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Demon on the Run by Four Thousand Miles


After what feels like forever (when in reality it's only been 6 months), Four Thousand Miles are back! Because it's been so long, and I know over the past few months there's been a big increase in the traffic to this blog, and there are new readers, let me just give you a brief recap on who 4KM are!  

Four Thousand Miles are an international rock band, and their name comes from the fact that between Alex M and Lionel there's 4000 miles! 
The band consists of; 

Alex F - Vocals and guitar
Lionel - Guitar
Alex M - Drums 
Liam - Bass

They now have 3 tracks out, Lonely, Reflections and the brand new track Demon on the Run! 
For anybody that cares, Four Thousand Miles are my joint-favourite small band and I would probably sell a few organs for them, also will eventually get a tattoo for them when little miss rona decides to leave us all alone. 

Anyway, let's get into the thoughts on the new song! 

I was super hyped for this song to drop, and I just knew they wouldn't let me down because Reflections and Lonely were just that good! 

From the first 15 seconds, this song had me gripped and I was instantly engaged with the song from the second I hit play, which to be fair, I did expect that. Alex's vocals on this track are insane, like if you thought they were great on the last two then this song will blow your brain! I swear I'm the mind-blown emoji again, if it was physically possible for my brain to exit my head then it would. I love the way the chorus is a lot louder and intense compared to the verses and that's in my opinion, how it should be. 

I love the intensity and energy within this track. It's not as aggressive as Reflections was, but it's certainly a lot more aggressive than Lonely. I quite like that, as it sets it apart from the previous two tracks, and I'm honestly really enjoying this song. It's got a really good beat to it, and I just love the entire vibe of the track. I feel like it's going to be a song that gets stuck in my head the more I listen to it because that's one thing that's been similar with all three releases from Four Thousand Miles, they're incredibly catchy songs, and if you find yourself not in love with the track, listen to it a couple more times, and I'm sure you'll be hooked on them like I am. 

I like that you can hear, both Alex's, Liam and Lionel on the track, which is a really nice touch. I like being able to hear everyone and, I also like that there's plenty of change and depth within the sound. I actually really like the lyrics, and from the title of the track, I wasn't expecting to love the lyrics as much as I do. 

When the song reaches the end, I actually feel like it's flow really nicely back into Lonely, and I think that's a really nice element to the song. 

There's a lot of good things about this track, and there's even more bits that I love, especially like the bridge. I like having that build up within a track, I like feeling tension in a song, and that's exactly what Demon on the Run does. I can feel that emotion and tension in the track, and I really do love that! It's one of the stand out features of the track to me! I think it's incredible. 

To conclude, I do really really like this song, and I feel like the more I listen to it the more it's going from liking the song to loving the song, and by the end of tomorrow I just know I'm going to be well and truly in love with it. I can also see this becoming my most listened to song of the month, it's honestly such an insane track, and I can't wait to see what comes next for Four Thousand Miles. It's insane just how talented they are, and I really do have high hopes for 4KM. 

I would 100% recommend you go and check out this track and check out their previous tracks if you've never heard of them before, and if you like them make sure you show them some love and support because they really do deserve it. They're such an incredible band, and this song really does prove just how great they are! 

Overall, I'd have to give Demon on the Run a solid 5 out of 5 lemons, just like I gave Reflections and Lonely, because it really is a song that doesn't disappoint, and it's such an enjoyable track to listen to, and I just think it's incredible. 

Where to Find Four Thousand Miles

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Their website 

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