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The Ghost Of My Empty Glass by Distant Blue


THE LADS ARE BACK! Yup, Distant Blue have returned and have decided to bless our ears with an absolute tune and a half! I feel very lucky to be able to bring you my thoughts on the track ahead of its release TOMORROW! I'm telling you when this drops tomorrow YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO IT! 

Before we get started, I just want to let you know, that the lads have told me they've been in the studio and there's a whole new mantra of music coming, there are various tracks in the making! And to be honest, that's pretty exciting especially if The Ghost of My Empty Glass is anything to go off of! I am 100% here for it! 

So the first 10 seconds or so, I was kinda liking it, didn't really know where it was going, but I was here for it, and then Ed decided he was going to kill me with his vocals, and that was it, I knew this was going to be one hell of a tune! 

Straight off, I love that there's change and depth within the sound which everyone knows at this point is essential for me, because I like music to keep me engaged and wanting to listen to it on repeat for days, and Distant Blue know exactly how to do that, they never disappoint. But, this track is something else! I love that you can very clearly hear Ed, Pete, Kieran and Jack. Nobody is drowning the other out. I love that so much! 

This is one of the most energetic and intense songs I've heard in a LONG time! I am obsessed. I really can't put it into words just how mind-blowing this track is. Distant Blue are really proving themselves to be one of the best bands out there. If you aren't following them and supporting them, then you need to go and check them out. They're one of the best bands out there and this track really does prove that. 

I know Distant Blue are my joint-favourite small band, but I really do mean it when I say this track is insane! If there is only one song you listen to that I've spoken about in the past month, make it this song. I honestly cannot believe that Distant Blue really made this. The talent in this band is surreal, and you need to be listening to this song when it drops tomorrow. 

The chorus on this track is mind-blowing, and the lyrics! EXTRAORDINARY! I swear Distant Blue may have just made the best track of the year. I didn't think it was possible for them to top their previous releases, but they somehow did. 

There really aren't enough words in the English language to explain just how incredible this song is. It truly is a masterpiece. This track proves that Distant Blue know exactly what they're doing, it shows just how incredibly talented they all are, and it proves that they deserve to be one of the biggest acts in the scene currently. This song is just so loud, intense, it's catchy, it's everything you could want in a song and more. I honestly can't process just how insane it is! 

I honestly cannot recommend this song enough, you NEED to be listening to it and hyping it when it drops tomorrow. No if's, no but's, you NEED to. I am well and truly in love with this track, and it is the best song of the year to date. I doubt much could top this though, it really is just insane, so well done lads! 

Now, it's time for the bit only the band cares about. Now, I always tend to give Distant Blue a solid 5 out of 5, but this song is better than any previous release, and therefore I have to give it a solid 6 out of 5 lemons (but for the few that won't accept that as a real rating 5 out of 5 lemons, the band can decide which one they go with). I honestly am so blown away with this track, and the talent the lads have! Honestly, it's insane! Well done lads on making an absolute belter of a track. I'm so blown away by this song, and I can't wait to see what comes out next! 

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