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Vice Versa by Give Me A Reason

Hello! Welcome back to another instalment of Grace rambles about bands. 

Yesterday Give Me A Reason dropped their new EP Vice Versa, and having heard 3 singles off the EP I knew I was going to love it. Didn't expect to love it as much as I do though! 

The EP is 6 tracks long, which I'm really liking these longer than average EP's currently. 

The first track on the EP is Sad, which was the first single released off the EP, and I really do love it. This was actually the first Give Me A Reason track I heard and it's incredible. It's super catchy and I feel like it's a really good opening track. It's one of my favoruite songs of the year, and I just love it. It's got a decent amount of energy in the track and I really do rate it. So, I'm glad the EP opens with a strong track.

We then move onto Color, which wasn't a single. From the intro I didn't know what to expect, but it built up within 15 seconds so you did kind of know what was coming, and I really like that. I think Color is a very powerful track with plenty of energy, and I think it's got a lot more punk elements within the sound than the singles, and I really like this! I love it! I can't get over just how good it is, honestly, such a solid track! I love the lyrics to this track, and it's the sort of song that kind of makes me happy inside. I love the vibes, I love the lyrics. I just love this track. I prefer Color to any of the singles and I was in love with the singles, so that's saying something. I can see myself playing this song a lot, and this is 100% a standout track from Give Me A Reason for me! I love it so much! 

We then move onto Blue, which was the latest single, and this track is incredible. I did a full review of this track, and I spoke about how much I loved it and I still love it. This is my favourite out of the 3 singles, and I just think it's incredibly catchy, super energetic, and the lyrics are superb! I really love this track, and I cannot recommend it enough. If you're going to check out any of the singles make it Blue, because it's just a masterpiece. Absolutely love it! 

Next up we have Funny, which is still a favourite of mine. This is the catchiest song I've heard this year and again, I did a full review of this track, and I still love it. The chorus is incredible, the energy is next level with this song. I just adore it, it's such a tune, and 99% of the people I've played it too have loved it too! Mattia's vocals on this track are extrodinary and I just have so much love and admiration for this track! 

Second to last is Blur, and from the first few seconds I didn't think this was going to be an overly engaging track, but oh no, it is! It's got a similar vibe to Color in my opinion, and it's definetly a bit more pop-punk than the others. It reminds me of State Champs a lot on this track, and I'm in love with it. I love Mattia's vocals, and I love that you can hear everyone on this track. I just think it's such a well done song, and the guitar on this track is out of this world, the pure talent this band has is insane! I love it, I love the lyrics. I just love everything about this track, and I can see myself listening to this a lot too! 

Lastly we have, Bye Bye, which is a perfect track to end an EP on. I love the vibes of this track, and it reminds me (sound wise) to Blue and Color, I like that the sound changes throughout the track, and the lyrics are incredible. I just love this song so much, and it's incredible. I really thought the EP would end on a dud of a track, but it doesn't, and them vocals! The drums on this track as well! Honestly, the pure talent this band has is insane and this song proves that! 

So, to conclude and round up my thoughts, I want to start off by saying a massive well done to Mattia, Dario, Giuliano and Max. You've all done an incredible job with this EP, and you are all so incredibly talented and you deserve incredible things. 

I am well and truly in love with this EP and I know I'm going to be listening to this EP so much! I'm in love with it! It's such a well executed EP, and I'm going to hype this EP up a lot. 

Please go and check it out, because it's bop after bop after bop. Such a solid and flawless EP, and I am well and truly in love with this EP. Honestly, one of the best EP's of the year! 

I've got to give this EP a solid 5 out of 5 lemons. I'll go as far as to say 6 out of 5 lemons, because it's flawless. It's such a solid release and I can't get over just how great it is! Honestly, you NEED to check it out! 

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