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Low, but Looking Up by Better Anyway


It's out, it is finally out. Low, but Looking Up by Better Anyway was released on Friday, and since I've done reviews on Afterthought, I Can't Say This To Your Face and the wonderful Bury Me, I thought why the hell not bring you a review on the EP! So here we are. 

Low, but Looking Up is 6 track EP, which as I said in yesterday's post I'm really enjoying longer EP's. I'm actually pretty excited about this EP, the singles were great, and Bury Me was my favourite out of the 3 singles, so I've got pretty high hopes for this release. 

The EP opens with Stay Away, I really love the vibe of this track, and it gives me Knuckle Puck vibes, I think it's a really nice opening track, and it's quite a strong opener. It definitely packs a punch, and the sound is superb. The drums really are the stand out bit for me, and they're incredible. Very intense, but not to the extent where the vocals are drowned out. It fits with the vibe of the track and the bridge! Honestly, I wasn't expecting such a strong opener, but I'm blown away. The vocals as well! Honestly, flawless! Stay Away is definitely giving Bury Me a run for its money! I'm blown away by this track, and I know I'm going to listen to it so much! I also love the lyrics to this song, they really do hit me currently. 

The second track is Afterthought, and we all know just how much I thought of that track! Absolutely incredible! One of my favourite releases of the year, and this was the song that had me falling in love with Better Anyway, and even now a couple of months on, I still love it. I still think it's flawless, and the vocals are incredible. The lyrics are great, the guitars, the bass, the drums, everything about this track is impeccable. This song is everything. 

We then move onto I Can't Say This To Your Face, I wasn't as hyped about this when I did my review of it. I still loved it, but it wasn't Afterthought, and that I found was hard to process. I have, however, listened to this song a hell of a lot more now, and I love it. I feel like the sound although it isn't as loud and in your face, the sound fits well with the lyrics. It is a nice track to have on the EP, and I think it's a beautiful song. That build-up towards the end, incredible! Love it! This song has now become a big feature for my sad playlists, I just love it. 

The 4th track is Find You There, and I love it. From the first 10 seconds, I was really digging it, and I think it's got such a good vibe. Very classic pop-punk in my opinion, but I love that. The lyrics are incredible, and the general vibe of the song is great. I really do love this track! What a belter! I love that it's a great contrast to the previous track, but the transition between the two tracks isn't as shocking and unexpected as you'd expect. I really love this song and those vocals! Beautiful! It's quite a loud and intense track and I'm honestly here for that. 

We then move onto Stargazer, and the sound is very soft. It's the softest on the EP, and I didn't think I was going to like it a lot, because when the rest of the EP is so loud and intense and the sort of thing you want to lose your shit to, I thought Stargazer would be almost foreign to the EP, but it's still beautiful, and the vocals are flawless. It's very much just a soft, stripped back track. The sort of track you'd put your arm around your friend and have the torch on your phone on for. I like that there's range on the EP, and I actually really like this track. I think it's beautiful. It's almost relaxing, and it works really well. 

Bury Me is the last track, and we all know I love this! This is my favourite track on the EP, and I still can't get enough of it. This is like Afterthought's bigger and tougher brother, and I love it. This is the stand out track for me, and Better Anyway really broke the mould when they made this song, and I honestly cannot give this song enough praise, it is incredible. It is mind-blowing, and it's my favourite Better Anyway track. Honestly, what a tune! 

So let's summarise my thoughts...
    I don't think there's a bad track on the EP, and I think it's really solid. I do, of course, have my favourite, but I love every track on the EP! I think it's insane, and well done to Better Anyway for making this masterpiece, I am well and truly in love with this EP, and it's definitely in the running for best EP of the year. I love it so much, and I would highly suggest going and checking it out! It's phenomenal. 

Overall, I've got to give this EP a solid 5 out of 5 lemons. Every aspect of this EP is great, and I cannot recommend it enough. Honestly, what an incredible release! Please go check out Low, but Looking Up if you haven't already, and if you've never heard of Better Anyway then please go show them some love and support, because they're incredible! 

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