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hurting you is inevitable by Lewis Kelly


So a few weeks ago I spoke about Lewis Kelly's first single Unemployed, and now I'm here to talk to you about his new track hurting you is inevitable. This track dropped on Friday, and I'm so excited to be talking about it! 

I want to start off by saying a massive well done to Lewis for making this track because it's incredible, and he's super talented and he deserves lots of good things. Lewis has one of the most beautiful voices I've ever known, and this track really does prove that. 

This track has very similar vibes to Unemployed, and I loved that track, I still listen to that song nearly every day. I honestly love this song so much, it's just such a lovely, pleasant song to listen to. It's so calming and just a lovely listening experience. 

I can see myself reaching for this song a lot, I really like the vibes it give off, and it's just such a nice song to listen to. I feel like I still prefer Unemployed, but that doesn't mean I don't love this song, because I do. I absolutely adore this song. I think it's incredible, it's such a great track, and it's just got such a lovely vibe about it. And although it is very much a pop song, it still has a little bit of an edge to it, and therefore it doesn't feel like a carbon copy of 100000 other songs. 

I would recommend this song, if you like your pop music, and if you're into the calmer vibe of music. I think I'm going to be listening to this song a lot on sad days, maybe not so much on my manic days, but I've also found myself having this song stuck in my head the past few days, so I guess that says something! 

I just think it's just a nice, pleasant, warm song to listen to. It's just got such a soothing vibe about it, and it's incredible! Lewis is such a talented person, and he deserves a lot more love and support than people are giving him. He deserves to be up there with some of the biggest artists currently, because he really is that talented, so please go check out his music! 

I'd love for you to hype this song up, because it's just incredible, and I can see a lot of people loving this track! 

I'd give hurting you is inevitable a solid 5 out of 5 lemons, I love it. I think it's such a beautiful song, and I really do see it making its way onto a lot of my playlists! Again, a massive well done to Lewis for releasing this beautiful tune! 

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