Better Off Before was as good as it was, I felt very reluctant about new music, because like I've said in posts on other bands, when the previous release is so incredible, how can a band really top that. That's my main thought when going into this track, is it as good as Better Off Before? Can they really top that release? 

The intro had me a little confused, and very sceptical of what was about to happen. It's definitely got a lot of rap elements/influences within it, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I straight off the bat want to say that this song features Tony Humphries and that's such a nice bonus, and his feature on the track is phenomenal! 

The verses are completely different to the chorus and I love that, I'd compare the sound to the likes of NATIVEBLOOD (who if you're unfamiliar are another small band that I've reviewed). I love the blend of the two sounds into one, and it does work really well and especially with Tohm's vocals! 

I love the feeling the chorus gives off, and I really like the lyrics that accompany it, it's not the happiest of context when it comes to the lyrics, but some lines make me think back to when I was like 13-15, and some are more applicable to me not so long ago, and I just love being able to relate to a song because it offers a sort of comfort. 

I don't think it beats Better Off Before, but I do still really like it, and I can see myself playing this song a lot! I also want to mention how incredible the last 2 choruses' are. I love how one mellows out, and it feels like the songs going to conclude there, but then you have the actual last one, and it's just so anthemic, and it just makes me happy hearing it. I don't exactly know why, but it's just the change and the depth which hits the spot!  

To conclude, I do really like Killing Giants, it's not my favourite release we've seen from Holygood, but I'll happily put it in the top 3. I think it's got a good vibe to it, and it's a generally pleasurable track to listen to. 

I think I'd give it a 4.5 out of 5 lemons! I do like it, but not on the same level as some of their previous releases and that's why I'm only going with a 4.5 rather than a 5. I would of course, still highly recommend checking it out! It's definitely a song that's going to grow on me, and give me a couple of weeks and I probably won't shut up about it. 

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