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Unemployed by Lewis Kelly


So, this is a little bit different to a lot of the bands you see featured on here. We mainly see pop-punk and rock, metal and everything alt really, however, today I'm bringing you a low-fi pop track called Unemployed by the incredibly talented Lewis Kelly! 

Lewis had actually sent me a DM on Instagram, and it may have taken me a little while to actually open the DM, as soon as I heard the track, I knew I had to bring you a post about it! Thankfully, Lewis was completely up for that, and now here we are! 

So, Unemployed came out about 6 weeks ago, and straight off, let me just tell you how incredible Lewis' voice is! Lewis has one of the most beautiful voices I've heard in a long time! Such a soothing voice, and listening to this track really does feel like drinking a warm cup of tea on a rainy day. Lewis has such a warm, relaxing voice that it's hard to note love it! 

What may actually surprise some people because I'm a bit of an alt kid, I really love this track. It's one of my favourite releases that's come out recently. I'd put it right up there with the likes of Smile by Good Hustles. It's just incredible! 

I love the rhythm and beat this track, it's honestly just such a flawless track in my opinion. This is a stereotypically mainstream sort of sound, but it doesn't sound like a carbon copy of a lot of other songs. It's got an edge to it, and it's just such a nice song to listen to. I can definitely see this becoming a big comfort song for me! 

It's so incredibly catchy, that I can't help but find myself humming and singing this song at random times of the day because it's just so catchy, but in the best was possible. It's not one of those catchy songs, that you wish wasn't catchy because it's an annoying track, this is a song I really don't mind having stuck in my head. I don't mind how catchy it is, because it's a good song. Lewis is incredibly talented and this track proves that. 

I honestly cannot recommend this song enough, I love it. I could easily listen to this track on repeat for hours and not get bored of it. I really do love it! I quite like the lyrics to this track, and there's more change and depth in this song than I expected there to be, which was great because anybody who's a regular around here knows just how essential that is for me. It's a really enjoyable and pleasant track to listen to! I really love it! 

Overall, I'd highly recommend this track. I'm in love with, it's incredible, and I'd give it a solid 5 out of 5 lemons! Honestly, such an incredible track. It truly is a beautiful song, and I just know I'm going to be listening to it A LOT! So, please go and show Lewis some love and support and check out this track, because it's incredible! I love it! 

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